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the love is gone

as quickly as it started, it ended
or so it seems.
after one weekend of yoga…i am ready to call it quits.
the last time i did it (yesterday) i found i was extremely frustrated and wanting to stop before it was over.
i pushed through it and thanked god it was over.
it’s hard to get motivated to do something again when you are surrounded in frustration over it.
first of all, the instructor annoys the living hell outta me.  this dvd reminded me of all the other work out dvd’s i gave away or gave up on because of the instructor.
perfect example would be hip hop abs.
my lord.
one attempt at that work out and i was done.  have never tried it again.  the instructor is so unbelievably annoying that i could not get a good work out in no matter how hard i tried.
Same goes with the yoga instructor.
i get the overwhelming urge to reach through my tv screen and punch her.
that’s how annoying i find her…and really who needs that??
the 2nd reason i think i may just give up on yoga…is the mat.
I have a wonderful mat at home…but i just don’t think it’s yoga appropriate…it’s more for sit ups etc.
So a couple of people recommended the yoga mat…from the dollar store.
i know, i know….you don’t even need to say it.
you get what you pay for.
even the lady who was cashing me out at the dollar store went on and on about how great these mats are.
i didn’t even get through half of the work out before the mat started ripping.
literally ripping.
so of course that added to my frustration level.
i was tempted to take my shredded mat back to the dollar store and give it to the lady who raved about it…
alas i did not.
maybe i need a different dvd.  i am too scared to go buy one…cause you never know if the instructor is going to drive you mental.
i think i just miss my turbo jam.  it’s perfect for me.  she doesn’t annoy me and it’s a good work out.
i think my back is ready to tackle that tonight.
sorry yoga…i must let you go.  it was a short and painful love afair.
maybe one day i shall love you again…maybe.

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the crow

that was the yoga pose i was talking about in yesterday’s blog
now you can see how it’s possible to fall flat on your face?

anyways, i had the chance to actually do my yoga work out last night.
the dvd i bought ages ago has 3 different exercises
1) the total body fat burner work out – 20 min
2) the ab work out – 10 min
3) the leg work out – 10 min

the only one i had ever done on the dvd was the ab work out…cause lets face it…i’m over 30 and i want a sexy belly!!

so i decided i would do the 20 minute full on body fat burner.  It was only 20 minutes, like please…i doubted i would even feel the work out
I am able to do 45 minutes of cardio, a 20 min hard core ab work out and can walk 5 miles
this 20 min yoga would be a walk in the park!!!

i should never assume…
yoga totally kicked my ass.

after the 20 minutes, my body had the same reaction as doing a 45 minute cardio work out
i was sweaty, out of breath and my muscles felt like jello.
who knew????

yoga looks so graceful. so “easy”
it is graceful, but i assure you it’s not easy.
do you know how hard it is to do some of the moves and hold the positions?
i loved it!!!!

my body feels it today.  how many muscles do i have???
every new work out i attempt brings aches to muscles i never knew existed.

now i need to learn how to incorporate yoga into my work out routine.
but how??
i can’t and won’t work out 7 days a week…so some strategic planning needs to happen.

i’d write more, but the baby is awake 🙂

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downward dog

i was talking to a friend of mine the other day.
we were having dinner and i was telling her about my back dilemma.

i really hate not being able to work out.

now there is a sentence i never imagined saying….ever
but it’s the truth.

she suggested i pull out my yoga DVD and do that until my back was feeling stronger.
brilliant idea!!!
all the stretches could only be good for my back yes?

So i was excited to get home and get some physical activity in.
It’s been about a year since i tried yoga.
the last time i did it….there was one move (forgive me but i have no idea what it’s called…maybe my friend j can tell me!)
anyways…this move requires you to balance your knees on your elbows.
the first couple of times i was able to do it.  the last time i ever attempted that specific move… i literally fell on my face.  hence why that was the last time.
funny now…not so much then!

So out came the DVD…and i was ready.

what i did not factor in to the whole equation, was this little bundle of joy that has taken over my home…and my heart.

apparently she has a panache for yoga.  she got down on the mat with me…she climbed on my back when i was on my belly
she got between my legs…
i think she even tried to bite my butt.

Yoga lasted 10 minutes last night.

I shall have to figure something out.  I can’t give up working out cause she thinks it’s play time, but i also don’t want to accidentally kick her in the head when i am kicking turbo jams ass.

So in the mean time i either work out while she’s sleeping…or i crate her.  i really don’t want to crate her though.

oh the dilemma ehh?

Yoga was a failure last night….but today is a whole new day.

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