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happy gobble gobble

it’s the Canadian thanksgiving this weekend.
i am so excited!!!
thanksgiving means family.  thanksgiving means love…
thanksgiving means food!!
the next 3 days are going to be spent laughing, eating and celebrating.
i’ll be with my family for one of those days…and if you know anything about us Greeks, we know how to eat
we know how to drink…and we certainly know how to love.
did i mention we know how to eat?

i have a lot to celebrate this year…even tho i am sicker than a dawg right now (why am i at work?)

there are 3 separate celebrations this weekend…and they are all huge!!!

and they all involve food.
and i am sure they will involve stuffing and pumpkin pie
but it’s all good.
cause right now…it’s not so much about indulging…as it is about loving…
and being grateful…and celebrating these huge milestones that have fallen so sweetly on my lap
no slice of pie can beat that
nothing sweeter than the love in my life…and celebrating these huge, amazing things!!
nope, not even pumpkin pie

tell the people that you love…that you love them.

what are you grateful for?


a friend asked me why i wrote 2 blogs yesterday.
it made me giggle.
i dunno.  why do you breathe? lol

some days there may be one, some days none….perhaps some days even 3.
the blog next door has seen several posts in one day.
i write when i feel it…and i don’t…when i don’t.
simple yes?

play safe this weekend kids…maybe i’ll blog…maybe i won’t 🙂

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stuff it

i just had my first of several Thanksgiving dinners.
they made us a fancy one downstairs in the cafeteria.
mmm mmm good!
I am a sucker for stuffing.  Probably one of my biggest weaknesses.
sooooo….i did have a little bit of stuffing….just a little
but i did not have any mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, or apple pie
that’s gotta count for something right?
so i had turkey, and veggies and a tiny bit of stuffing.  not bad.
annnnnd…i am most definitely getting sick.  when i am sick i want comfort food
so i should really get props for denying myself pumpkin pie.
however….the fire’s been lit.  me thinks i will make a low carb pumpkin pie tonight
after my 5 mile guilt walk of course.
so one dinner down…another…2-3 to go.
god help me.

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