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it makes me mental

i am aware that sizes are different from place to place
but it’s enough to drive me crazy!!
i totally understand how people get complexes…i mean no matter how much i tell myself it doesn’t matter
(because honestly it doesn’t)
sometimes that number on a tag can make a good day turn ugly.

today was my shopping day…and it was a very successful one if i must say.
but the sizing in the stores drove me mental.

i went to one store and picked out my usual size for blouses…and that old familiar gap between my boobs popped out
i was familiar with that when i was bigger.  i had to get bigger blouses to fit my boob area but then the rest of the blouse was too big
funny since i really don’t have a lot of boob anymore (my god i never thought i’d ever say that!!)

i went to another store…and my usual size was almost too big…covering my boobs just nicely thank you.

so then another store i typically buy my pants at didn’t have anything i liked – and my size there has been constant for at least 8 months now

i walk two stores up to another regular shop – and my pant size is one higher than it is at the other store.  (insert scratching head emoticon here)

i bought pants today that claimed to be the same size as the pants i have at home…the ones i tried on last week and were baggy big on me…
go figure.  the same size that instigated this very shopping spree.
sure the pants i bought today are a little roomier..but they are perfect

i’ll be honest.  i would have had a huge panic attack if i took those sizes to heart.
but i am ok with it…only because i know i haven’t grown/gained weight.  all my original clothes that i bought in October still fit me the same way…if not a little looser.

so i scored today…
i think i came away with 6 blouses and 3 pairs of pants and a lovely pair of shoes
yay me!!!
boo credit card lol

oh…and i was gifted with my very first Bench jacket.  i am young and hip kids.
apparently Bench is the clothing to wear lol
the jacket is gorgeous
big love for the new spring jacket!!!
apparently with their logo on my arm…i am instantly cool
(i think it’s me that makes the clothing cool)

so i am happy, but still want a couple of more pieces…but i am in no rush
and as for all those cute summer dresses i wanted?
there were none!!!!

oh well…
i can’t cry about new clothes 🙂

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i’m too sexy for my jeans

i was gifted the most beautiful jeans the other day
i am not talking about any kind of jeans…
these are high end, hand made, fancy pants
they are soft to the touch, super skinny and super sexy.
these jeans were the same size i have been wearing since the fall.
so off went my pants and out came these jeans…i could not wait to try them on!!!
getting my first leg through proved to be…ummm…interesting.
i mean i know these are “super skinny” but c’mon!!
finally i got both legs in and tried pulling them up.
tried is the operative word.
i was bouncing all around the room, cursing the hips my mother gave me.
of course the puppy thought this was a new game so every time i was able to inch the jeans up…she would try to pull them down.
what a good dog lol
finally about 20 hours later…the jeans were on.
my whole body broke out in a sweat and i was outta breath.
but dammit they were up and buttoned.
and then the following conversation ensued.
gifter – do they fit?
me – umm yes!!!
gifter – do you want to go get a bigger size?
me – NO!!!
gifter – are you sure?
me – no
gifter – k, lets go.
i mean they fit.  they were tight…but isn’t that the look?
so i couldn’t breathe…big deal.
it’s better to look good than feel good no?
ugh. i gotta say…i was a little devastated.
how could it be that a size i could fit comfortably in…was not comfortable?
i get it…that every make is different…
that just because you are a certain size at one store doesn’t mean that you will be that size elsewhere…i get it.
but it still really bothered me.
So off we went to exchange
i went up one size…and they were huge!!!
unless of course you are the type of girl who doesn’t mind having your whole ass hang out when you sit down.
the sales lady convinced me to try the ones i tried on at home again
so she could see how they looked on me.
she grabbed the same size from the rack and off i went.
they slipped on…and were loose.
so, she pulled out the jeans that were originally purchased and checked the tag…
they were two sizes smaller than what i wear!!!!!
they were the wrong size.
so…i went from being deflated to elated
cause my “normal” size was too big…
and i actually went down one size…
i really am too sexy for my jeans!
i must celebrate by buying new shoes!! lol

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