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me lazy? i think not

i have A LOT going through my head this morning, but i am going to attempt to stay on one topic.
wish me luck!

something happened to me over the weekend
i got struck by some sort of motivational bug and i have been going over things in my head non stop

i guess it came to me while i was sitting watching a movie
i thought to myself…self you are so lazy.


i can’t remember the last time i could afford the luxury of being lazy.
it seems my life is non stop.  go go go…and then for good measure…go some more.
by the end of the day…i am exhausted and drop in to bed
wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

just a year ago…cooking dinner and tidying the house was my only work out.

today, i am far from lazy.

lately i have been going through the motions at the gym
i know what needs to get done and so i go in and do it

the one thing about me is…as much as my life is about routine
routine can get very boring.
and the last thing i want to start feeling is bored with the gym

over the weekend i got inspired and motivated and switched up my plan in my head a bit

so yesterday – on my day off of the gym may i add
i went to the gym.
i increased all my weights.  i took my time after each set…gave myself time to breathe
and mentally prepare myself for the next set.
i didn’t rush.
i am always in a rush…whatever it is i am doing…because i always feel like there isn’t enough time.
i told myself to slow down

it was kick ass.
kick ass i say.

by the end of the weights, my heart was beating so fast and my muscles were so shaky
i felt like i just got off of the elliptical from a half hour work out.
it was awesome.

i am off to the gym at lunch.
that’s right…i said it.  at lunch.  this is a first.

i am only going to do the elliptical though, because today my body feels the extra weights i just incorporated
and also i don’t have the time to do a full work out.

so when lunch time rolls around…i will be off to the gym…grab lunch on my way home
and eat at my desk
oh the luxuries of working from home
this morning, i walked the dog…took her for a drive to get a coffee
then sat on my balcony soaking in the morning sun
what a way to start the day…getting kissed by the sun…

life is good.

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now that’s dedication

i got home after work yesterday and wanted to just lie down for “a minute”

a minute turned into well over a half hour, and when i woke up i realized i had kept my gym buddy waiting for me for a good 10 min.

what happened!!

i’ll tell you what happened.
these pills are kicking….my…..ass

i cannot remember a time in the past year that i have napped right when i got home, unless i was really sick…
but i just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

i jumped out of bed and got dressed…i didn’t even check to see if my clothes even matched.  i ran down to meet my friend and off we went to the gym.

it was probably the worst gym experience to date.

i was light headed…nauseous and oh so very tired.  my head felt like a bowling ball.
i felt like i was still sleeping.
you know that feeling where you are woken up suddenly from a deep deep sleep?  that’s exactly how i felt.

i did double the weights like i had planned on doing (i have no idea how) and after 20 minutes of cardio i waved my little white flag.
i just couldn’t do another second!

I actually worked out.  i have no idea how…but i did it.

i probably shouldn’t have gone to the gym.  i was a hazard to myself i think!!
no worries, i am still wonder woman…i should get points just for getting my shoes on. lol

i cannot wait for this tension crap in my head to go away…these pills are killing me.
AND he wants me to take 3 a day.  i can’t even function on one a day (apparently)
nooooo way.

on to better, happier things.

i am in love.

someone amazingly fantabulous (i can make up words if i want…it’s my blog lol) introduced me to this artist – you know who you are 🙂

i am hooked…and in love.

i apologize to jm – i know how hard it is for you to watch these 🙂

anyways click here to fall in love.

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i’ve crunched the numbers…and they are off.
way off.

i realized while i was on the elliptical the other day…that i am doing way more cardio than i am weights.
i am not too sure how that happened considering when i first started, i spent more time on weights than i did cardio.

hmmmm, interesting.

my goal is to tone, not so much lose weight (although i wouldn’t complain if a couple of pounds just flew off )
in order to do that…i need to up my weights.
truth be told i am not a fan of the weight part of my work out.  not that i hate it…it’s just so hard!!! lol.  i feel good after (which i always need to remember)

maybe i am just quicker now that i know how to use the machines?

either way…i did the math…and did the unthinkable – got naked in a dressing room.
that pretty much made up my mind.

more weights it is.

i never thought i’d say this…but i love my cardio way too much to reduce my time.  the personal trainer told me i didn’t need to do much cardio, but the thing is, i love my cardio.

So tonight will be my first night.  i am doubling the time i spend doing weights.  if i can’t move tomorrow…i don’t really care, cause it’s gotta be done.

hello…we are mere months away from bikini season people…and mamma wants to go bikini shopping!!

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the weight of the world

i was at the gym the other day (i think that alot of my posts may start this way lol)

anyways… just for fun i went over to the weights, and started looking for a certain number.
i was looking for 2 specific weights that would total my weight loss thus far.

(see what “fun” is to me now? lol)

so i found two weights and walked over to my friend…and asked her to hold ’em
her arms dropped at the weight and she looked at me as if i was cracked out and asked what she was supposed to do with them.

i haven’t shared my weight loss publicly.  only a select few know exactly how much i have lost…seriously i can count on one hand
and she would be one of them.

so i told her…that’s the amount of weight i lost.  she said it was impossible.
but numbers don’t lie…it was very true…to my absolute embarrassment.

you know..we both couldn’t believe it.

the weights were heavy.  i mean…even 5 pound weights get heavy after 3 sets…
and these were much more than 5 pounds.

and i got to thinking (shocker)
i probably could not lift that weight without struggling. seriously, i have come to accept the fact that i am quite the weakling.

so how did i lug that weight around every single day of my life????

i guess the weight loss has been so gradual, but when you are there, holding that number in your hands..and feel weighted down
well..it’s an eye opener.

things that make you go hmmm.

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the gloves are on!

yeah that’s right
when i purchased my turbo jam, about a year ago…it came with these little glove weights.
they were a “free gift”
i put the gloves aside and just concentrated on doing the actual workout…that’s all i cared about.
when i watch the infomercial (yes i still watch it, no idea why lol)
they talk about these little gloves and how they make your workout 95% more effective.
why have i never pulled them out??
so i did my first work out the other day with them on.  they fit pretty good…but i am claustro…so i am not too sure my little hands enjoyed them all that much.
i gotta say tho, that when i do all my punches, my form is pretty perfect.  i follow through better (no applause, just throw money)…and i mean isn’t that the point of it all?  if you are not going to do the moves properly…why even bother.
it didn’t take long to feel the ache.  before i went to bed i felt the burn of my workout.
my shoulders, chest, arms…and my butt.  i don’t know why my butt hurt…i mean they are arm weights..
but whatever, i’ll take it.
these last few days have been painful.  using the gloves and concentrating more so on my core muscles…i just ache.
i ache mamma.
i roll over in bed, i wake up cause it hurts.
i look like i’m 90 when i first wake up…until my muscles have decided to limber out.
tonight is glove night.
someone wipe the tears from my eyes…everything’s gonna be alright
i’m sick…i know
i love the pain.
let’s just see if i can work through it tonight without whining like a little girl.

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