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step away from the fridge

there is something sinister about working from home.
the fridge.
it’s right beside me.
i know one thing about myself and that is…i eat when i am bored…or when the food is an arm reach away
when i need a break from the computer…i just need to walk a couple of steps, open the fridge door…and voila
yum yums!
the great thing about low carb is…you really don’t need to watch your calories…unless of course losing weight has been a difficult journey…and so i can eat and eat and not feel too guilty..as long as it’s on plan.
buuuut, before i was low carbing…working from home was a terrible distraction. 
everything in that fridge was for the taking.
there are some devilish treats in the freezer.  chocolates straight from Switzerland…from my naughty, awesome friends
(thank you thank you!!!!)
i am surprised i haven’t ripped into those babies in my sleep!
on to something completely unrelated…i’ve joined the times.  i have added an rss feed app on to my ipod…so now i can stalk my favourite blogs anytime…some bed time reading perhaps?
off to check out the fridge
woop woop!

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