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lead me not into temptation

it’s Halloween night.

you’d think this would be a dieters worst nightmare come to life.
it sure can be.

not in my life tho.

where i live, kids are not allowed to go door to door.
instead, we buy treats for the kids and they are given to the little trick-or-treaters in the lobby.

the down side to this is you don’t get to see the little ones all dressed up
something about little cutie pies all dressed up makes my uterus ache.

the upside?
no chocolate in the house…which means  zero temptation to eat a butt load of sugar just ’cause it’s there…and more importantly no middle of the night sleep eating (yes there is a post somewhere on this blog about that)
sooooo i get to watch my Sara Bareilles on tv with no interruptions (insert squishy swoony face here)

i don’t know why – but i don’t even have the desire to eat crap.  someone actually brought in chocolates to work – and i had none
although i forced my coworker to eat a peanut butter cup for me – i wanted to live vicariously through his taste buds.
apparently i enjoyed it very much – although i am desperately sorry i had to force my coworker into the empty calories

Happy Halloween everyone!

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story telling


there are several reasons you will not find sugar in my house.
i guess the most obvious reason is…i rarely eat it.
i figure if my craving is that bad i can go to the store and pick up whatever it is that i want.
If i had sugar in my house, i am pretty confidant that i would eat it out of sheer boredom or laziness…
so again, better to just not have it in the house.
let me tell you a little story.
As a child, i was known to sleep walk.  Actually, so did my brother but this is my blog and it’s all about me 🙂
Anyways…i can’t imagine how tiring that was for my parents.  I am sure they had to sleep with one eye open at all times.
Once i was found walking down the street in the middle of the night.  Thank god it was a smaller city and all around just safer then…and i wore jammies 🙂
The years passed and i left the nest to go to college. 
I would visit home often, and my mother would always send me back with tons of food.  Most of that food was chocolate (mom is a huge sugar addict)
Not like your corner store chocolate.  We are talking Ferrero Rocher’s, Lindt chocolate etc.
The most peculiar thing would happen to these chocolates.
I would go to sleep at night and someone would sneak in to my apartment and eat the chocolate and leave the wrappers all over the kitchen counter.
I was perplexed!
That’s the story i would love to believe.
but alas, the chocolate thief was me.
Apparently i would get up in the middle of the night, unaware, and eat all the chocolate.
i have no clue why, and absolutely no recollection of doing it.
So, is that called sleep eating??
Eventually i stopped keeping chocolate in the house and i guess that curbed my late night sugar fest.
But, every now and then i am gifted chocolates…and to this day…i will get out of bed and eat them.  I find the evidence of my sins in the form of wrappers on my counter…or i guess as i have matured…my sleepy self manages to toss them in the garbage…
and seriously…zero recollection.
So now my solution is, no more sweets in my house.  Ever.
That kinda sucks for me cause mom gives the best chocolates at Christmas and Easter…
This summer i turned down a whole box of my favourite chocolates from Greece.
I just figure…what a waste of calories and carbs if i don’t even remember enjoying it.
And so..i say no to sugar.  My hips thank me for it.

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sweet jesus

yesterday was a day.
talk about will power at its finest.
so there was a meeting here, and of course there was a room full of sweet sugary delights.
at the end of the meeting, the leftovers came out of the room and were free for the taking.
i could smell the donuts long before i even knew there were donuts.
i kept smelling “cake” and it was driving me insane.
my nose is never wrong.
anyways…about an hour later i found ’em…at the other end of the office.
because i enjoy to torture myself so…i opened the lid on the timmies box..just to see.
there was a honey dip…and a butterscotch dip donut screaming my name.
i hesitated for a moment…but walked away.
thank you – no applause, just throw money 🙂
i walked by the box a few more times…i wanted to cave in soooo bad.
after all i am a hormonal nightmare at the moment.
i did the next best thing.  i called my sweet tooth bff over….and he ate the donut i was eyeballing.  i lived vicariously through him.
he enjoyed it very much lol
then…i noticed that we had white hot chocolate in the office.  only my favourite hot chocolate in the world.
so i convinced my bff to make a cup…and again…i lived vicariously through him.
he was doing me a favour…ya know, ridding the office of the badness for the sake of lil ol’ me
ahhhh….i made it till the end of the day.
but…i was jonesing…jonesing in a serious way.
i wanted to pick up a dozen donuts and shove ’em down my throat.  followed by a bowl of fruit loops.
what is that!!!!!
so elle bee made me some incredible, amazing, tastalicious dessert that indeed is carb friendly.
i took a picture of it…so i could tease and taunt you all lol…but alas my camera is at home.
picture this…
a parfait…layered with:
chocolate pudding, strawberries….and pecans that were lightly toasted and drizzled in chocolate (bakers chocolate – zero carbs)
layer after layer after sweet yummy goodness layer
topped with whipped cream
heaven’s got nothing on that.  i wouldn’t mind a taste of that again tonight (ahem, hint hint)
it satisfied my hormonal need for sugar and sweetness and badness….
it was delish.
mmmm mmmm good!!!
here’s to hoping no one decides to bring more donuts in today.
I am hormonal and have a stapler…i am not afraid to use it.

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