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game on

it’s official

i just booked my vacation today!!!!

i cannot believe how blessed my life is

i made a promise to myself a few years ago – to simply travel more

go and live and love my life

and now my countdown can officially begin!!!!

my nutrition has been on point
but my working out has been non existent

come monday – that is all going to change

not that there’s anything wrong with my current bikini body
but a little exercise can’t hurt

so often we talk about physical health/transformation

what about mental health?
spiritual health?

a couple of years ago i promised to take care of me
in all aspects

my soul being priority

this vacation has set my soul on fire

i can’t wait!

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could this be true

am i actually blogging???


remember me?


meh, i don’t blame you.

i’ve been busy.  crazy busy.  so busy that i’ve let this place go.

let’s see…what’s new

everything and nothing.

the gym has been non existent, the eating has been pretty good…except for the random splurge on weekends.

i did acquire another bundle of joy.
a puppy.

so really – i am getting quite a bit of exercise.  i am actually more exhausted these days then when i actually had time for the gym.

i don’t settle in till at least after 8 – and then by 10 – i am walking the critters again. to say i am exhausted is an understatement.

i am sure i am burning a million calories with this heat wave.  it is hot over here…you break out in a sweat just breathing.
So for those of you that think Canadians live in igloos – oh think again my friends….think again.

did i mention LB is in a cast with a broken finger?….so yeah things are just insanely busy.
i may just cry things are so busy

i have two more days until i am on vacation.  it’s a staycation – but i am so looking forward to it.

so that’s pretty much my news.

what’s new with you?

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2am rambles

i am on vacation.  yes, that’s awesome for so many reasons…but let me tell you why it isn’t

it didn’t take me long to revert back to my old behaviour…or should i say my natural state.

i am by nature a night owl.  it’s almost 2:00am and i am wide awake.  the whole house is asleep…so i sit here quiet as a mouse not wanting to disturb anyone.

i love being awake in the early morning hours.  if you know me – you know why.
these are my hours…and my day job takes this joy away from me.


this adult thing is really pissing me off.

i am sitting here wide awake – almost 2am.  i am trying to talk myself in to going to bed…but like a child i fight it.
but i should.

because around 6:30am my puppy’s bladder is going to wake me up and demand i take her out.
it’s not her fault – it’s how my day job trained her.

i will grunt and moan and be angry – but i still gotta do it.

what else sucks?  after i walk her i will gladly lay down in bed again with a smile on my face.
why?  cause i get to go back to sleep.
but you know what’s gonna happen?

i am going to feel guilty.
yup, feel guilty for not getting up at a god awful hour to be productive.
i just can’t shake that feeling and i blame adulthood.

so i am going to be up early tomorrow – and do the things that need to be done.

but then i get to take an afternoon nap. weeeeeee!

hell i may even go kick some serious karaoke ass tomorrow night.  why?
cause i can!

oy, i guess i should get to bed…but i don’t wanna!!!!

g’nite all 🙂

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pinterest for the insomniac

i can’t sleep…so what’s a girl to do?

blog but of course.

i spent the whole day in my jammies, eating chinese food, watching girly movies and drinking french beer.  can life get any better than that? i don’t think so!
i am taking advantage of my vacation – before real life begins again.

So in my wide awake state, i was on pinterest and found this poster – and well…i had to share.  i am sure each and every one of you will appreciate this lol

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hot damn!

who knew these wouldn’t be popular??
no one wanted to indulge in my treat!!!

all i know is that this is the best cheat food to get if you are not the sharing kind!!
although when the other “junk” ran out…some people were quick to reach for these.
no way – sorry – if they weren’t good for you before…i ain’t sharing!

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so i saved the worst part of my shopping for my trip for today

the dreaded bikini shopping.

oy vay.

i went alone.  really, i don’t need to have a nervous breakdown around anyone do i??

it was horrible.  horrible is probably an understatement.

and i came up with this:

if i up my working out from 3 days a week to 7

my one hour to 3 hours a day

never ever even think of eating a bite of anything off plan

i may just be ready for next years big bikini outting

it’s defeat that i feel.
complete and utter defeat.

like what have i worked so damn hard for…for almost a year and a half????
i am not saying i haven’t been successful…because i know that i have

but i am no where near where my head thought i would be
and it kinda hurts
and it kinda just makes me think why bother.

kind of makes me just want to throw in the towel.

i won’t  – but this bikini business does not put me in a good mind set let me tell ya

what i saw going on in the mirror – no one needs to see…so no worries – pictures will not follow!

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the day-cation is officially over.
funny how when you are having a great time… time passes so quickly!!!

it was a great weekend.
and it’s over
a very expensive weekend – but you only live once!
see my new stylin’ hat?  i know the picture sucks but look at my bee-utiful hat!!!!

it was such an American weekend lol

a few years ago they got rid of all of the Outback restaurants in Canada.
i was devastated.  i loved the Outback!!!!!!
so as we were driving to our hotel to check in – what do we pass?????
within walking distance!!!!

i don’t have to tell you where we ate
and i will not tell you what i ate (but i will show you something i ate lol)

i was soooo very bad…i have the headache today to show for it

it was an amazing weekend.  lots of walking, laughing, eating…and wine 🙂
it was purrrfect.
i am glad we got to walk around and take things in – burn off dinner…take in the view.

i’ve been there before…but each and every time i go, i see through new eyes.
i have amazing memories and not so amazing memories of that place
but each time i go…it just keeps getting better and better – this is one of the pictures from the hotel.  not a bad view huh?

For breakfast we went to IHOP
again, i didn’t think we had IHOP’s in Canada…so of course we just had to eat there
i had strawberry banana pancakes
i thought i died and went to heaven…and then so did my belly.  i could not eat all of it…tooooooo much!!

wow – by Sunday my poor belly looked like i was 4 months pregnant.  i wish it didn’t dislike carbs so much!!!!!

I have lots of pictures and videos…but none that i will share here..although i gotta say, the videos are so awesome that the whole world should witness them…especially me belting out adele –  rolling in the deep lol

i’ll save all that for the blog next door.

no gym for me tonight…no time – apparently the hotel i stayed at had an amazing gym -alas i did not see it!!!

this being an adult stuff is for the birds.  i just wanna play!!!!

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life is sweet

i went to the gym yesterday after not being there all week.
i won’t lie – it was quite the struggle.

if there is one thing i learned and confirmed it’s that the gym needs to be a constant.
i understand how easy it is to say no and not go…but it feels so much better to say yes.

i huffed and i puffed, but in true bee fashion i totally kicked ass 🙂
i am a little sore today, but it’s the good sore.
i love that muscly good work out sore.

but that’s just the way life is.  i mean i would love to keep to a consistent schedule
but sometimes it’s hard.
the next few weeks of my life i am flying by the seat of my pants…but i have every intention of fitting the gym in
perhaps not 4 days a week, but i will get my butt to a gym at some point.

the first thing i did before i booked my hotel was check to see if they have a fitness room
and they do…and it’s perdy.
if i can’t make it to the gym because i am too busy getting sun kissed and swimming and checking out the sights…i will forgive myself.
i don’t even think i fit my summer clothes, but meh…i can always buy something cuter!
life is sweet.
all about that at the blog next door.

ya know, the gym makes me feel like a new woman – it really does.
it’s like my body is telling me thank you for taking care of it.
today while getting a mani and pedi i had the same feel good moment.
life is sweet.

did i say that already? lol

my life is freakin’ sweet.  i wouldn’t change a damn thing.

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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the day after

well, christmas came and went faster than the blink of an eye.
i wrote all about my time on the blog next door…and it’s totally not health/weight loss related…so i won’t go into it here.

i’d like to say i was “good” but i wasn’t all that great.
lets just say there was cheesecake and baklava.

i will say that all the leftovers that i brought home
are all on plan.
i may have slipped a few chocolates in to my bag, but they are not for me…i swear!!!

i will make sure i get in a good cardio work out tomorrow…or should i say today.
oy vay.

how was your christmas??

now, i am more than ready…completely 100% ready to go on vacation
let the relaxing and mind numbing times begin.

if anyone can find a brown spotted dalmatian and slip her in to my stocking
well…that would just make my year.

woe is me.

oh…and i had the most wonderful skype date ever.
maybe that’s why i am wide awake at 2am.

2 more sleeps.
can’t wait!!!!!

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finding balance

with my vacation approved, booked and approaching ever so quickly
i find that i am….


god knows i am due.  i am in dire need of some R&R.
the last time i had a vacation was back in june.  was that really 6 months ago??

as i am counting down the days, i am also feeling a little anxious.

i mean, a vacation is all about relaxing, rejuvenating, repleneshing…and believe me i have every intention of doing just that.

how do you balance both worlds??
how can i find ways to keep active and not feel like a complete lazy bum?

when i was on vacation last time, eating low carb was pretty easy…no one gave me grief or tried to sway me.
and i don’t see myself being swayed this time around either.
i guess it’s cause i really enjoy what i eat.  it’s not the eating i am worried about.

but working out?
that’s a whole other story.  will i actually want to work out, knowing this is the time for my mind and body to rest?

maybe i’ll do some extra walking, cause in all honesty…i just can’t see myself being stagnant.
is this going to drive me crazy?

anywaaaaays just sayin’.

there will be more about my vacation on the blog next door 🙂

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