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only me

so i gave my body two full days of rest
and decided to test out these legs of mine on day 3

i decided i would walk to a restaurant where i was meeting friends for dinner
it was only 2.5 km’s away
if i was in pain, i could always get a lift home

i am happy to say
no pain at all. i was able to put in two good walks over the weekend
so i have no idea what those shin splints were about

crazy time has started at work again
and i am trying to find ways to keep moving
that’s hard when you have a desk job
and work 12-14-16 hours a day

today i left the house at 6
by the time i got in and changed and ready to relax it was after 9pm
where do i find the motivation to work out
when i just want to stop drop and roll?

but this is the reality of my life
about a week of normalcy and then 3 weeks of utter craziness

it’s just my new normal
and won’t change until they hire someone to help pick up the extra load

i may be wonder woman
but i can’t do this much longer
it’s exhausting, and i have no time to myself. to take care of myself etc

january cannot come soon enough

and now for the TMI portion of the evening

my fitbit is trying to kill me

i have the fitbit one
and it clips nicely and discreetly to my bra
i just put it in the centre and off i go

i guess the other day
i tucked it in more to the left side
snug as a bug

when i got home that night
and got undressed
i felt something wet on my leg

it was blood

not sure what happened
but i think the placement of the fitbit
caused a HUGE blister
smack dab on one of the girls
and when i whipped off the bra
apparently i ripped off the skin
a lot of it

and that’s the story of my fitbit trying to kill me

this is no surprise
if anything weird can happen to me
it will

and it did

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i still rock

i survived my first day – it’s a miracle!

i was crazy busy at work, but that’s to be expected after having a 3 week vacation.  it was nice to reconnect with my friends – although the cookie monster was off sick today.  boo.

as for my diet – easy breezy. it’s much easier to stick to plan when i am at work.  i have so many choices that i don’t feel the need to eat something off plan – although it’s tempting when it’s stir fry day 🙂

i hit my wall extremely early today – like around 1:30.  i could hear my bed calling my name.
but i made it.  i was so very busy the day just flew by.

yes, in case you are wondering – i made it to the gym.  there was no way i was passing that up.  it was crystal clear to me this morning as i was getting dressed that i could not afford to miss another day.
my pants are a little snug in the butt…yeah i still fit in them but oh boy are they a tight fit lol.
talk about motivation!

it was a tough one.  i mean it felt great, but i only managed 35 minutes of cardio.  i was aiming for 45.  that’s ok…it’s better not to push it the first day.

i am off to get my head read tomorrow night.  no not a shrink…but i have my MRI in the evening.  i filled my prescription for my Ativan and am just getting ready to give it a test run (highly encouraged by my doctor..not just for a fun night!)

while i was off work, i didn’t have a headache every day…so i think the solution to all of this is to just quit my job and live on love.  next step is to get my peepers checked.

anyways, that’s my update.  i had a super productive day – and survived day 1.

why?  cause i totally rock!

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the saddest story ever told

every special holiday – ex: Christmas, Thanksgiving etc…
the kitchen makes us an extra special lunch.
turkey with all the fixings!!!!
my coworkers are like family to me.  we are a very small group and i’d like to think we are close.
(if cookie monster is reading this you best be agreeing with me lol)

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So today was the day.
the special turkey day.

3 of my coworkers had their annual staff lunch planned for today…so they couldn’t make it.
cookie monster was stuck on a phone call…
and considering today is one of the busiest days of the week for me – i had a very small window available for lunch.

woe is me.

i had lunch at my desk – all alone.
by myself.
do you hear the violins???? lol

meh, that’s not the sad part really – i eat at my desk alone often.
i am just too busy to actually go downstairs and chill.
now that’s sad.

but what’s even sadder???

my lunch.

it was so sad i couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture.

for lunch i had turkey – and brussels sprouts…
that’s it.
that’s all.

there was no stuffing, or mashed potatoes with gravy.

turkey without stuffing is like….
Christmas with no presents
birthdays with no cake
ying with no yang

get it?

we also got 3 baby cupcakes for dessert. and noooo of course i didn’t eat them.
i brought them up stairs and left them on my bff’s desk.
she will appreciate them…and she’ll yell at me for trying to make her fat
it’s a win win situation.

and so this is my sad, sad story about my sad, sad lunch
surely you ache for my sadness yes?

i am alive!!!

i am alive!

i survived the meetings – barely!

the days were long and exhausting.  Tuesday started at 6am and i didn’t arrive home until about 8:30 that night.
Repeat again the next day.

i was on information overload.  I learned alot which is always a good thing…i was always on my best behaviour – because i am a good girl like that 🙂
lol, never mind, being on my best behaviour took alot outta me too.

I don’t think i have recovered completely yet – but the weekend is fast approaching and i see sleeping in in my near future.

on the agenda that we received, it said that breakfast would be “served” at 7:30.
when i read that i assumed it was a hot breakfast and there would be items there that i would be able to eat…as did other people.
i should never assume.  the only hot item there was coffee.
breakfast consisted of bagels. croissants, muffins, donuts and cookies i believe.
that table was a vision of health let me tell you.
i was prepared though and had brought snack size bags of nuts.

To my surprise my lunches were low carb!  Sure they had carbolicious items on the buffet, but there was enough salad, steamed veggies and meat to do the trick!!!
and dinner was much of the same!!!

Here i was thinking that i would have nothing to eat…and after every meal i was full and content.

big score!!!

on to other news…my face seems to be reliving it’s teenage years.  isn’t clear skin one of the benefits of getting older?
ugh – i wish the rest of my body wanted to relive it’s teenage years…i would gladly walk around in my 17 year old rockin’ body any day!!!

that’s my update.  not much i know – but i thought i’d let you all know that i am alive!!

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let the games begin

the next 2 days are going to be interesting.
by interesting i mean craaaaaaazy.

we have meetings back to back for two days straight.  not just any meeting.  we are talking about pretty much the whole company being flown out to a more central location for these meetings.  all the head honchos from the states are coming in too.
everyone is probably here as i type this.
it’s the type of meeting where you dress a little fancier, watch your p’s and q’s – and apparently refer to some of these higher ups as “Mr. so and so” god forbid you use someones first name.
i’ve debated taking out some of my piercings – but screw that.  this is me – the person they hired.  if they don’t like it – oh well.
(i don’t think anyone i am referring to reads this blog lol – it’s a little too lowly for them anyways)

i looked over my agenda and they never indicated any breathing time.  this is going to be intense!  i am looking forward to putting some faces to voices…and seeing some of my favourite people in the flesh again.
The Hilton by the airport is probably happenin’ tonight.  i am not sorry to be missing the shop talk but a little sorry i will be missing the ever flowing wine.
i think the hotel is completely booked with us.  i opted out of spending the nights there.
a sure sign that i am getting older.  i would rather sleep in my own bed and be in my own home.

so with these meetings comes the what the hell do i eat panic.
i can assure you that when break time comes i will be teased with bagels, muffins, donuts and anything else that is so not carb friendly.

we are getting lunches catered….but they only make exceptions for vegetarians.
this is where i get a little irked.
how hard is it to make someone something without…say rice or pasta?
anyway, i can always just not eat it…but then i hear my Greek mother yelling at me in my mind about all the starving children in the world…
and i swear i can feel her smack me.
true story.

dinner is a buffet so i am sure i can work around that.

the beverages will be flowing – but i feel no pressure partaking in the drinking festivities…as i have to drive home.
oh my boys will be so disappointed in me…
i leave as the real fun begins.


keep me in your thoughts.  i could snap

i’ll be up extra early tomorrow morning.  first stop – McDonald’s (for coffee) and then Shoppers for some snacks that will hopefully get me through the next 48 hours.

let the games begin!!!

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me lazy? i think not

i have A LOT going through my head this morning, but i am going to attempt to stay on one topic.
wish me luck!

something happened to me over the weekend
i got struck by some sort of motivational bug and i have been going over things in my head non stop

i guess it came to me while i was sitting watching a movie
i thought to myself…self you are so lazy.


i can’t remember the last time i could afford the luxury of being lazy.
it seems my life is non stop.  go go go…and then for good measure…go some more.
by the end of the day…i am exhausted and drop in to bed
wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

just a year ago…cooking dinner and tidying the house was my only work out.

today, i am far from lazy.

lately i have been going through the motions at the gym
i know what needs to get done and so i go in and do it

the one thing about me is…as much as my life is about routine
routine can get very boring.
and the last thing i want to start feeling is bored with the gym

over the weekend i got inspired and motivated and switched up my plan in my head a bit

so yesterday – on my day off of the gym may i add
i went to the gym.
i increased all my weights.  i took my time after each set…gave myself time to breathe
and mentally prepare myself for the next set.
i didn’t rush.
i am always in a rush…whatever it is i am doing…because i always feel like there isn’t enough time.
i told myself to slow down

it was kick ass.
kick ass i say.

by the end of the weights, my heart was beating so fast and my muscles were so shaky
i felt like i just got off of the elliptical from a half hour work out.
it was awesome.

i am off to the gym at lunch.
that’s right…i said it.  at lunch.  this is a first.

i am only going to do the elliptical though, because today my body feels the extra weights i just incorporated
and also i don’t have the time to do a full work out.

so when lunch time rolls around…i will be off to the gym…grab lunch on my way home
and eat at my desk
oh the luxuries of working from home
this morning, i walked the dog…took her for a drive to get a coffee
then sat on my balcony soaking in the morning sun
what a way to start the day…getting kissed by the sun…

life is good.

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mr. sun you tease me

i am sure i repeat myself on this blog
it’s bound to happen when you have over 300 posts!
wow…crazy ehh?

i am working from home today…which i know i have talked about before.
believe it or not, i prefer going in to the office.
everything i need is at my finger tips and on a really busy day it’s just easier.
besides…i don’t need to fend for myself when it comes to lunch…someone makes it for me!

sometimes though…there is nothing better than waking up, brewing my coffee and starting up the computer
in my jammies and bed head 🙂
today would be one of those days.

but the sun is teasing me and asking me to come outside and play.

knowing i was working from home…i did not go grocery shopping last night
being at home – gives me ample opportunity to eat…just because.
the fridge is feet away…and c’mon i gotta stretch my little legs…and my stomach lol

i am going to pick up some chicken and veggies for lunch me thinks
then….perhaps a Starbucks coffee and take a walk around the lake with the puppy.
i am never here during the day so this must feel like xmas for her!
besides…what better opportunity to get a little sun kissed.

these are the little luxuries i have when i work from home.

i gave up my gym day today to meet up with some people after work…
we are meeting at my favourite wing place.
i don’t know these people – and so i will not be eating my wings.

i am there to charm and wow…
nothing says charming like suckin’ on a chicken bone with sauce all over your face
salad it is…and a gym make up day tomorrow – if i am not exhausted from shopping till i drop of course 🙂
i think the outlet malls in Niagara Falls are calling my name!!

Happy Friday my friends, have an awesome weekend!

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one of those days

it’s one of those days today.

the kind of day where i just want to crawl out of my own skin cause i can’t even stand myself.
and it’s only 9:30.
i am sure it’s all hormonal.

it started when i woke up.
i got dressed and took the puppy out.
it’s 6:30 in the morning…i don’t anticipate to see many people.
but today everyone and their mothers were out walking their dogs.
so of course the puppy wanted to play.  and of course i let her.
she is cooped up in the house all day and i feel badly for her.

i am not a morning person.  never have been and never will be.
throw me in a mix of pleasant people who want to have a conversation
and that’s enough to make me blow.
don’t get me wrong…these people are lovely.  i like them…and look forward to seeing them outside…
but just not in the morning…when i have been awake for all of 30 seconds
looking like a crazed woman with uncontrollable bed head…and in a rush to get ready for work.
the last thing i want to do in the morning is talk and smile and be animated.  i just want my cup of coffee…or 2…
then i will be ready to face the world head on.
so because we played outside…i was running really late.
and the bad mood was completely set in.
but – the puppy had fun…so it was worth it.

today must also be national idiot day.
they all just happened to be on the road at the same time i was.
you know, not even driving the speed limit…or applying their lipstick
or – just the basic idiots who think i am invisible and almost run me off the road – twice.
who knows…maybe everyone is pissed off at today’s gas prices.

i got to work…pretty much unscathed…but oh so miserable.
so…i thought i should treat myself to some breakfast
because food is love…and i needed love.

and this is where my food issues come in.
it may sound petty, or crazy…but it is what it is…and when i order food…i want it a certain way.
all i asked for was an egg.
so when i ask for an egg…i assume i am going to get a fried egg…that she will just crack that baby over the grill and voila
well…you know what they say about assuming…
in the morning they also have some premixed egg…stuff…ready to go…for omelette’s etc.
so this new girl took a ladle full of this premixed egg instead of giving me a “real” egg
for a girl with weird food issues – this was my icing on the cake. egg white and yolk all mixed together – baahhhhh!!!!
it was too late to tell her…since it was on the grill…and i came upstairs defeated.
i do believe i had tears in my eyes.
i just wanted an egg dammit.

annnnnd Wednesday’s are my one of my craziest, most stressful days of the week at work.
again, it’s only 9:30.  oh wait, it’s 10:00
not bad.

i am going to have an awesome time kicking ass at the gym today.
i say bring it ON!

on to some positive news…
i have been getting tons of hits on two poems i submitted a couple of weeks ago.
literally about a hundred hits a day with some awesome compliments.
maybe writing a book is not that much of an unreachable dream huh?

i hope your day is much, much better than mine.
it can only get better from here.

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i have some


there was a big meeting today…and as all big meetings go…there were left over treats.

my desk seems to be the area of temptation..seriously.  all extremely fattening food ends up right beside me.

most days i have willpower that would knock you on your ass.
this time the treats knocked me on my ass.

ya know, with the learning curve i am going through right now at work, and the stress this role involves…
i had no hope.


the brownie was mine.

i ate it…and i loved it…and i loved it some more.

today was supposed to be my night off at the gym.

instead i ended up there…on a mission.  45 minutes of intense elliptical…never mind the weights before hand
just to kill the guilt.

the rational part of my brain says chill out bee…it was a brownie….

the perfectionist in me…said…suck it up lady…you did it to yourself.

i gotta tell ya…i feel worlds better now.

that is all 🙂

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muffin top

someone at work was kind enough to bring muffins in today.

i guess it being Friday and all.

not only were they nice enough to bring these in, but they were also kind enough to place them right beside my desk.

did i mention i am hungry?  starving actually.

did i mention that i actually went over to the box and contemplated munching on one???

oy vay.

i know they mean well…but c’mon.  that’s just mean!

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