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dinner last night

was ahhh-maaazing!

i don’t know if that’s vain of me to say…considering i made it lol
But i cannot lie…it was good.

As promised…here is a picture:

i have no idea how those potatoes made it on my plate!!!!  honestly 🙂

not to worry…i put them on there for the picture…sorta.  2 made it to mah belly…darn potatoes – they are sneaky!!!

Anywhoooo….it was a great dinner!

yay!  Happy Friday everyone…and if it’s a long weekend for you…Happy Long Weekend!!!

I think i am going to get my party on this weekend…it’s been way too long!

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right my wrong

once i recovered from my carb coma yesterday
i was ready to think about what i should have for dinner.

carbs are sneaky little buggers.
they play with your head.

after the whole afternoon was spent in a fog
and feeling like i could use a nap…
my brain was trying to convince me to keep going.

the little voice inside my head was saying
“well you already blew it with lunch…you might as well make a day of it”

so i started to think about Kraft Dinner, or a grilled cheese sandwich
some stove top stuffing ( i could eat a box of that…i love it!)
then i started thinking about Chinese food…a buffet perhaps
but i haven’t had Indian food in forever so why not eat that…
ohhhh and then there’s Thai food.


i could have totally given in and gone on a binge
that’s why i have to be so careful when i actually do cheat…sometimes it sets off other cravings…some that are hard to resist.

Yesterday i resisted the temptation…and i righted my lunch wrong lol

Thursdays are my happy days and i wasn’t going to ruin it by making myself feel guilty over all the crap that i ate.

And so this is what i made:

doesn’t that look absolutely delish?  cause it was ( and notice how none of the food touches lol)

i picked up some fresh rainbow trout.  seasoned it with lemon and garlic…and then steamed some green beans and tossed them in a little bit of butter, lemon and garlic.
it was amazing…my belly did a happy dance!!

i have a weekend of me time…
i think i am going to spend it outdoors…and then cooking up storms.
life is doing a major 180 as of Monday…mamma needs to prepare!

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pakoras,samosas good eatin’ oh my!

i went out for Indian food this weekend…and ate all the yummy left overs the next night for dinner.
it was good. no, pardon me…it was damn good.
As i was doing the calculations in my head…it appears that it has been about a year since i have been to my favourite indian restaurant in the city.
the food is made fresh and the service is amazing.  i have never had a bad experience there – ever.
I love my food 🙂
I do not have the word “never” in my vocabulary when it comes to food.
I could not imagine my life without ever having Indian, or Thai…or Mexican ever again….
really what is the point of living?
As long as these foods are a once in a while treat….i see no harm.
This is a lifestyle, something i will be doing for the rest of my life…and denying myself these tasty dishes will not help me succeed in the long term.
So my weekend was filled with samosas, pakoras, butter chicken, matar paneer, steamed rice and naan bread.
it was a perfectly delicious weekend and more importantly…completely guilt free
today’s music? I am still having a heated love affair with Beth Hart…take a listen heeeeeeere

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