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summer lovin’

the problem with summer is that i dread being indoors.
when i am at work and look outside my window – i feel sad that i am trapped inside when there is a whole day out there that i could be enjoying.

as i was driving home yesterday, i was thinking about everything that i needed to do…and of course all of it was indoors.
(except for walking the puppy of course)

then i had a bit of a light bulb moment!

it was my gym day yesterday.  i was feeling uneasy about it as i was heading home.  going somewhere that would leave me stuck in doors when it was just so gorgeous outside!  i was itching like crazy to be outside!!!!!
the humidity finally died down and there was a beautiful breeze coming off of the lake.

soooooooo i said to myself…self – you just bought yourself a bike!
why do a half hour of cardio at the gym when you can get outdoors and work out???
i am so smart sometimes!!

and so i did just that.

i went out biking for well over an hour.
it was beautiful.

i went on the water front trails and discovered parts of my city i have never seen!!!
the water was bright blue/green and there were people everywhere on blankets enjoying the day.
i am so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.

i almost wished i had my camera…but yesterdays adventure was more about getting a work out than stopping to smell the roses.

it was hard work – i won’t lie.  but it was good work…fun work.

i eventually got off of the trail because i was curious to see how far i had gone.
when i got on the main road and saw where i was i couldn’t believe it.
this bee can travel!!!!!

i could have kept going…in fact i almost did…
i had the energy.
but – i was so excited about how far i had gone i didn’t take in to consideration that i still had to get home.
so i turned around
thank god.

by the time i got home i was sore and exhausted – and sweaty and outta breath
it was AWESOME!

i discovered a lot of things – like i said…new parts of my city that i never even knew existed…
i discovered that it’s best to wear sunglasses and keep your mouth closed at ALL times lol – damn bugs!
and when a dragonfly is flying right at you and you are going at warp speed, it is in the best interest of all those involved to duck!!
and to my complete surprise…body parts that have never ever hurt before – were and are hurting.
parts that shouldn’t hurt
lets just say it is bike seat related

i had a great time.  it was a thousand times better than going to the gym.
the time flew by…and it really didn’t feel like exercise at all.

i will be doing this more often – take advantage of the wonderful weather while it’s here

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say what?

i have an injury
a unique one.

no, it doesn’t really hurt all that much
but it is uncomfortable when i am driving or go to grab something.

my thumbs hurt.
true story.

i figured out it’s from the elliptical.  i guess the position my hands are in make them hurt after wards.

it’s probably cause i am holding on for dear life.
death grip activated!

i wonder if there is a name for it???
ellipticalitis? lol

it’s just constantly there…that dull ache…in my thumbs

i’m not dying or anything
just sharing…cause sharing is caring kids!

could this be any more random?

on to something completely different…

Have an awesome bunny weekend 🙂
i am currently sitting here staring at a basket of chocolate eggs that were gifted to me….
From someone who knows i don’t eat chocolate lol
Either way…it’s very sweet…
I can survive this temptation.  I’ll give it to lil’ bee…and she can give me sweet kisses in return.
see…everyone wins!

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pampered bee

during my hell with what felt like a broken neck and head…
i was desperate.
my doctor put me on these pain killers that barely even put a dent in my pain….
i was becoming cranky (more cranky than i naturally am lol) and i was just so tired of it all.
do you even know how much a headache takes out of you?

i decided to treat myself to a spa day.
i thought a nice massage would take away the stress…even if it was momentarily.
i needed a break, and i needed it yesterday.

So i called the spa…and the earliest they could get me in was….today.
2 weeks after i called.

I have been headache free for a couple of days now.
i went to bed with a massive headache on Tuesday and woke up Wednesday pain free.
yay for me!!!
this was the longest running headache i have ever had.  three and a half weeks.
three and a half weeks people!
that’s enough to drive anyone insane i am sure.
my neck seems perfectly fine now too…however this eye twitch i developed at the same time the headache came on needs to go before i rip my own eye ball out.
i wonder how many random people i’ve spoken to think i am hitting on them.
ya know, a little smile…a little uncontrollable wink 🙂

so today i am booked for a half hour Swedish massage, a 40 minute manicure and a 60 minute pedicure. (my little feet are so excited!)

oh maahhhh lawd….i cannot wait.

the first and only time i ever had a massage was probably just over a year ago.
a hot stone massage gifted to me for my birthday.
i can’t believe i let so much time pass.

i will think of you all fondly as i’m getting pampered.
this is just what a goddess needs
a full on pamper day…

what a great start to a weekend!

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a vision of healthy

i am not
i am a hot mess!

it’s going on two weeks that i have had this bloody headache…
seriously i need a break from it please
the universe decided to give me a break…by having me sleep funny last week and wake up with a broken neck.
it took the extreme pain in my head away that’s for sure.
thanks Universe…you rock.

i cannot turn my head either way…i look funny…
but i assure you i am not laughing.

have you tried changing lanes when you really can’t move your head???

to add insult to injury…i feel like i just worked out my upper abs for 24 hours straight
either that or have been punched in the gut repeatedly.

i’m a mess i tell you…a bloody mess.

enough about me…how are you??? lol

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life is sweet

i went to the gym yesterday after not being there all week.
i won’t lie – it was quite the struggle.

if there is one thing i learned and confirmed it’s that the gym needs to be a constant.
i understand how easy it is to say no and not go…but it feels so much better to say yes.

i huffed and i puffed, but in true bee fashion i totally kicked ass 🙂
i am a little sore today, but it’s the good sore.
i love that muscly good work out sore.

but that’s just the way life is.  i mean i would love to keep to a consistent schedule
but sometimes it’s hard.
the next few weeks of my life i am flying by the seat of my pants…but i have every intention of fitting the gym in
perhaps not 4 days a week, but i will get my butt to a gym at some point.

the first thing i did before i booked my hotel was check to see if they have a fitness room
and they do…and it’s perdy.
if i can’t make it to the gym because i am too busy getting sun kissed and swimming and checking out the sights…i will forgive myself.
i don’t even think i fit my summer clothes, but meh…i can always buy something cuter!
life is sweet.
all about that at the blog next door.

ya know, the gym makes me feel like a new woman – it really does.
it’s like my body is telling me thank you for taking care of it.
today while getting a mani and pedi i had the same feel good moment.
life is sweet.

did i say that already? lol

my life is freakin’ sweet.  i wouldn’t change a damn thing.

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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it’s back on

oh yeah baby

i went to the gym tonight
and i feel freakin’ amazing
sure i probably won’t be able to walk for a couple of days
but that is soooo not the point

i did 40-50 minutes of ab work and weights
and then another 20 minutes of cardio
and i felt absolutely amazing

no…i didn’t have anyone show me how to use anything
nor did i need anyone
it was awesome kids
i felt like a million bucks!!

once my body recovers from the past 2 days..i will be getting my incredibly shrinking self back in there

the gym rocks!!!!

oh…and no back pain baby.

wanna know why?
because i am made of awesome 😉

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the crow

that was the yoga pose i was talking about in yesterday’s blog
now you can see how it’s possible to fall flat on your face?

anyways, i had the chance to actually do my yoga work out last night.
the dvd i bought ages ago has 3 different exercises
1) the total body fat burner work out – 20 min
2) the ab work out – 10 min
3) the leg work out – 10 min

the only one i had ever done on the dvd was the ab work out…cause lets face it…i’m over 30 and i want a sexy belly!!

so i decided i would do the 20 minute full on body fat burner.  It was only 20 minutes, like please…i doubted i would even feel the work out
I am able to do 45 minutes of cardio, a 20 min hard core ab work out and can walk 5 miles
this 20 min yoga would be a walk in the park!!!

i should never assume…
yoga totally kicked my ass.

after the 20 minutes, my body had the same reaction as doing a 45 minute cardio work out
i was sweaty, out of breath and my muscles felt like jello.
who knew????

yoga looks so graceful. so “easy”
it is graceful, but i assure you it’s not easy.
do you know how hard it is to do some of the moves and hold the positions?
i loved it!!!!

my body feels it today.  how many muscles do i have???
every new work out i attempt brings aches to muscles i never knew existed.

now i need to learn how to incorporate yoga into my work out routine.
but how??
i can’t and won’t work out 7 days a week…so some strategic planning needs to happen.

i’d write more, but the baby is awake 🙂

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not happenin’

well…today was gonna be the day.

you know, the day i was gonna kick some turbo jam ass.

i don’t think so.

my back was feeling better as of yesterday.  still sore, but the pills created a  false confidence.  i felt like a superhero.  back ache?  what back ache?

but these super magical wonder pills i was taking did a number on my belly and had me feeling nauseous all day….and so i stopped taking them.

i woke up this morning and my back just was not a happy camper.

I can barely stand up straight, never mind bouncing around.

not impressed.

this is the longest i have gone in months not working out…and it’s making me feel a little loopy.

i can’t wait to sit in my office chair for 8 hours.  that should be wonderful!

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shakira was right

hips don’t lie.
my bff came over for a sleep over the other night.
we had food ordered in…had a few drinks and just chatted up a storm.
the conversation turned to working out…
and i mentioned that i no longer really feel the “burn” of working out.
like…my muscles are no longer mad at me the next day…
except for my hips.
after walking and working out…my hips feel like they got the greatest work out.
and i wondered why.
she was able to answer my question in two simple words.
“you’re old”
but true.
when any part of your conversation consists of the word arthritis, when you discuss retirement goals, and talk about the books you read…
old would be a good descriptive word.
but in my defense…i do believe i made it until 1:30 in the morning!
so my hip-ache has nothing to do with a kick ass work out, feeling the burn, etc
it just simply means
that i’m old.
pass me my sweater, i’ve got a chill.

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