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all a girl needs

is a brand new pair of sexy shoes

(my definition of sexy has changed as i have gotten older lol)


last May i went and got fitted for the perfect runners.

i took up running again after 20 years…and my 7 year old runners didn’t cut it

seems my body didn’t want to run as much as my brain wanted to
i had some bad shin splintsi mean crying kinda bad.

so i went and bought a beautiful pair of runners.

170 bucks later…i hit the pavement

my legs felt better…but i will still in a lot of pain.

i got to wear them twice…and then life happened.

i was in the middle of buying a house, packing…moving

all that fun stuff.

once i got settled in to the new house…
i sprained my ankle.  badly.

i gave up on the idea of running…never mind running.  i couldn’t even walk.

almost a year later…and my ankle is still not right.


once i moved….
my shoes were nowhere to be found
actually…a whole box of shoes…were missing.
somehow they got lost in the move…
just one box.
of course the box with all my most favourite shoes.
you know, the hoochie mamma shoes, work shoes
and these beautiful running shoes i just bought.

i was soooooo very sad.

for my birthday in December, a couple of my wonderful friends got me a gift card
so i could buy a pair of the shoes i lost.i was sooooo happy 🙂

4 months later…i went and purchased said shoes.

they were last years shoe…and so they were almost 50% off.

i bought my new pair of shoes for $1.70.

seriously…it can’t get better than that.

so now i have the shoes

i just need my legs to work
thank you lovely friends for the gift card!
and here are the sexy beasts

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i must have these…now

i want these shoes.

i don’t want them a little bit – i want them a lot.

i am really good with my shoes.  like freakishly good with them.
i am as good to my shoes as i am to my books.
if you know me in real life you know i won’t even loan out my books – in fear that you will not treat them with respect and damage them
the spines of all my books are in perfect condition.
anyways i have gone totally off topic.

my current runners were purchased in New York – the year?  2005.
i wish i had them with me to take a picture of them – they are in amazing condition.

A beautiful pair of Adidas.

i wear them to the gym – on walks – and when i Zumba.

granted these are not worn every day…but for 7 years old – they have a lot of life left in them.

but i think it’s time to add to my shoe collection.

and these Nikes are so perdy!!  they look so comfortable – perhaps they will inspire me to work out more.
or – i could just wear them at home and admire them whilst i sit my ass on my couch

but seriously – i need these shoes.
me love these shoes.

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what kind of heart doesn’t look back?

no…not a mushy personal post.
just a line from a new song, from my favourite artists new album.
mmmhmmm that’s right.
if you are not familiar with Sara Bareilles…get on it now!
Her new album is out today – Kaleidoscope Heart.
i just wanted to give it a shout out here.  i wrote a non stalkerish blog about my undying love for her next door 🙂
Oh happy day!!!!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  even tho the weather sucked ass..i very much enjoyed it!
i took my skechers for a test walk…and i have to say that they are amazing.  it’s like i am walking on air…and almost instantly i could feel muscles working that i never felt before.
I did get poured on tho.  not that nice hot summer rain…the cold, autumn is around the corner torrential down pour.
that my friends was not so much fun.
the older i get, the more my attitude changes.
i went out dancing this weekend. if you know me, you know why that’s a comical visual.  i even laughed as i typed that out…but it’s true.
I don’t give a shit what i look like…i just do what i want!
i graduated from awesomely amazing chair dancer, to a dance floor diva!
i’m telling you…i was a mini Shakira (or so i was told)
these hips don’t lie…but i think i pulled something in my hip.  i felt 90 years old the next day…but man what an awesome work out!!!!
thanks to my dance partner D….we rock!
and an extra special thanks to the dood who picked me up as if i were a little rag doll and spun me round and round and round.
the fact that you like “tiny things” was a boost to my very dizzy self. 
and thanks for catching me before i did a face plant on your shoes.
back to my ever so loved turbo jam tonight…if my hip doesn’t give out on me that is.
listen to this and try not to dance.  i dare you not to fall in love with her.  clickety click here.

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heeeey….this is my 77th blog post.  one of my favourite #’s.  gotta mean it’s gonna be a good day 🙂
i went out last night and bought my Skechers.
I have never been more excited to go walking!  they are so very comfortable and really not as ugly as i remember them!
i cannot wait to try them out tonight.
that is going to require me wearing socks.  As i have stated previously…i am anti socks.  i hate wearing socks.  my feet feel so confined.
not only that…it’s supposed to be 38 degrees today…i don’t know if i can get away with wearing running shoes today.
but i gotta try ’em out.  i don’t think i can wait for the weather to get cooler.
wanna know what’s even more exciting than Skechers?  the fact that my walking partner is as excited as i am to get moving!!
i am a happy bee today.  see, it’s the simple things.

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if the shoe fits…

it’s no secret i am a shoe whore.
i can admit it.
the only thing that separates me from the hard core shoe whores is money
i do have some self control.  some.
you know those pumas i bought a month ago…cause i had to have them and they were way outta my budget???  i wore them for half a day.  they started to give me blisters.  i have yet to try them on again.
I’ll also admit i own crocs.  yeah that’s right.  i hated crocs.  i mean they are fuuggggly….however one day i caved and tried them on…and it was a little orgasmic.  i ain’t gonna lie.  i couldn’t believe how comfortable they were!
however…i wear my crocs in the house…or walking my dog in the back field. i promise you, you won’t see me partying like a rock star with them on.
So…then i saw these.
Have you heard of them?  the sketchers shape ups???  Pretty ugly huh??  I thought so too.  But of course i was intrigued and tried them on.  Holy freaking comfortable…and they are actually kinda cute..in an ugly way.
these shoes apparently work your core, tone your butt and legs and help improve your posture.  i don’t know if that’s just a bunch of crap…but it intrigued me none the less.  you mean i can get a hard ass while walking and lose belly fat???  I’M IN!!!
Aha….but i have yet to buy those shoes.  one, they are way too expensive…and two, it’s summer.  I refuse to shove my beautifuly pedicured feet into socks and shoes.  i fight the cold weather as long as humanly possible…and usually give in around late november early december…you know…when it feels like my toes are gonna fall off.
I don’t even turbo jam with shoes on.  i just love being barefoot.  so the closest thing to being barefoot…is flip flops.
So imagine my complete and utter joy when elle bee gifted me with these yesterday!!!!
these are sketchers tone ups!  talk about encouraging me to go for more walks and get my exercise in!  thank you elle bee…you totally rock my socks (if i wore socks of course)
so yesterday i managed to fit in a work out and took my flip flops for a test walk late in the evening.  i gotta tell you…they are soooo comfortable!!!!
yay me!!!!
fall is on it’s way…and i still have those sketcher shape ups on my brain.  it could happen.
Do any of you have them?  do they work?  do you love them?
talk to me!
So this has been stuck in my head for days…go ahead…get your chair dance on!  click here

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Compromise – a picture post

life is never going to happen the way you plan.  Not always…

my life is pretty regimented as of late.  i have a plan, and i like to stick to it as close as possible.  I am a creature of habit for sure…but the Sagittarius in me craves the unexpected, the unplanned….i love spontaneity.

So Friday evening, the evening was mine…after working out of course.

Well, i had the opportunity to attend Luminato.  Luminato is Toronto’s Festival of Arts and Creativity.  If you would like to know more about it, click here

It was the opening night, and a girl i know was playing the sax for Sass Jordan.  Who can pass up the opportunity of seeing a sexy, fiery red head playing the sax??  She is totally my pretend girlfriend…she just doesn’t know it 😉

So anyways…there was no way that i could get home, cook dinner, work out and get ready all by 6:00pm.  So…i sacrificed the work out.

All hope was not lost.  Instead of taking the subway to the event…we walked several blocks.  After the event we walked down to one of Elle Bee’s bars…in total we walked well over an hour.  that’s gotta count for something right?  I am sure it did cause i was sore in places i never knew existed.


I still got a bit of a work out in….and still had an amazing evening.  I rewarded myself with a gin and diet, hung out at the bar for a bit…and then headed home.  Awesome night!

the following day was my little man’s first birthday party!  the thought had crossed my mind that there would be a lot of food there that i shouldn’t have.  it wasn’t that much of a big deal this time around.  i knew what i was eating ahead of time…and i knew that there would be cake screaming my name!  But the awesome thing was…i had no desire to go off plan.

Anyways, out came these delicious looking cupcakes…and i am not gonna lie…i was tempted to have one.  I decided against it and let the little birthday man have my share.

Obviously he was enjoying his first taste of sugar 😉  It was worth it to me…to see him enjoy it so much.  So…it all worked out!  I even went home and worked out…


On Friday, on our way to the event….i of course had to stop in a shoe store.  i found these shoes that i had to have.  when i put them on they were so comfortable…and they fit purrfectly.

i loved them and wanted them to be mine.

i was their Cinderella.

But, i am a rational person…they were way outta my budget, and so the answer was no.  not right now.

With great sadness, i put the shoes away…and carried on….cried a bit.  Look at what i left behind!!

Ugh!  but when i got home i was willing to sacrifice a bit of my vacation wardrobe to purchase these…and then realized that i had just received my tax return that would cover  the whole cost of these babies.  the shoes were mine!

So i went shopping….ALLLLLL DAY yesterday. Yup.  looking for those shoes.  i found the shoes but no one had my size.  no one.  I have pretty small feet…and it’s really hard to find shoes that fit me just right .  i wanted to kick my own ass for not picking them up when i saw them the other day…i was so….defeated.

We decided to try one other store…and no…they did not have them.  I was done.  I am not a shopper on a good day….5 hours later i just wanted to pull out my hair or hit someone!

And then i saw these…..

they were equally purrrfect!!!!  AND they had my size.  it was a sign.  they were mine.  No they were not the ones i originally fell in love with…but my god they are perdy.


all about compromise kids 😉

I am off to the mall tonight…a different mall…to see if by chance i can find the other ones…cause now i am just obsessed.  Besides….it’s bikini shopping night.  wish me luck!

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