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dress me up

today was supposed to be a domestic day – you know – just the basics, tidy the house, do laundry
the things that i live for.  NOT!!!

i ended up spending the day shopping!!
me and mastercard had a hot date.

i bought clothes.  clothes for work
i prefer to buy casual clothes, but i do need clothes for work

the shocking item i bought?

i bought a dress!
it is sooooo pretty.

ok those of you who know me can stop laughing now – any time now!

i probably stopped wearing dresses/skirts to work in my early thirties
i don’t know if it was a subconscious thing – that my brain maybe thought i was too old to be showing off skin
from flaunting my pasty white legs i went to hiding them

so today i just thought i’d try this dress on since it looked so cute on the rack
and i gotta say it looked even cuter on me 🙂


here it is!  (that hottie in it is not me though)

also – i did something i have probably never done in my life.
i bought accessories.

i used to wear a crap load of jewelery in my teens and early twenties
i mean i had 9 ear piercings all with earrings in them…rings on each finger
bracelets up to my elbow.

now i wear earrings in two holes and one ring…and one necklace
that is all.

today i bought a fancy bracelet and a dangly necklace
what the hell happened to me?

you know what i think?  i think i am turning a new leaf
one called confidence.
i kinda like this new leaf turning.

i shall be debuting my new dress tomorrow at work – the bitch boots are polished and ready to rock

yay – happy monday to me!

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what we carry with us

sometimes i still get amazed at how much we can carry with us…and not even know it.

things from our past that have long been forgotten.  feelings – overwhelming emotions from decades ago can still punch you in the gut when you least expect it.

i had one of those very moments today.

i went birthday shopping for a certain little princess in my life – she is turning 3 🙂

so we wandered into all the kids stores and i finally found something i was really happy with –  a life size Dora!!! (i don’t even know who Dora is but apparently my princess loves her)  so part one of her gift was done.   as i was standing at the cash paying for my purchase…
i just happened to look up…
and what i saw literally took my breath away.  i felt my heart fall into my belly.

i’ve written about this several times – and so i will provide you with the shortest version here if you have never read my blog next door.

i had these two dolls.  i loved them.  i slept with them, sat with them, played with them.  they were never out of my sight.
one day an evil woman came along and threw these away.
both of them.
i was devastated – and i cried.  for a very very long time.  this evil woman laughed at me…in my face laughed at me.  i will also add that this woman was a relative.
i was just a kid….who throws away a kids toy?  an evil person that’s who.

obviously life went on.  i turned out pretty ok without these dolls.
i didn’t think they even made them anymore.

what were these dolls?
they were called monchichis.
i had a brown one and a pink one.  i loved them soooo very much.
i still remember the feeling they gave me…i feel it right now – this very moment.

and that is what i saw today at the store.  just a handful of monchichis.
i asked the sales lady how much they were…and decided they were a little out of my price range
they are apparently collectors items now.

so we continued shopping and had a wonderful day…but i couldn’t shake the doll out of my head.
i had decided to pick it up “another day” but what if there wasn’t “another day”???
what if it sold?
what if i went back and it wasn’t there?  how would that make me feel????
it would make me feel as terrible as the day the evil woman threw them away.

i went back to the store to buy it.

my beautiful amazing shopping companion would not let me pay for it….i was gifted the most wonderful gift.
a monchichi.
i felt like i was re gifted a part of my childhood.

as the sales lady brought the box down from the shelf and set it infront of me…

my little 6-7 year old self was present…and i could only do what any normal, elated, overwhelmed child would do.
i was handed my monchichi and…i started to cry.
i cried.
right there.  at the sales counter.

it really was a terrible thing to the child in me losing those dolls
i never knew that i would feel the way that i did – the way that i feel now typing this out…30 years later.
this is the most precious gift i could ever be given
i was given a piece of my best childhood memories.  how amazing is that???

take a look at my new toy!!

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i’m bee – and i am a clothes whore

i went to the mall last night after work.

i was prepared to spend an obscene amount of money on a very special lady.
that special lady would be my mom.
see, today is her 60th birthday 🙂

my mom deserves the very best things in life
she sacrificed everything for us – to raise us…and now that we are older
it’s time to treat her like the queen that she is.

now, if she had her way…she would have all her kids over
and SHE would make US dinner and do all the clean up.
we have talked her into letting us take her out (which believe it or not was quite the struggle to have her agree)
so we are going to this high end steak house…and treating her to whatever her little heart desires.
(and i can eat on plan without temptation)


i knew exactly what store i needed to go to…
and instead of parking close to that store…i parked at the opposite end of the mall.
because i wanted to do a walk through…for myself.

ever since i lost weight – i really enjoy buying clothes.
i mean really enjoy

i have never enjoyed trying on clothes at the store
i am still convinced that the change rooms are equipped with clown mirrors.
after losing the weight, i know my size(s) at my favourite stores sooooo
i can literally walk in…grab what i like…and buy it.
it makes for a very lovely shopping experience.
and a very active credit card.

even shopping for my mom’s birthday….i made it all about me.
go figure.
you know why?
cause i have a problem.  i may need a 12 step.
i am just a total clothes whore.

but i was good…i only walked out with 2 tops.
did i need them?  i say yes – because they are long sleeved and it is Fall…
but really…i probably didn’t need them.
i said no to the pants that were screaming my name
another time…another time.

i also treated myself to some kernels popcorn
it was safer than the laura secord across the way.

sometimes it’s hard being me.

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those of you who read my blog next door…already know my sad, traumatic story about my monchhichi’s.

seriously…it still bothers me.
i miss those little guys 😦

I had to go to the mall today to buy a dress – which by the way, i found the purrrfect dress without having a coronary or beating up random strangers!!  yay me!
Apparently the tag says i am an exta small.
I’ll take that thanks!

So i am standing in line waiting to pay and as i turn around…i see this:

i died!!!!  and yes…of course i bought it!!!

Sure, it’s not like having a real doll…cause i swear to you if i could actually find these guys i would buy them…i don’t care how old i am.  but isn’t this the cutest thing ever?

i feel like i am reclaiming a part of my childhood!

I am still traumatized over the loss of my dolls – but this helps the pain a little 🙂

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the day-cation is officially over.
funny how when you are having a great time… time passes so quickly!!!

it was a great weekend.
and it’s over
a very expensive weekend – but you only live once!
see my new stylin’ hat?  i know the picture sucks but look at my bee-utiful hat!!!!

it was such an American weekend lol

a few years ago they got rid of all of the Outback restaurants in Canada.
i was devastated.  i loved the Outback!!!!!!
so as we were driving to our hotel to check in – what do we pass?????
within walking distance!!!!

i don’t have to tell you where we ate
and i will not tell you what i ate (but i will show you something i ate lol)

i was soooo very bad…i have the headache today to show for it

it was an amazing weekend.  lots of walking, laughing, eating…and wine 🙂
it was purrrfect.
i am glad we got to walk around and take things in – burn off dinner…take in the view.

i’ve been there before…but each and every time i go, i see through new eyes.
i have amazing memories and not so amazing memories of that place
but each time i go…it just keeps getting better and better – this is one of the pictures from the hotel.  not a bad view huh?

For breakfast we went to IHOP
again, i didn’t think we had IHOP’s in Canada…so of course we just had to eat there
i had strawberry banana pancakes
i thought i died and went to heaven…and then so did my belly.  i could not eat all of it…tooooooo much!!

wow – by Sunday my poor belly looked like i was 4 months pregnant.  i wish it didn’t dislike carbs so much!!!!!

I have lots of pictures and videos…but none that i will share here..although i gotta say, the videos are so awesome that the whole world should witness them…especially me belting out adele –  rolling in the deep lol

i’ll save all that for the blog next door.

no gym for me tonight…no time – apparently the hotel i stayed at had an amazing gym -alas i did not see it!!!

this being an adult stuff is for the birds.  i just wanna play!!!!

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road trippin’

i am running away
no, not forever…one could only wish

i am heading out of the city for a couple of days
for a much deserved and much needed break from real life

mamma’s tired kids.

i am looking forward to not cooking dinner, not doing laundry, not walking a dog, not going to the gym, not waking up at some god awful hour –  not being a responsible adult for a little bit.
i am going somewhere where i will be taken care of…
where the only worry i will have is what restaurants to eat at and if they have that top in blue
yesssss….there will be shopping!!!!
maybe i will find the dress there unexpectedly too!!
where someone will leave chocolates on my pillow and make my bed
i will get some exercise in…what with all the shopping and site seeing 🙂
yay me!!!!!
i cannot wait!
ohhhhhh and there may just be swimming – better pack the bikini just in case.
(and if you are reading this jm, you may even get a skivvie pic outta this trip lol)

i love nothing more than getting into a car and road trippin’  it…singing songs at the top of my lungs, smiling ear to ear..with my feet on the dashboard sippin’ on my iced coffee – and of course amazing company! (that’s probably the best part of it all)

road trips rock my socks!!!!

Have a most amazing weekend – i’ll see you on the flip side!

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one year

On Saturday, while sitting on a bench…taking a breather from shopping…
i became engrossed in people watching – i love it.

a girl walked by me that caught my eye…and so i did a double take.
i looked over at my lovely shopping companion and mentioned to her…that i thought the woman walking by looked just like me – body wise.

she looked at me as if i had 3 heads and said “is that really what you think you look like?”

ummm yeah…that’s what i mean by she looks just like me lol

apparently she didn’t see it.  not even close she said.  she then pointed out random women walking by and pointed out similar features – which i myself did not see.

I think i know what i look like.  i see myself every day right??

it’s all about perception i s’pose.

one day a couple of years ago i actually met my doppelganger – standing in line waiting for my shawarma.
it was crazy to look at a person and see yourself staring back.  but that’s another blog for another day…and more for the blog next door.

so it got me to thinking – but of course 🙂

last year this time, i was bikini shopping for my amazing vacation.
(has it been a year already???)

i was stressed and nervous, but i also felt pretty good about myself.  it had been 3 months of clean eating and i had just incorporated turbo jam in to my routine.
the pounds were flying off…and so of course i was feeling good.

i felt damn good.  so good in fact, the bikini rarely stayed on…as we preferred to swim nekkid any chance we got!!!!
who knew?

it wasn’t a cockiness…far from it actually.  i think it was the first time in a long time i felt comfortable in my own skin and i didn’t give a crap what anyone thought about me…nekkid. lol

i look back at those pictures now – a year later…and i wonder – girl what were you thinking??
i mean good on me for feeling confidant and trying to rock the bikini…
but really…
what i saw last year i don’t see now.

a year has passed…and it’s amazing how much can change in one year.
i could probably write a novel about all the significant, life altering changes i’ve experienced in the past year.
i am not the same girl i was last year, and i don’t intend to be the same girl next year.
life is all about changing – and for once i am completely open to that.

so what’s changed on the health/diet/weight loss front since last year?

well…i’ve continued eating healthy (more often than not)
i work out at the gym at least 3 times a week
i’ve lost at least 10-15 pounds since then.

and when i put two pictures side by side…i can visually see the changes.

the pic on the left is last year (no i’m not nekkid lol), the pic on the right is just from a couple of weeks ago.

i see the changes in my body from last year to this year…
i see where i’ve lost the most weight (boobs and belly)
i can see that i’m more toned
i can see the weight loss still didn’t take away my dimples 🙂

so why does the mere thought of sporting a bikini make me want to hurl?
maybe cause what i see, i don’t really feel?

in my mind i don’t think i am anywhere near where i want to be in order to rock a bikini
i can’t even fathom putting one on and feeling comfortable.

so what changed since last year?  last year i was confidant enough to rock it…
why not now?

like i said…i can see the differences when you place the pictures side by side…but i just can’t mentally wrap my head around it i don’t think.
i think that when i look in the mirror – i still see bee from 2009.

and not to worry…summer is here kids…and i will be rockin’ a bikini whether i want to or not.  my attitude hasn’t changed.  i still don’t care what anyone thinks of me 🙂

one year – a lot of things change…some things just stay the same.

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it makes me mental

i am aware that sizes are different from place to place
but it’s enough to drive me crazy!!
i totally understand how people get complexes…i mean no matter how much i tell myself it doesn’t matter
(because honestly it doesn’t)
sometimes that number on a tag can make a good day turn ugly.

today was my shopping day…and it was a very successful one if i must say.
but the sizing in the stores drove me mental.

i went to one store and picked out my usual size for blouses…and that old familiar gap between my boobs popped out
i was familiar with that when i was bigger.  i had to get bigger blouses to fit my boob area but then the rest of the blouse was too big
funny since i really don’t have a lot of boob anymore (my god i never thought i’d ever say that!!)

i went to another store…and my usual size was almost too big…covering my boobs just nicely thank you.

so then another store i typically buy my pants at didn’t have anything i liked – and my size there has been constant for at least 8 months now

i walk two stores up to another regular shop – and my pant size is one higher than it is at the other store.  (insert scratching head emoticon here)

i bought pants today that claimed to be the same size as the pants i have at home…the ones i tried on last week and were baggy big on me…
go figure.  the same size that instigated this very shopping spree.
sure the pants i bought today are a little roomier..but they are perfect

i’ll be honest.  i would have had a huge panic attack if i took those sizes to heart.
but i am ok with it…only because i know i haven’t grown/gained weight.  all my original clothes that i bought in October still fit me the same way…if not a little looser.

so i scored today…
i think i came away with 6 blouses and 3 pairs of pants and a lovely pair of shoes
yay me!!!
boo credit card lol

oh…and i was gifted with my very first Bench jacket.  i am young and hip kids.
apparently Bench is the clothing to wear lol
the jacket is gorgeous
big love for the new spring jacket!!!
apparently with their logo on my arm…i am instantly cool
(i think it’s me that makes the clothing cool)

so i am happy, but still want a couple of more pieces…but i am in no rush
and as for all those cute summer dresses i wanted?
there were none!!!!

oh well…
i can’t cry about new clothes 🙂

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mr. sun you tease me

i am sure i repeat myself on this blog
it’s bound to happen when you have over 300 posts!
wow…crazy ehh?

i am working from home today…which i know i have talked about before.
believe it or not, i prefer going in to the office.
everything i need is at my finger tips and on a really busy day it’s just easier.
besides…i don’t need to fend for myself when it comes to lunch…someone makes it for me!

sometimes though…there is nothing better than waking up, brewing my coffee and starting up the computer
in my jammies and bed head 🙂
today would be one of those days.

but the sun is teasing me and asking me to come outside and play.

knowing i was working from home…i did not go grocery shopping last night
being at home – gives me ample opportunity to eat…just because.
the fridge is feet away…and c’mon i gotta stretch my little legs…and my stomach lol

i am going to pick up some chicken and veggies for lunch me thinks
then….perhaps a Starbucks coffee and take a walk around the lake with the puppy.
i am never here during the day so this must feel like xmas for her!
besides…what better opportunity to get a little sun kissed.

these are the little luxuries i have when i work from home.

i gave up my gym day today to meet up with some people after work…
we are meeting at my favourite wing place.
i don’t know these people – and so i will not be eating my wings.

i am there to charm and wow…
nothing says charming like suckin’ on a chicken bone with sauce all over your face
salad it is…and a gym make up day tomorrow – if i am not exhausted from shopping till i drop of course 🙂
i think the outlet malls in Niagara Falls are calling my name!!

Happy Friday my friends, have an awesome weekend!

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summer is pretty much officially here
and this my friends makes me very happy
(although today i am wearing pants and a sweater)

i need to live somewhere warm
where it’s spring/summer all year round…cause really…winter just sucks.

so with summer comes the closet switch over.
all the heavy stuff gets put away…and all the cute summer clothes i wore last year
come out.

i was really excited about this because i bought a lot of new clothing last year.
i had lost a significant amount of weight and nothing old fit me anymore.

so out came some of my summer clothing…
i put on a pair of my capri’s from last year…

and they are too big.

my clothes that i bought last summer are too big!!!!!
once again i look like a bag lady in my clothing!!!!

yes…i did my happy dance in the living room
bounced around like an idiot for a bit
and then got a little bummed.

i need summer clothes…STAT
which means i am going shopping this weekend
yes…this makes me happy…i mean new clothes always make me happy

but it also means spending money.
money i don’t really have.

i’ve been saving money for the important things you know…
like buying an Ipad for no reason whatsoever….or paying off debt
(you know it would have been the Ipad hands down)
i didn’t budget for a new wardrobe.

baaahh…you only live once.

it impresses me cause the clothes i bought last summer…
specifically the pants – were tight fitting when i bought them
and now i have to keep pulling them up!!!

i think this year i am gonna rock dresses
there are really cute ones out there…and i cannot remember the last time i wore a dress…especially to work… just because.

this is gonna be fun…but man is it gonna be expensive.

bye bye Ipad…it was a great thought while it lasted.
mamma needs clothes.

since i am happy…i leave you with this song…cause it makes me happier lol
click here to feel happy too!

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