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me lazy? i think not

i have A LOT going through my head this morning, but i am going to attempt to stay on one topic.
wish me luck!

something happened to me over the weekend
i got struck by some sort of motivational bug and i have been going over things in my head non stop

i guess it came to me while i was sitting watching a movie
i thought to myself…self you are so lazy.


i can’t remember the last time i could afford the luxury of being lazy.
it seems my life is non stop.  go go go…and then for good measure…go some more.
by the end of the day…i am exhausted and drop in to bed
wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

just a year ago…cooking dinner and tidying the house was my only work out.

today, i am far from lazy.

lately i have been going through the motions at the gym
i know what needs to get done and so i go in and do it

the one thing about me is…as much as my life is about routine
routine can get very boring.
and the last thing i want to start feeling is bored with the gym

over the weekend i got inspired and motivated and switched up my plan in my head a bit

so yesterday – on my day off of the gym may i add
i went to the gym.
i increased all my weights.  i took my time after each set…gave myself time to breathe
and mentally prepare myself for the next set.
i didn’t rush.
i am always in a rush…whatever it is i am doing…because i always feel like there isn’t enough time.
i told myself to slow down

it was kick ass.
kick ass i say.

by the end of the weights, my heart was beating so fast and my muscles were so shaky
i felt like i just got off of the elliptical from a half hour work out.
it was awesome.

i am off to the gym at lunch.
that’s right…i said it.  at lunch.  this is a first.

i am only going to do the elliptical though, because today my body feels the extra weights i just incorporated
and also i don’t have the time to do a full work out.

so when lunch time rolls around…i will be off to the gym…grab lunch on my way home
and eat at my desk
oh the luxuries of working from home
this morning, i walked the dog…took her for a drive to get a coffee
then sat on my balcony soaking in the morning sun
what a way to start the day…getting kissed by the sun…

life is good.

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never too old

to sit on my mom’s lap 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful mommy’s day!!

We had a great day of bad, bad food, way too much sun (i got a burn) and lots of love.

Today i am grateful for my mom.  If you still are fortunate enough to have your mommy in your life, hold her a little tighter…today and always.

And now…a little lesson, taught by lil’  bee.

to see some cuteness over load….click here

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sometimes you just gotta

today was filled with food that is on my no-no list

ya know, like potatoes…bread, beer, ice cream…oh and a banana lol

and… i don’t feel guilty in the least 🙂

’cause i spent my cheat day out in the sun, laughing and loving…and loving some more.

it’s life…sometimes restrictions shouldn’t exist.

sometimes…it’s just about love…and the moment.

hope your Sunday was as wonderful as mine 🙂

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this was my dinner tonight:

if you are wondering what it is…well, it’s steak, steamed broccoli and mashed cauliflower.  nowhere in Canada have i ever seen mashed cauliflower as an option.  oh, and of course a glass of red 🙂

this was what i was looking at while i chilled on a patio.  On a patio people!!

I’m a happy Bee…a happy Bee indeed.  even my toes are happy!

and of course…the view that greets me:

sharing is caring…and i shall share a lot more at the blog next door 🙂

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life is sweet

i went to the gym yesterday after not being there all week.
i won’t lie – it was quite the struggle.

if there is one thing i learned and confirmed it’s that the gym needs to be a constant.
i understand how easy it is to say no and not go…but it feels so much better to say yes.

i huffed and i puffed, but in true bee fashion i totally kicked ass 🙂
i am a little sore today, but it’s the good sore.
i love that muscly good work out sore.

but that’s just the way life is.  i mean i would love to keep to a consistent schedule
but sometimes it’s hard.
the next few weeks of my life i am flying by the seat of my pants…but i have every intention of fitting the gym in
perhaps not 4 days a week, but i will get my butt to a gym at some point.

the first thing i did before i booked my hotel was check to see if they have a fitness room
and they do…and it’s perdy.
if i can’t make it to the gym because i am too busy getting sun kissed and swimming and checking out the sights…i will forgive myself.
i don’t even think i fit my summer clothes, but meh…i can always buy something cuter!
life is sweet.
all about that at the blog next door.

ya know, the gym makes me feel like a new woman – it really does.
it’s like my body is telling me thank you for taking care of it.
today while getting a mani and pedi i had the same feel good moment.
life is sweet.

did i say that already? lol

my life is freakin’ sweet.  i wouldn’t change a damn thing.

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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vacation day

’tis true 🙂

after over a month of working my butt off and covering other people’s vacation…i decided to take today off!
yay me!

What am i doing on the computer?  don’t worry i won’t be here long.

I am going to have a late breakie, early lunch of berries and whipped cream, then i am going to work out…then go by the water and get sun kissed…then i am off to hang out with people i adore and have a bbq and beer (low carb).  ahhhh, sweet!!!!

this weekend is a busy one.  full of good food, water, beaches and bikinis!!
can i get a woot woot!

i ran into a woman who lives in my building.  i have known her for over a decade, but over the past couple of years i haven’t seen her much.  anyways, i called over to her and her facial expression was the best.  she asked me if i lost alot of weight…because she didn’t even recognize me!!!!  SCORE.

Many years ago we were talking and she said to me “you fat” and that inspired me to lose a shit load of weight then….so this was awesome.

I am also proud to announce….that for the first time yesterday….as i was laying in the tub after a 5 mile walk…. i can see my 6 pack trying to burst through the 2-4 i am lugging around.

Oh happy day 🙂

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yup. that’s exactly how i’ve been feeling. just bleh. i feel like my body is working really hard on fighting some sort of nasty bug.
at least it’s fighting it and not giving in. who wants to be sick in the summer? well anytime really.

I feel like an 18 wheeler ran me over, then put on it’s reverse “beep” and ran me over again for good measure.
I’ve been having moments of feeling like Linda Blair in the Exorcist…as if my head was spinning round and round…and i don’t even want to talk about the nausea.
maybe it was a combination of too much sun, early mornings, go go go days. who knows.
oy vay.
woe is me.
So i haven’t really been inspired to inspire. i have been going to bed soooo unusually early…so i have been neglectful to some of my friends – i’m sorry.
i was going to go home and nap yesterday…but instead we went out for dinner…and then some shopping.
wooohoooo!!! nothing like some retail therapy to make a girl smile 🙂

So whatever this thing inside me is…it can kindly go away now. kthanxbai!
i have a kick ass evening ahead of me and don’t need anything bringing me down.
this week is supposed to be gorgeous weather wise…i don’t want to waste a minute of it being “yucky” and unproductive.

happy tuesday!

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i have just spent the day at the beach.

my body is glistening from the sun…even tho it was over cast

i am glowing…i am sun kissed…i am in love

and i realize this has nothing to do with being healthy…maybe some may say tht i am not being healthy at all….

but i gotta tell you

i am in love with my life.  i have never felt so in love with everything.
it’s unfamiliar…this love…

this is my life…and someone should pinch me cause surely i am dreaming…

and j, it’s a fuckin’ savage tan. lol

i am currently sitting on a porch…watching the sun set…glowing from the outside in…taking it all in.  and there is much to take in.

feeling my skin tingling.

the day was overcast, however….i had about an hour of pure, intense one on one love from the sun

the sunlight blessing me.  it’s just what i needed.

and now i have just discovered a blackeberry app for wordpress….

this could be a shit load of trouble

tonight, i am just inlove.

that is all

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my friend has mentioned taking spin classes a couple of times.  each time she has i have felt knots in my stomach.
bee does not do gyms.
i did do gyms…but it was not a good experience.  i got a discount on a membership through my work many moons ago and to be fair i did go alot at first.  but it was just weird changing in front of higher management….these women saw me naked….
brrr…it was just wrong.
not only that…i felt like i was going to a fashion show instead of a place to get sweaty and gross.
women would be dressed to the nines with make up freshly applied.  seriously.  who does that?
anyways…i got really stressed out with the stares and the whispers…cause i became quite the outcast in my t-shirt and work out shorts
apparently that was not apropo attire.
i got so stressed out that i was having mini anxiety attacks,  so i just stopped going.
the only times i was going was when my work crush was there…sad but true.  anything for some eye candy lol

so then a gym was opening up literally right beside my house.  i thought it was great!!  fresh start, close to home…no excuse.
i was a member of that gym for two years and did not step foot in there once.  well i did once, and that was to cancel my membership
money well spent bee.

my friend and i were supposed to take Zumba classes.  have you heard of it?  you can read abit about it here
that never did transpire…maybe i should hit her up on the idea again…

so yeah,  not so sure i want to throw myself back in to the torturous world of “the gym”
i get sweaty palms just thinking about it.

meh, i’ll think about it while i’m laying on the beach, sporting my bikini getting sun kissed all over this weekend 🙂
(more on that at the blog next door)

i have a feeling the answer will still be no.

have an awesome weekend kids

This is an awesome song….enjoy.  click me
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a family affair

my parents are coming back from their vacation today!
i gotta say i am pretty excited…i’ve actually missed them quite a bit.
(i’m as shocked as you are lol).

I haven’t seen my dad since mid May…and i saw my mom 6 weeks ago when i dropped her off at the airport so she could go meet up with him.
this is the longest i have ever gone not seeing them…
well except one other time…but that’s not a story for here.

so you know what this means right?

i have gone over 2 months without a real home cooked meal.  you know, only the kind that your parents can make.
my parents will be jet lagged but on a high to see us again…and my mom will for certain slave away in the kitchen all day…
and my dad will be the keeper of the BBQ.
he will also probably make my two favourite greek salads (he only does that when he reallllly misses me…it’s actually quite cute) and he will be sure to cook my steak medium rare, even tho the rest of the family eats theirs well done…and he thinks “undercooked” meat is disgusting.
it’s the little things he does for me…makes me know for certain, that even at my age…i will always be daddy’s little girl.
he takes pride in feeding his family…probably as much as my mom does.

and you know what?  i’d say about 80% of what they cook is totally on my plan.
so there is going to be good eatin’ this weekend.
never mind that when they cook…they cook for an army….so there will be leftovers for me to bring home!!
all my family will be there….which means i get to hang out with the girl i love the most…my niece.
we will eat, laugh, drink and celebrate….we will also celebrate the newest baby in the family!
i realized over the past couple of days that i am really fortunate to have this life…to have my family…even tho they piss me off a lot

i haven’t seen them for so long…that i wonder if they will notice the changes in me…
for some reason that i cannot explain, my mothers opinion of me takes up more space in my head than i care to admit.
one “off” comment and i could be broken for days.  it’s true.
i am pretty sure she won’t comment on my weight…i mean i am over 2 sizes smaller than the last time she saw me.
actually i know she won’t…it’s impossible really…  but you can’t blame a girl for having her concerns.
i paint a not so pretty picture…but the truth is…she will see me…run to me…throw her arms around me and kiss my face off.
she’ll tell me she missed me…and that i look beautiful.  she’ll hold on to me for a good 5 minutes and even stroke my face and squeeze the crap outta me.
this is my mom.  she is a total mom.
the older i get…i realize how blessed i am to have such a loving, affectionate mom.

my dad will hug and kiss me and tell me i look good and then grab me a beer 🙂
and if he reallllly missed me…he will go out of his way to get me my low carb beer.

never mind the presents that will be waiting for me!  woooohooo!!!
since i am addicted to my camera…there will be pictures.

it’s going to be an awesome long weekend!!!

i see bikinis, sun, water, friends, family, birthday lovin’, and karaoke rockin’, chair dancin’ in my near future.
i’m so not done with summer yet!!

so have an awesome long weekend all….
this song seems like a good way to start…at least for me it does ha!
clickety click here

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