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the right foot – not to be confused with the left foot

i had a good dinner last night.
i mention this because lately my appetite has been next to nil – so i sucked back my chicken and green beans and felt lovely. i don’t even think i chewed.

not only that – but i slept last night. i got seven hours of sleep last night! seven people!!!!!!
in my world 5 hours is crazy talk – so imagine how happy i was with 7 hours of uninterrupted snoozing.
i woke up with a very sore belly though???? could it be i was doing crunches in my sleep? that would be awesome lol.
alas i just think it could have been my crazy kitten using my belly as a trampoline.

the best thing about this morning? i woke up without a headache.
usually that’s the first thing that’s present when i wake up. a pounding headache.
i’ve been dealing with headaches a lot longer than i think i should be. i can count on one hand how many days of the month i don’t have a headache.
i am pretty sure i am on week 3 at the moment – of a constant, never ending headache.
yes – i have a doctors appt at the end of the month – i’m gonna get him to check my head out.
this has been on and off for over 6 months…i don’t think i can handle a headache much longer.

i used to and occasionally still suffer from migraines – but nothing major. i know all my headache triggers – like not enough coffee/not enough food or bad food/rain on the way/one too many glasses of red/hormones/wearing baseball caps.
none of the above apply to why i have a headache for this long. i get a day or 2 of peace – and then it’s back again for another 2-3 week run. it’s just insane.
but for one glorious hour i was completely headache free. as i was driving in to work – i felt the familiar pain setting in. ugh. it’s enough to make me crazy – no joke.
advil liquid gels are my best friend.

and so the headache has returned.

i started off my day on the right foot. i was happy and energetic…grabbed my 45 cent coffee from McDonalds – yessss! i didn’t even get pissed off when one of those student driver cars were in front of me and were afraid to turn out of the parking lot. ok so i was a little pissed – but c’mon i waited behind him for about 5 minutes…waiting for him to not be scared to turn out onto a fairly empty road.

anyways…i am going to continue my day on the right foot – headache or not dammit.

happy tuesday to you!

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pill poppin’ bee

so it’s been 3 days i’ve been taking the Melatonin.

i thought i would come here to report.

i am not too sure there is anything to report quite yet to be honest with you.

i was all freaked out the first night i planned on taking it.
i over reacted (shocker!)  i am so very anal about pills – even something that is natural has the ability to freak me out.
as if it’s some sort of crack in a bottle
i am a little odd that way
but i took it anyway.

that night i managed to pass out – after 1:30am.  that was the last time i looked at the clock.
i am happy to report that i only woke up once.  so that is quite the change.
i cannot say it was the melatonin – as i just took my first pill. i think it just had everything to do with being absolutely exhausted.

last night i crashed pretty early – and woke up at least 5 times – so no change there.
i was able to sleep in this morning tho’
i seem to fall into my deepest sleep around 5am i find.  which makes a 6am wake up difficult.

i am not giving up on it.  it can’t harm me and i know that with anything…it takes time to start working.

i have also brought out the vitamin D
this time of year always brings about a feeling of melancholy.
i am always sad when the days get shorter and colder.
i spend all of fall and winter – waiting for spring and summer.
it’s a vicious cycle.

and i’ve also brought out the omega 3, magnesium…multi…

anyways – i have an extremely busy week ahead of me.
one that requires me to be well rested.  if by Tuesday i see no difference…i am not too sure what i will do.
i am travelling the rest of the week and need to have my head on straight.

i napped today – this is my favourite thing to do on weekends.
at least i do not feel a sense of urgency to get myself to bed now.
i think that during the week i place such pressure on myself to get to bed at a decent hour that it keeps me up.

i’ll figure it out eventually.
or not.
i’ve been this way my whole life.

i go through stages
it appears that i am on the no sleep stage – again…for the millionth time.

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running on empty

i’ve decided that i am done playing with this sleep stealer in my life
i am going to kick insomnia’s ass.

i’ve been doing amazingly well for little sleep.
there have been nights i’ve even gone to bed before 11…but as soon as i started to fall asleep
i would wake up in complete panic
i mean heart racing, sweating panic.
now who wants to wake up like that???
not just once a night.  no.  cause that would be ok.
we are talking at least 5-6 time a night.

so i am bringing out the big guns.

i’ve been talking to alot of people…and alot of people have sleep issues
here i thought it was all about me.
i also spoke to my sister in law – who is a pharmacist…and i think i may have found a remedy.

i went out today and stocked up on some Melatonin and B12.
that’s right.  i am gonna knock my ass out like a responsible adult.
although i gotta say that my glass of wine at night seems to eventually do the trick…
and if it doesn’t – i just have two 🙂

so i am going to give this a go tonight
and hopefully i will see a difference…feel a difference.

i am functioning extremely well for someone not getting enough sleep
even kicking ass at the gym
but eventually i think i am just gonna stop…drop…and roll
and just not get up.

wish me luck.

and on to much more important news.  my favourite artist has just released a video to my favourite song.
this is a must see.  make sure you watch it to the end…because that is my favourite part…
and if you know me in real life – it’s soooo very me 🙂

enjoy and sleep well!

click here for the best video ever!

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i get knocked down

well i finally got a little break from my insomnia.

it came in the form of a migraine.
not the answer i was looking for let me tell you.

i have suffered with migraines since my early twenties.  i went through a really bad break up…and voila…migraines became a part of my life.
i don’t get them nearly as often as i used to – thank god.  but it’s still not fun when they pay me a visit.

i had one hour left in my day yesterday…when it came to the point that i either needed to leave the office NOW or be stuck here bowing to the porcelain god.
and so off i went.

it may sound strange to you…but my migraines are actually an unusual blessing.

i only get them if i am stressed out to the core, or if my body is tired of trying to get it through to my stubborn brain –  that i need to slow it down.
so my body shuts down – and i am forced to give myself the thing i so desperately need.  rest.

i went home and slept for about 4 hours!!! 4 hours!  a deep sleep.  the puppy, perhaps sensing i was not at my best, slept on top of me and didn’t leave my side.

i was able to sleep the whole night through too – well i woke up once…
but the point is i slept.

today i am battling a slight headache.  typical when i get a migraine…the remnants stay for a few days.

i was going to go to the gym tonight..to make up for last nights ass kicking.
but i will play it by ear.  if i feel tired and sore…i won’t.
i don’t need to commit to anything in this moment…other than doing what’s best for me.

have a great weekend kids 🙂

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insomnia can kiss my butt

i’ve been keeping the night company lately.
me and the night – sounds romantic ehh?

insomnia sucks ass.

i’ve struggled with insomnia my whole life…you would think i would get used to it…
but i don’t.
i go through my stages.  i can sleep like a baby…for days on end, sleep peacefully and deeply…
but these past few weeks are putting me on edge…especially these past few days.

i am averaging about 4 hours of sleep a night, which isn’t too bad.  but it’s broken sleep.  last night alone i was up 4 separate times.
i’ve tried to make myself stay in bed..not get up and do things…but the longer i toss and turn, the more frustrated i get.
i don’t get up and turn the computer on..that would just wake me right up.  Sometimes i will turn the tv on and the background noise will lull me back to sleep…or sometimes my eyes fight to keep watching.
and the more i try to fall asleep – the more awake i become!!!!
it seems the deepest, most peaceful sleep i get is right before my alarm clock goes off.  go figure.

this makes for a very unhappy, emotional bee.

it’s hard to get through a day and feel productive.  i could drink a gallon of coffee and still not wake up.
no amount of Preparation H could take away the luggage under my eyes. (not that i’ve tried lol)
i drag my butt around the whole day..counting the minutes until i can actually sit down and have some me time
that doesn’t come until at least 9.

i go to the gym – even if i feel i can’t move…and that makes me feel better – and half alive
but then it’s all the stuff at home that needs to be done and a puppy that needs to be entertained…
i swear last night i almost cried i was so exhausted.

then the time comes where i can go to bed and crash…and i lie there in the night…my mind going at a mad speed
and my eyes wide open.
my body is exhausted and yet the rest of me thinks it’s party time.

i am not one for pills – so i really don’t want to take any.  besides when i had taken them in the past, i would wake up in the morning feeling foggy and worse than i do on no sleep.
i don’t drink milk – i heard that helps…
counting sheep only drives me mental…because if i start drifting off…something snaps me wide awake and i gotta keep counting
like counting is more important than sleeping.
damn sheep!

so other than drinking a whole bottle of wine, i really don’t know what to do.

anyone have some insomnia remedies that i possibly haven’t heard of?  can anyone out there help me?

if you are dragging your butt today…this song will sure get you moving…

clickety click here  (i should warn you that there is a little swearing, but it’s Sara Bareilles…how can you not watch!)

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now that’s dedication

i got home after work yesterday and wanted to just lie down for “a minute”

a minute turned into well over a half hour, and when i woke up i realized i had kept my gym buddy waiting for me for a good 10 min.

what happened!!

i’ll tell you what happened.
these pills are kicking….my…..ass

i cannot remember a time in the past year that i have napped right when i got home, unless i was really sick…
but i just couldn’t keep my eyes open.

i jumped out of bed and got dressed…i didn’t even check to see if my clothes even matched.  i ran down to meet my friend and off we went to the gym.

it was probably the worst gym experience to date.

i was light headed…nauseous and oh so very tired.  my head felt like a bowling ball.
i felt like i was still sleeping.
you know that feeling where you are woken up suddenly from a deep deep sleep?  that’s exactly how i felt.

i did double the weights like i had planned on doing (i have no idea how) and after 20 minutes of cardio i waved my little white flag.
i just couldn’t do another second!

I actually worked out.  i have no idea how…but i did it.

i probably shouldn’t have gone to the gym.  i was a hazard to myself i think!!
no worries, i am still wonder woman…i should get points just for getting my shoes on. lol

i cannot wait for this tension crap in my head to go away…these pills are killing me.
AND he wants me to take 3 a day.  i can’t even function on one a day (apparently)
nooooo way.

on to better, happier things.

i am in love.

someone amazingly fantabulous (i can make up words if i want…it’s my blog lol) introduced me to this artist – you know who you are 🙂

i am hooked…and in love.

i apologize to jm – i know how hard it is for you to watch these 🙂

anyways click here to fall in love.

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bye bye fat pants

i refer to my fat pants often in this blog.
can i explain what they are?

they simply are pajama bottoms.
that’s it.
they are the pants that i lounge around the house in…and often sleep in at night.

the pants i regularly refer to were purchased specifically for my trip out west to visit my bff in 2009

they are just basic gray fuzzy pants with draw strings.
simple and baggy and comfortable…especially on a fat day.
back in 2009 i didn’t even need to tie them around my waist…they were just a perfect fit.

fast forward to Friday night…or i guess i should say early Saturday morning.
i awoke in the middle of the night…as i do every single night.
4am found me awake and stirring in bed.
i decided to get out of bed to grab a drink…since falling asleep right away was out of the question.

Now here’s a visual….if you become easily aroused please stop reading.

i crawled outta bed….with the most perfect bed head.
one eye open…and one eye completely shut…as this is my come hither look at 4 am.
anyways…i started to walk down the hallway…and after a few steps
my fat pants were around my ankles.

i bent over and grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled them up
as i did not want to walk by my huge window bare assed for the world to see…
i grabbed a drink and headed back to bed…pants once again falling to my ankles
i stepped outta them and in to bed.
i made a mental note that my number one priority come Saturday was to purchase new “fat pants”
and then fell asleep.

and so, i have come here to announce that my fat pants have been retired
they will be put into a good will bag for someone else to enjoy

i sit here and type this in my brand spanking new smaller fat pants

candy striped pants, with a red spider man t-shirt
happier than a pig in shit
life is good.

a vision of beauty my friends…a vision of beauty..

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