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burn out

it’s wednesday and i think i am just now really feeling the effects of all the crap my body has been fed for well over 2 weeks.
i am on my third day back of clean eating, and honestly…it feels so good.  i am not craving anything “bad” nor do i feel deprived.
sometimes after straying from my low carb lifestyle, it’s very difficult to get back in the swing of things.  not this time.  this time i craved the food i put on hold.
i went down for breakfast this morning…everyone was ordering toast and bagels with cream cheese etc..and my eyes went directly to the mixed vegetables and i think i may have drooled a bit.
it was a mix of red peppers, mushrooms, onions, zucchini.
i love me some fresh veggies.  so they made me a one egg omelette and i was a very happy girl.
i just gotta get through this week i think.  i am feeling delirious…a little crazy.
right now i am famished.  it’s like there is not enough food in the world to sustain me.  i am tired, exhausted really.
i think i am officially going through burn out from my busy couple of weeks and from detoxing my poor body.  i am a crazy monkey!!!!
one weekend was not enough down time.
i shake my fist at you Texas..with all your good eatin’ and no sense of portion control…and your amazing southern hospitality. lol.
not to worry.  i am going to take this sad, starving, tired body to the gym tonight and kick some serious ass.
i’ll be “me” again before you know it.

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life is sweet

i went to the gym yesterday after not being there all week.
i won’t lie – it was quite the struggle.

if there is one thing i learned and confirmed it’s that the gym needs to be a constant.
i understand how easy it is to say no and not go…but it feels so much better to say yes.

i huffed and i puffed, but in true bee fashion i totally kicked ass 🙂
i am a little sore today, but it’s the good sore.
i love that muscly good work out sore.

but that’s just the way life is.  i mean i would love to keep to a consistent schedule
but sometimes it’s hard.
the next few weeks of my life i am flying by the seat of my pants…but i have every intention of fitting the gym in
perhaps not 4 days a week, but i will get my butt to a gym at some point.

the first thing i did before i booked my hotel was check to see if they have a fitness room
and they do…and it’s perdy.
if i can’t make it to the gym because i am too busy getting sun kissed and swimming and checking out the sights…i will forgive myself.
i don’t even think i fit my summer clothes, but meh…i can always buy something cuter!
life is sweet.
all about that at the blog next door.

ya know, the gym makes me feel like a new woman – it really does.
it’s like my body is telling me thank you for taking care of it.
today while getting a mani and pedi i had the same feel good moment.
life is sweet.

did i say that already? lol

my life is freakin’ sweet.  i wouldn’t change a damn thing.

hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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an update on the bee

Happy New Year everyone!

i hope yours was as magnificent as mine was.

i feel like i haven’t written here forever…although i know it was only a few days ago!
time flies

I am doing pretty damn good.

i am dealing with some weird/odd/uncomfortable back injury.  i am pretty sure i did it to myself.
the last time i worked out…i realllllly worked out…and holy crap i am still recovering.
not too sure what i did, but my back makes me feel like i am 80.  i can’t carry things too long or stand too long…
and when i stretch out in bed, my back spasms and i wanna cry.
(i don’t cry cause i’m tough like that)

sooooo as far as working out goes…i have been taking it easy.
maybe the universe gave me a swift kick in my ass to actually enjoy my vacation…
and enjoy i did.
i love me some universe.

back on schedule tomorrow though.  i think i am going to go to Shoppers Drug Mart and pick up some Robaxacet – is that what it’s called?
anyways…numb the pain away and kick some serious turbo jam ass.

Did any of you make any new year resolutions?
I typically do not.  i feel like it’s just too much pressure.
so i make goals.

my goals this year are to maintain my weight – but first to lose the holiday pounds i am sure i put on (i have yet to weigh myself)
there are going to be really exciting changes to the blog next door – when i actually have the time.  2011 is going to be crazy busy…i can feel it in my bones.
i really really want to take belly dancing classes.  if i can get over my fear of other people watching me learn…i may just do it…but it’s not for certain.
and finally…to tone the crap outta my body.  i mean so toned i wouldn’t hesitate hanging at a nude beach on some remote Greek Island 🙂

my goal for 2010 was very simple.
to be more open to love.
and i was.
i found that being open to love, made you more susceptible to loss.
and so i loved and lost much this year.
there was a lot of loss in 2010.

i also discovered a very valuable lesson.
in the midst of immense grief, love still exists.
that my heart is big enough to continue loving.  that love can slowly mend the broken pieces.
that i am able to love and still honour my grief.
love really is powerful.

this is what love looks like.

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everywhere, changes! 
but lets just keep to the point today 🙂 i’ll save my ramblings for next door!
i am here to publicly announce….that i have been thinking…quite silently
of renouncing my title of Wonder Woman.
i know, i know…shocker.
i went for my walk last night.  what was different about it this time was that i skipped my turbo jam. 
insert sad disappointed face right here
but you know what? i don’t feel absolutely spent today.  i don’t feel like i am gonna die!
who knew?
so since i am on a change kick…i think i am going to change up my working out routine..yes again!
I have decided for the time being i will not do both in one day.  it’s either turbo jam or 8ks (and hopefully going to 10k)
i mean i can do both in one day…and i can do it all over again the next day…
but then i spend 2 days…recovering…nursing my sore, sore body. 
so what benefits am i getting there?
I talked it out…and i think i will alternate days.
so one week i walk 3 times a week and the following i walk 2 days…etc etc etc
and then i will legally have weekends off.
still haven’t figured if i should have a day off mid week.
who knew this was so much mental work??
I am also thinking about increasing my turbo jam work out to 65 minutes
if i won’t be walking those days
so, 45 minutes cardio and then a 20 min ab workout.
yikes.  so much change!!!
i’m interested to see how next week pans out.
as my bff has said…i will always be wonder woman
just a slower, older one.
so, the title’s still mine kids.  i spent years earning it 🙂
on to not so related news….i was gifted with tomatoes from a friends garden.
mmm mmm mmm
can’t wait to sink my teeth into those!
happy thursday (did i ever tell you thursday’s are my most favourite day of the week?)
yay thursdays!!!

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replenishing my spirit

this weekend was not about carb counting, cardio workouts and power walking….

this weekend was about:

~ late night bbq with the people i love the mostest

~ coffee and cheesecake and awesome conversation

~ early morning road trip with one of my bff’s

~ singing in the car at the top of my lungs

~ laughing till i cried

~ mid day naps

~ late night timmies run

~ throwing on comfies and watching movies on the couch

~ lazy sunday morning

~ walking the dog

~ reading more of the book that is soooooo hard to put down!

~ writing

~ iced coffees

~ chai tea

~ quiet stillness

~ good eatin’

~ relaxing

~ love

it was a perfect weekend.  one where i didn’t have to worry about when i would fit in a work out, or when i would find time to fit in an hour and a half walk.
this weekend i just “was”.  i was tired from the crazy week i had…and so i took it easy…
loving every moment of just bee-ing

i am rejuvenated, awake, energetic and happy.  i am ready to kick this weeks ass.
back to cardio madness tonight!

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live your life

sometimes you have to take a break from the every day.  a break from counting.
counting calories, fat grams, carb intake, sodium levels etc.
you know…the obsession that can become your life.

sometimes you just have to “be”.
I’ve realized this summer, that the times i am just “being” are my most productive…health, sanity and weight loss wise.

when you are not thinking and just being…you have the whole world in front of you.  waiting for you to discover it.

think about it.

get away.  get away from your every day.  remove yourself from the stress that has become your life.  be it one day…a weekend, or a week.

how amazing is it to do the things that bring you joy…and benefit from it too?


waking up…and putting on your bathing suit before your eyes are even open…throwing your hair back and bouncing down the stairs…excited to greet the faces waiting for you.
finding a silly poem, by your morning coffee…that throws you into uncontrollable laughter…and you read it over and over throughout the day…tuck it away somewhere safe because this is something that could never be thrown away…pull it out one more time and laugh some more.
i would take 10 minutes of belly laughter than 20 min of my turbo jam ab workout any day.

walking down to the dock and jumping into the water (ok ok, walking ever so slowly into the water, screaming like a girl cause it’s so cold)…swimming and laughing and channeling your inner child..playing.  when’s the last time you played?
out of breath and exhausted.  exhilarated and content.  hours later….still swimming…still loving and laughing.

there is nothing better than exercising and not realizing that you are exercising!

finally able to remove yourself from the water…gather together for the most amazing…delicious bbq ever
i think it’s the company you keep…the environment…the remnants of the day…that makes it amazing.
without thinking, i ate a meal of champions…and all on plan.

even the still moments.  sitting on the deck.  talking and laughing.
reconnecting and rediscovering.  imagine what that does for you…for your state of mind…for your soul.
quiet silences…crazy laughter.
there is no way that life could get better than this very second.
removing the stress…do you know what that does for your body?

early nights…even earlier mornings.  fresh air, catching up on books…group puzzles…peace.
no desire for the computer or phone.  just the company i keep and the silence and silliness behind it.
i even made a deal with the mosquitoes.  do not bite me and i do not kill you.
not one bite.
falling in love…friendships…newness…familiarity…2nd chances.
just freakin pinch me already.

and you wake up in the morning and do it all over again.
and only slightly notice the soreness in your muscles…because for certain
you blessed your body more in one day than you have in months
by playing, by being.  by doing.
by not being bound by the feeling of “having to”  but by just “wanting to”

i am back home now…back to the same old routine.  for sure the stress will creep into me before morning breaks.
but i will try to remember to play more often…to just be….

of course…being in the presence of a 14 year old one eyed dog…(who i swear is my canine equivalent) is a once in a lifetime experience…but i’ve always got the memories 🙂

oh and don’t forget….there’s nothing like a little vitamin D to make you feel like you can conquer the world.
here i am setting an example.

i’ve got alot to say about my weekend…and my discoveries…and my realizations.
i’ll be posting all that on my personal blog…come on over if you are interested 🙂

you only have one life.  live it.

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bugger off

I have been feeling unwell these past few days.  It started Tuesday…my stomach just didn’t feel right.

I plugged through a work out and that just seemed to make me feel worse.

By last night I was actually contemplating going to the E.R.

Although I felt like utter crap…I didn’t really deem it as an emergency…and so I thought I would wait until the morning to see how I felt.

I went to bed with visions of guilt floating through my head…I didn’t work out for two days. I felt terrible about that.  Never mind I could barely walk without feeling pain…I was worried about the workout.  

Only me. lol

So I woke up this morning…and I wasn’t much better at all.
I called my doctor…and being the awesome man that he is told me to come in right away.

I picked up a lot of life altering things while I was away on vacation…but a stomach bug was one thing I could have done without.

Apparently that’s what’s wrong with my belly.

I feel bleh.

Woe is me 😦

So, I am to drink clear liquids, eat bland foods and not work out till my stomach is under control.

He wants me eating bland foods…apparently he does not know me. I don’t know how to do bland.  Why live? Not to mention that all the foods suggested are not even on my plan.  Apple juice, apples, bananas.
He also suggested I not work out until I feel better.  I says pardon???
I got a prescription to settle my belly.

I am sure that when he mentioned clear liquids he totally meant gin and tonic right?  I will most definitely listen to him on this one lol.

Here’s to hoping this bastardly thing goes away….and fast.

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i’m baaaack…with a pic :)

hi lovelies!

did you miss me?  i must say the only reason i remotely missed my computer was to document all the life altering moments i experienced.  there were many. Of course…they were so amazing that they will forever be etched in my memory until the day i die…so no computer was necessary.  I had packed  my net book…but had no need to bring her out.  I am still chewing everything i have experienced….savouring the million flavours coarsing through my body….
there is just too much to write…when it comes into fruition in my brain…i shall blog about that…next door in my personal blog.

I managed quite well food wise while i was away.  not to say that there wasn’t any devil carb treats….because there were.  I decided that i could eat those things that were not available in Canada….after all…i was in another country…and there was much carbolicious sweetness to experience.  Other than a few sinfully delicious treats…i stayed on track.  yay me!!!!  AND i don’t have an ounce of guilt in this body.  Besides, there was a lot of walking, swimming…and sweating…i am sure those pounds didn’t stick!

I’d love to write more…although i am sporting my beach hair….the pile of paper work and emails tells me i ain’t in Kansas anymore kids.  back to the real world.

*big fat hairy sigh*

I have a million words floating through my head….my experiences….my pleasures…my life altering get away…and i will break one of my two promises and write them here (this is supposed to be just a food/health blog)….but i feel like sharing today 🙂

tuna sashimi
grouper bites
elvis balls/bits/bites
dolphin bellies
sea turtles
skinny dipping in the ocean in the middle of the day
spanish moss
black swans
jet skiing
furry balls
swimming with dolphins
sun kissed
australian gold
pretty juice
lady gardens
muddy mojitos
heat lightening
aunt wee’s dip
tim tam slams
stingray shuffle
crab ankle nibbles
salt water

i think i was born to be forever sun kissed and reside by the sea.  for certain i was a mermaid in my past life.

And now i leave you with a picture.  i am breaking rule #2 of 2.  But i had to share.  This picture is amazing for several reasons…if you were there at that very moment you would know why.  But look at that face…free of stress…full of life and love…and living in the moment.  you can’t buy that feeling.

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the goddess in bee

Count down has officially begun!  woop!!

I have been crazy busy lately.  Even thinking about it makes me tired.  By last night I was sure I was just going to drop.
Yesterday’s duties included cooking dinner, working out and cleaning my car.
I was nursing a really bad headache – yes the same one I wrote about last week…and all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball.

I cooked dinner.  And that was it.

Elle Bee convinced me to hold off on the car washing until tonight…and also convinced me that I could take a night off from working out.  After all…I did work out on hump day – my day of supposed rest.
And so I relaxed.  In a half comatose state, the night was mine.

Today…after I tie up all my loose ends at work…I am going for a long over due mani and pedi.

I have been so busy taking care of myself…working myself into a healthy bee…I neglected the goddess in me 😉
The thought of getting pampered will totally get me through this day.
I once knew someone who hated pedicures.  Seriously…who hates pedicures???

So after the spa…it’s off to clean my car.  Elle Bee has offered to do the hard work…so I don’t ruin the mani!
Then possibly a work out.

The next few days will be insanely busy.  Not only do I have a trip I need to get ready for but I have several commitments I must honour.

I have a wedding on Saturday…my bee-autiful friend is getting married…and Sunday I am dropping off and picking up at the airport.  I have to figure out how to get from one end of the airport to the other in warp speed…no worries about getting my exercise in that day kids!

Soon…I shall be sitting on a beach…in my rockin’ chocolate brown bikini…breathing in the salt air…loving my life to the core.

Somebody pinch me cause I’ve got to be dreamin’!

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i spend all of my time, careful with what i eat, making sure i get a work out in….being as health conscious as i can be.
when i have a goal in mind, there is no stopping me.  it’s the sagg in me i think 😉

but sometimes i get tired mamma.

i decided last night was a night dedicated to relaxing.

all i wanted to do when i got home, was get into my fat pants and take a nap.
then when i woke up…to do absolutely nothing but what my heart desired.
actually i lied.  what i really wanted to do was come home and get a work out in…but i was really, and i mean really tired. 
i gave myself permission to listen to that voice telling me to slow down.
after all, it’s all about listening to your body…and my body needed some down time.

what a lot of people fail to realize is that rest is so important.
i mean, i could work out 7 days a week, but i am honestly not so sure what physical benefits that really has.  I know it makes me feel amazing, but i am entitled to a night off no? (can u hear the guilt in my voice? lol)
some of the girls at work told me that you should only work out 3 days a week…but that seems…minimal.
i am such a go big or go home kind of girl…that 3 days a week seems impossible.
Once i get something in my head…that’s it.

I have been nursing a headache for the past 7 days now. yeah i know…7 days!  Working out has calmed it down for maybe an hour or so (who knew!), but last night i made the decision to just stop.  slow it down.
maybe my body was trying to tell me i was doing too much too fast.

my bff of 20 years lovingly gave me the nick name wonder woman.  she thinks i hold the moon.
but i am sure even wonder woman suffered from burn out….didn’t she?  lol

I was talking to a friend yesterday…who is pretty much in the same place i am.  she said that a few months into her new health regime her body was catching up.  meaning that although she had been doing this for months…her body was just now adjusting to the changes…so perhaps my body is doing the same thing…hence this headache that is making me a little crazy.

And so i went home…and napped.  it was only maybe for 20 min…but it was so gooooooood. I used to nap every single day after work…but these past 3 months…i haven’t had the need.
i woke up and had some dinner…walked the dog and just relaxed….watched tv….and just “was”.   I caught myself up on blogs that i have neglected, answered emails that i put on the back burner….you know…the simple things.  i am so in love with the simple things.

It was nice.  and now i am ready for today.  I am excited to get home and work out…get back into my routine….
i now officially declare hump day as my day of rest.

I’ve had a couple of late evenings…but i feel amazing today…even with a headache.  as a creature of the night…i don’t need much sleep to survive the day.
it was the purrrfect night.

it was there that i found my inspiration.
in the night.
i was able to write last night…in a way that i missed…in a way that my fingers could not keep up with my brain.  like my heart was on fire.  a glass of red…and you.
my night inspiration…
but that is not for my personal blog…it’s a bed side journal kinda thang 😉
thank you…
my muse.
if you only knew the words you inspired my heart to write…
who said down time was time wasted.
you could never be a waste of time.

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