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say what?

i have an injury
a unique one.

no, it doesn’t really hurt all that much
but it is uncomfortable when i am driving or go to grab something.

my thumbs hurt.
true story.

i figured out it’s from the elliptical.  i guess the position my hands are in make them hurt after wards.

it’s probably cause i am holding on for dear life.
death grip activated!

i wonder if there is a name for it???
ellipticalitis? lol

it’s just constantly there…that dull ache…in my thumbs

i’m not dying or anything
just sharing…cause sharing is caring kids!

could this be any more random?

on to something completely different…

Have an awesome bunny weekend 🙂
i am currently sitting here staring at a basket of chocolate eggs that were gifted to me….
From someone who knows i don’t eat chocolate lol
Either way…it’s very sweet…
I can survive this temptation.  I’ll give it to lil’ bee…and she can give me sweet kisses in return.
see…everyone wins!

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