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it’s hard being me

it really is.

i was thinking about this tonight as i was colouring my hair.
(i think i am going to be a light brown vixen…but we shall see soon enough)

besides the regular maintenance of trying to keep healthy, you know
like eating right, drinking alot of water, working out etc
it’s really hard…and time consuming being a girl.
you have to always look perdy and smell perdy.  life is tough!

i was at a private l’oreal sale today and was able to stock up on the things a girl may need
like shampoo, conditioner, hair colour, skin moisturizer, never look a day over 25 cream etc.

i am always doing something to maintain my beautiful, good lookin’ self lol

like tonight…colouring my hair.  the colour won’t last long…so it’s something i gotta do often – more often than i want.
it would be awesome if i could get it done by a professional…but that’s not the way things are these days
i started going gray at a very young age…and those buggers do not hold on to colour…so this is just part of my life

you know how they say that when you buy a boxed colour…you subconsciously think that you will look like the model once
you are done?
if that’s the case, i am going for a complete makeover tonight kids.  when i am done, i am going to be one hot asian lady!


what about all the other stuff???
tweezing, waxing, moisturizing…it really seems never ending.

and every single day, blow drying and straightening my hair…and then applying makeup…
now that’s time consuming.
and to further prove to you all that i am indeed crazy…
i am allergic to eye makeup.  yes…and i wear it Monday to Friday.
i think my eyes are beyond used to it by now.

on another note i am also allergic to the sun…and bees.  not deathly allergic mind you…but allergic enough
to wonder why the hell my nick name is bee..and why i love love love the sun.  things that make you go hmm.

anyways…i have strayed…again.

i was also going to mention mani’s and pedi’s but really
that’s not hard work….
that’s more like a reward for just being a girl.

i have given up lipstick though.
that’s gotta take off a good 5 seconds of my morning routine lol
i only wear that gunk if i am going out…i mean my lips look kissable without that stuff lol
(maybe i should get that out and ready for next weekend’s festivities!!!!)

so that’s my story
i always feel like i am doing some sort of maintenance…although i am sure you thought that i was just naturally this good lookin’ 😉

what are your “chores”?  what do you do to maintain the goddess that is you?

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