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who stole my rhythm?

ok, so i never had any to begin with.

it’s been confirmed.

i have no rhythm.  this white girl cannot dance.  not even a bit.

i went to Zumba the other night and tried to follow all the gyrating moves…and really – i just looked ridiculous.
how do i know?
it could have something to do with the wall to wall mirrors.

if anything induces panic – it’s watching yourself jump around like a mad fool – and watch your body parts follow seconds later.

so not hot.

my instructor moves with ease.  She’s Brazilian so it makes sense…but some of those moves she does so naturally with her hips seem like they should be illegal.
my hips were not born to move that way
i am not Shakira.

i have got no rhythm, but i don’t care.

i am going to keep going – cause it’s so much fun and doesn’t even feel like exercise.

i just hope more women with zero rhythm show up and keep me company

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i still rock

i survived my first day – it’s a miracle!

i was crazy busy at work, but that’s to be expected after having a 3 week vacation.  it was nice to reconnect with my friends – although the cookie monster was off sick today.  boo.

as for my diet – easy breezy. it’s much easier to stick to plan when i am at work.  i have so many choices that i don’t feel the need to eat something off plan – although it’s tempting when it’s stir fry day 🙂

i hit my wall extremely early today – like around 1:30.  i could hear my bed calling my name.
but i made it.  i was so very busy the day just flew by.

yes, in case you are wondering – i made it to the gym.  there was no way i was passing that up.  it was crystal clear to me this morning as i was getting dressed that i could not afford to miss another day.
my pants are a little snug in the butt…yeah i still fit in them but oh boy are they a tight fit lol.
talk about motivation!

it was a tough one.  i mean it felt great, but i only managed 35 minutes of cardio.  i was aiming for 45.  that’s ok…it’s better not to push it the first day.

i am off to get my head read tomorrow night.  no not a shrink…but i have my MRI in the evening.  i filled my prescription for my Ativan and am just getting ready to give it a test run (highly encouraged by my doctor..not just for a fun night!)

while i was off work, i didn’t have a headache every day…so i think the solution to all of this is to just quit my job and live on love.  next step is to get my peepers checked.

anyways, that’s my update.  i had a super productive day – and survived day 1.

why?  cause i totally rock!

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summer lovin’

the problem with summer is that i dread being indoors.
when i am at work and look outside my window – i feel sad that i am trapped inside when there is a whole day out there that i could be enjoying.

as i was driving home yesterday, i was thinking about everything that i needed to do…and of course all of it was indoors.
(except for walking the puppy of course)

then i had a bit of a light bulb moment!

it was my gym day yesterday.  i was feeling uneasy about it as i was heading home.  going somewhere that would leave me stuck in doors when it was just so gorgeous outside!  i was itching like crazy to be outside!!!!!
the humidity finally died down and there was a beautiful breeze coming off of the lake.

soooooooo i said to myself…self – you just bought yourself a bike!
why do a half hour of cardio at the gym when you can get outdoors and work out???
i am so smart sometimes!!

and so i did just that.

i went out biking for well over an hour.
it was beautiful.

i went on the water front trails and discovered parts of my city i have never seen!!!
the water was bright blue/green and there were people everywhere on blankets enjoying the day.
i am so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.

i almost wished i had my camera…but yesterdays adventure was more about getting a work out than stopping to smell the roses.

it was hard work – i won’t lie.  but it was good work…fun work.

i eventually got off of the trail because i was curious to see how far i had gone.
when i got on the main road and saw where i was i couldn’t believe it.
this bee can travel!!!!!

i could have kept going…in fact i almost did…
i had the energy.
but – i was so excited about how far i had gone i didn’t take in to consideration that i still had to get home.
so i turned around
thank god.

by the time i got home i was sore and exhausted – and sweaty and outta breath
it was AWESOME!

i discovered a lot of things – like i said…new parts of my city that i never even knew existed…
i discovered that it’s best to wear sunglasses and keep your mouth closed at ALL times lol – damn bugs!
and when a dragonfly is flying right at you and you are going at warp speed, it is in the best interest of all those involved to duck!!
and to my complete surprise…body parts that have never ever hurt before – were and are hurting.
parts that shouldn’t hurt
lets just say it is bike seat related

i had a great time.  it was a thousand times better than going to the gym.
the time flew by…and it really didn’t feel like exercise at all.

i will be doing this more often – take advantage of the wonderful weather while it’s here

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short shorts and a random brain

i am feeling much better today – thanks to those concerned 🙂
although i gotta say that the day didn’t get better and my morning started off terribly!
when it rains it pours i guess.

i bought a pair of work out shorts the other day.
since it’s summer and work outs are getting harder because of the heat
i decided i should wear as little clothing as possible.  a pair of work out shorts seemed like a brilliant idea
so i put them on and walked over to the gym (my third day in a row – can you say sore muscles?)
i was rocking the shorts.

i started my work out…and don’t the shorts constantly bunch up?
there is nothing harder than moving like a maniac on an elliptical and trying to pull your shorts down at the same time
these things were riding so high i am sure the people behind me saw the full moon a couple of hours early 🙂
normally…as you know…i care not what other people think
but seriously?  no one needed to see that.  i felt so insecure…wondering how much of my ass was hanging out.
so i am rethinking the shorts.  maybe i will keep them for hanging out at home.
the shorts were a bad idea.  good intentions – bad idea.
i may as well have just gone to the gym in my skivvies.

it was a frustrating workout – but i got through it.

got my iced coffee as my reward for keeping my shorts on and headed home to cook dinner.

dinner was cooked (not so hard as i had quite a bit of leftovers), dishes done…time to chill for a little.
i started to doze off when the phone rang.  it was my beautiful niece.
she had stories to share.
she was talking so fast and was so super hyper i only made out a couple of words.  my mom came on the phone to translate.
turns out that the little brat just decided to leave her house and go to my parents house.  by.herself.
insert heart in my throat emoticon here.

she is 2 and a half years old and she is walking up the street alone.
crazy child…and bad daddy.
she on the other hand was very impressed with her independent jaunt
oh man she is gonna be trouble when she gets older…i can feel it in my bones lol
so much like auntie bee this one is

i intended to wake up this morning earlier than normal
i wanted to stop and order a cake for a very special someone before work

i woke up and felt “off”.  looked at the clock and there was no time displayed
ran out to the main room and noticed all the power was off.
what time is it?????
i slept in by 20 min.  got ready so fast…thank god the hot water had not run out…
but i had no hair dryer or straightener
i am looking like a mad woman today.
a kind coworker told me that crazy hair is in this summer…god bless her soul.

things can only get better
besides i have a very important date this evening…
now there’s something to look forward to!

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how the conversation went

i was at the gym with my gym buddy yesterday…

we were doing our own thing

she was doing her elliptical and i was doing some leg presses.

and this is the conversation we had:

me: i think i am going to stop working my legs out so much – my thighs are big enough!  i don’t need to make them bigger.

her: the only thing big on you is your nose…and your mouth woman!

well…I NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

i could not stop laughing!

i’ve been told my whole life i have a big mouth…but my nose???  most people have enough couth to leave my schnoz out of it…even if it is big.
i’m Greek, what can i say.
is there a weight loss remedy that will shrink it?

can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

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is kinda like heaven 🙂

i got to sleep in on a Friday…

i am sipping on my 2nd cup of delish coffee…

going to get ready for a kick ass session at the gym (leaving my ipod at home)

then…i shall treat myself to a manicure, a lovely dinner…

and then off to spend time with lovely friends and a ton of puppies.

heaven right?

Happy Bunny weekend!!

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Heaven is…

your bff bringing you a Chai Latte from Starbucks (cause she knows you love it and haven’t had it in well over a year…and thinks after the week you’ve had you deserve it)

and then also giving you a small bottle of warm vanilla brown sugar hand sanitizer from Bath and Body – again, just cause she knows you love it…and it makes you squeal like a school girl.

what a way to make my day…
i luh her 🙂

and what a total inspiration to get my butt to the gym tonight!
bad, bad chai latte, but ohhhh so good!

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don’t forget

to tune in to the Grammy’s tonight.

my beautiful friend Keri will be on the red carpet interviewing celebrities for Ellen.

talk about having your dreams come true.

i will be tuned in cheering her on!!!

and now…

hi ho, hi ho, it’s to the gym i go 🙂

yesterday my smallest pair of pants felt looser…i guess the gym really is working!

Happy Sunday kids!

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the gym – so NOT cool

last nights gym experience was disappointing.
actually i don’t think the word disappointing covers what i am feeling.
it really sucked.
any motivation, drive, ambition, excitement i had was sucked right outta me by the end of my first visit.
i went home last night completely deflated.
it wasn’t all a complete failure.
i really liked the personal trainer that was assigned to me.
a beautiful little irish lady…she was so freakin’ cute i wanted to punch her in the face!!  so nice and she actually got my sense of humour and threw the digs right back at me.
i mean what personal trainer would explain to you the art of engaging you core is like squeezing your stomach when you feel like you gotta take a crap?  she spoke my language lol
it was confirmed rather quickly that i am injuring my own back.  you know how i’ve been complaining non stop about my sore back?
i am not working out properly.
so basically all this kick ass work i’ve been doing at home – i’ve been doing wrong.  i was initially disappointed…but on reflection…it still worked to a degree…cause i have muscles i never knew existed…and i have lost weight.
i am also disappointed by my stamina.  i am not as fit as i believed to be. this morning i woke up with a new mind set…i am not as disappointed because i will be going to the gym to build up my stamina.
So the training was good.  we were told that we would learn how to use the equipment…but that was a lie.  a big fat lie.
but i will get to that.
So we finished with the training…and let me just add that my friend and i went together.  usually one person gets an hour to themselves but because we went together we got an hour and a half.  whatever.  but i will come back to that too
then we are told we are off to talk to this guy M.  I asked why…and she said it’s just what you do after the fit test…go over your results.
We went in the room and the guy turned me off pretty much right away.  he spoke about us like we weren’t even in the room.
referring to us as “she, her, they”…but never talked TO us.
well…not until money became the topic of conversation.
In a nut shell…cause god knows i could go on about this forever…
he literally told us we would not be successful without being trained.
he also said we would not lose weight or tone without a personal trainer.
he also told us that we had a full hour on the floor with the trainer and we were lucky to have that…when our personal trainer told us just not even 15 min before that she was sorry she couldn’t give us the time she gives most people because there were 2 of us.
He also told us that he counts on people joining and not showing up…or people not using a personal trainer cause it puts money into the gym and people still stay overweight.
who says that?????
I would love nothing more than to have a personal trainer.  obviously who wouldn’t???
Apparently even to learn how to use the machines you need a personal trainer.  whatever.
I cannot afford over 100 bucks a month to get ONE training session every two weeks. 
he gave us guilt and grief about being committed to our health…which at that point i had just about enough.
i told him by me sitting in this chair in front of him spoke volumes about my commitment…that i made the huge step of joining a gym for a year because i was committed to my health.
he pissed me right off.
i walked out of that gym with that voice in my head telling me… wow – wasted money…because i am too intimidated to ever go back.  a whole year of payments for nothing.
then i thought of my daddy.  5 years ago i was in an accident on the 401 going to my home town for my brothers engagement party.  i spun outta control and hit the concrete barrier.  Some dood cut me off twice.  So i was about 20 min away from my parents place. I called my dad to tell him what happened.  my dad asked if i was ok, then he asked if the car was driveable…and then he told me to get in and drive.
best advice he ever gave me.
Had i waited for him to rescue me…i honestly believe that today i would have a fear of driving.
but because i got back in right away…i faced my fears head on
thank you daddy 🙂
So i am going back to the gym.  I am going to work out.  I don’t see how i won’t be able to tone my body or sculpt my muscles…when they actually have classes for that…that are part of my membership AND have instructors that will correct you when you are doing something wrong.
I almost gave up…and i still feel really uncomfortable walking back in there.
but my attitude?  i don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone says.
oh…and the woman who trained us?  she pulled us aside after and said any help we need she will give us.  just to look for her on the floor and she will do whatever she can to see us succeed.
and you know what?  that comment in itself makes me want to give her money to train me…
cause she cares.
ugh..have i gone off?  have you stayed with me or have you fallen asleep? lol
back to the gym tomorrow and then off to enroll in some classes.
i am not a failure.  i never have been and never will be.
so a big fat screw you M.
nobody is going to run me out of that gym.
phewww, i feel worlds better now thank you!

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take it easy

i worked out last night
(insert big round of applause here please)
after sitting on a dining room chair for most of the day working
i was amazed i could even stand erect.
i cannot believe how uncomfortable those chairs are!!!
i apologize to my friends who come over…i can’t believe i make you sit on them.
next time it’s dinner on the couch.
anyways…i have rambled.
so yes, i worked out last night.  i was very tempted to just not do it…but my body was actually craving it – imagine that.
so i took it slow.  yesterday was not about kicking ass…it was about just moving…burning calories, getting my heart rate up and breaking a sweat.
half way through my back pain was almost non existent.  it actually feels good when i am working out.
what happens afterwards we won’t even talk about – as i am sure you are sick of hearing about it.
tonight should be my ab work out…but i don’t know how possible that will be.
see…the puppy thinks it’s play time.  something about me lying on my back is an invitation for her to jump all over me and kiss and play.  for some odd reason while on the mat she thinks my ear is a chew toy.  nothing like razor sharp puppy teeth trying to Van Gogh me.
also, my pony tail must look like a tug of war toy because last time….this 10 pound dog (if that) was able to grab hold of my pony tail and physically move me!!
seriously…you can’t get mad.  how can you get mad at a little munchkin who loves you so much they just wanna play?
working out for 20 min…or being loved up by a puppy?
the decision doesn’t seem so difficult.
although..it is making me consider a gym membership lol
so we shall see how it goes.  wish me luck!

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