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send me the moon

i wrote about this last night at the blog next door…but this was just too beautiful not to share with everyone 🙂
If you know me at all, you would know that i am in love with the night.

the moon and the stars…the quiet and the stillness.

I wish i had a high tech camera to capture the beauty of the moon…but really, i think this picture is just beautiful as is.

All the while i had Sara Bareilles going over and over in my head.

Send Me The Moon

Holding my breath
Last one I’ve got left
’til I see you

Deliver my heart with the
Pieces and parts of me left
Every last day seemed to carry the weight
A life time
Watch from the ground
As the gold fluttered down from the sky

Sweet sun
Send me the moon
Empty the skies out
Bringing me one step closer to you
Send it soon
And I will breathe in, breathe out
Until you come in and out
Of view
Of view

Inches away from you
Scared what I’ll take from you, darling
I can live with your ghost
If you say that’s the most I’ll get

Darkness to light
Moved from day into night to be near you
Still here I stand
I am sinking like sand in your sea

Sweet sun
Send me the moon
Empty the skies out
Bringing me one step closer to you
Send it soon
And I will breathe in, breathe out
Until you come in and out
Of view
Of view

You already do
Never you mind where the evening should find us
Distance can’t take what is hidden here
Safe in my chest

I’ll wait for the day when
We finally say now or never
Till then I’ll be here wanting more
As I settle for at most fear

Sweet sun
Send me the moon
Empty the skies out
Bringing me one step closer to you
Send it soon
And I will breathe in, breathe out
Until you come in and out
Of view
Of view

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sweet sun, send me the moon

nooo…the subject of this post has nothing to do with the actual post.
Just listening to my sara bee and wondering if you have gone out and got the album yet?  Send me the moon is one of the sweetest, saddest tracks on there.  You know i am just gonna keep harassing you all 🙂

Anyways….here’s today’s scoop!

so i’ve decided it’s time i did something really nice for me
i deserve it 🙂
every week i get emails sent to me about the best travel deals, hotel rates etc.
usually every week there is a deal for Niagara Falls…and we are talking really good deals.
affordable deals. 
i don’t have to tell you it’s sparked a much-needed fire under my butt.
So i am pulling out the credit card….
i am going to book a  room with a jacuzzi….have an awesomely delicious dinner and a bottle of wine….i am going to pack my bathing suit, my music, and my skechers and spend the next day taking in the scenery and getting some exercise in.  what better place to do that then Niagara Falls?
did i mention the outlet malls?
yes i know i just wrote about how much i hate shopping…but these are outlet malls people…and this is fun shopping…reward shopping…good time shopping.
it’s a whole other level.
i need the break, i deserve this…i’ve worked hard…and i am still working hard.  i’ll just be doing it in a jacuzzi and whilst i am shopping 🙂
i cannot remember the last time i was there for pleasure…it’s been years.
Mamma needs some pleasure!

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for real??

the tv was on as i was puttering around the house Sunday night…
as it always is.
it’s either sara these days or just some mind numbing tv.
and so sunday night…tv it was. (holy shocker i know!)

i was getting my outfit ready for work…i was in the bedroom
and from the main room i hear something about a woman eating chalk
well…how can i resist some chalk eating tv goodness???

the channel was on TLC…i think Hoarders was on before that…
anyways i came out to the main room…and no, my ears were not playing tricks on me
this woman was addicted to eating chalk.
she was just standing there with this big ass piece of chalk…taking a chomp here and there
well…wasn’t i hooked
i sat and watched and a huge part of me wondered if this shit was for real!!!  could it be??
i gotta tell ya…it cheered me up.

but this post isn’t even about chalk eating
it’s about the show that came on right after it…i could have sworn it was called “Food Freaks” but i have looked everywhere on line, to no avail
it’s as if it didn’t exist.
if my friend at work hadn’t watched the exact same episode…i would have second guessed myself.

anyways there were two people on it…

the first one, a woman…has been eating fries for about 28-30 yrs (can’t remember the exact #)
but i do know she has been eating fries since she was 3.
no biggie right?  we all eat fries i’m sure
but this woman has only eaten fries for the past 28-30 yrs.  every.single.meal
deep fried McCain fries.  also, if the ends were burnt she would pick those off and put them under a paper towel.
she never ate anything else.
long story short, they did some sort of DNA testing and they found an extremely rare gene in her that caused her to do this
something about texture of food and no tolerance for others
something crazy like that.
she almost hurled eating a carrot.  all she wanted was french fries every single meal of her life
is this for real???

the next one was about a guy who only ate pizza
just pizza
every day…every single meal
it was something crazy like 498 pizzas a year or something like that
for 10 years.
he didn’t want anything else.
i became distracted during that episode but i think that the therapists “cured” him.
at the end it showed him actually ordering something other than pizza at a restaurant.


these people make me feel worlds better about my weird food issues
i thought my food autism was bad???
i am as normal as normal can get!!

does anyone know what the hell i am talking about?
Bueller?  Bueller?
if you know what show i am talking about tell me already!!!

on to better and much more important things…
have you seen my girl do this?


“deliver my heart with the pieces and parts of me left” s.b

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