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last nights dinner

i decided to try out a new recipe last night

I found a recipe on-line for Bruschetta Chicken Casserole.

it’s a little higher in carbs but it’s not so bad if you are careful with your portion size.

here was my dinner…and it was delish.  and yes…i am totally on a green bean kick lately

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white flag

i know that i am pretty similar to wonder woman
actually…the similarities are endless really 🙂
but mamma, i am tired.

i realized that i was just worn out when i nearly dropped dead on Friday
i just think my body was telling me to chill right out.
and so….i shall try.

there’s just so much that needs to be done in a day
i simply don’t have the hours.  add another 3-4 hours and maybe, just maybe…we’ll be all good.

so i am trying to simplify.

i have come here for help kids.

being creative with dinner on a daily basis is just not gonna happen.
my life is much easier…less stressful when i can cook a meal that can last me 2-3 days.
that takes the pressure out of finding time to cook and eat
and will also help me to not have the desire to stray from my low carb
by the time i get home, do what needs to be done…and even think about dinner…i am famished!
all of a sudden anything carby and sinful sounds like a perfect idea.
i really don’t want to cave in to the demons in my belly.

i have a few meals that i make on a regular basis, but i don’t want to grow tired of them.
i need to switch things up.

and so i come here waving my little white flag…
admitting i just don’t know what to do anymore.
i’ve come here asking…more like…begging for my fellow low carb friends for some recipes
something i can make that will last me a couple of dinners
and isn’t all that time consuming to make.

am i asking for too much?
some simplicity in my life somewhere???
i thought i’d start with the meals and go from there.

if i don’t catch a breath sooner or later…i may just cry.
and you really don’t want to see me cry…do you?

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
bring it!

i also just wanted to take a second…and tell the blogging world…
that i really miss my puppy.  i miss him every day…but today i miss him a ton.
6 years ago today i put my little man down.
the picture isn’t the best, but hey…when you look good…you look good.  there’s no hiding that.
i love you my little squish man.

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It’s been an amazing couple of days.  I can’t complain.  Well I could always complain…but I won’t today 😉

I’ve been trying to recover from my late nights…especially from my chillin’ out night…and today kids I am feeling rather exhausted.

Yesterday was an amazing, rock your socks kind of day.  I survived on little to no sleep from the night before but was still able to have a productive day.
I was probably still on a high from my evening…

I was wonder woman for sure yesterday…busy busy day at work, then grocery shopping, then a 45 min work out and then I cooked dinner and walked the dog.  It was after 7 when I sat down and had my tea and could actually sit still for a moment.
I love days like that.  I love feeling productive.

My dinner was amazing!!  If you practice a lifestyle of the low fat variety I would highly suggest you skip this part. Lol

Yesterday I made chicken breasts stuffed with herb and garlic cream cheese  wrapped in bacon.  I then rolled them in some parmesan/garlic/sea salt “breading”.
And a nice greek salad on the side.
Can you say yummy?

I was thinking of taking pictures of these amazing meals I make and posting them here…I know my blog could use some colour.  It’s definitely food for thought.

I’ve had some amazing conversations lately.  Could be because I have some amazing people in my life.
I will share that another day!!

Apparently I like the word amazing today. lol

Today is Friday kids.  Although I could fall asleep at any given moment I am so ready to rock the day.  Exhausted but full of energy.  Is that a little oxy moron-ish?

I will leave you with this.  I bet you can’t sit still can you?  Go ahead…chair dance. I won’t tell anyone.
Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend!!

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