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thursday randoms

it’s a random day and i have random thoughts.
i am feeling more like myself – so really you should expect nothing less

this is day two of no headache.  ok, so yesterday i had a very very mild one
but considering what i have been dealing with lately – that was a piece of cake.
two days of feeling like a brand new woman – like i could conquer the world
i am going to completely take advantage of it – because i am sure it will be back.
it seems when the headache went away – my personality returned.  go figure.

if you read my blog yesterday – you read about my near death experience yes?
ok, ok…so i may be exaggerating just a bit – but seriously…those stairs just about killed me
after the initial shock to my body wore off i thought to myself – “self, you gotta do that again!”
i used to take the stairs every single day.  i don’t know why i stopped…but i am thinking maybe, just maybe i will try it again
it would be great if i could get my diva dog to do it with me – but she’s too good for stairs
i would end up carrying her.  no thanks!

my eating has been remarkable lately.  it feels so good being back on track.  when i am in this mode i always wonder why i ever strayed.
i have much more energy (if i don’t have a bloody headache that is)  and i just feel so much more accomplished.
can you see me patting my back?

if there is no headache tomorrow – i am going to give weights a try at the gym again.  i’ve given up on the weights because honestly – it feels like my brains are gonna pop out.  it’s quite the scary feeling doing weights feeling like that.  it makes me wonder what the hell my brain is going through to be feeling so horrible.
so i’ve only been doing cardio now for a few weeks – i am anxious and nervous about getting back on the weights.  i think my body will be in pain – but it’s a good pain. yeah i am one of those weirdos who like pain.
it’s been a while since i’ve done weights and i feel myself shying away from doing them.
i’ll get over it i am sure.

i’ll leave you with a picture of my beautiful family – well some of my family.  the little critters that have stolen my heart.

see the socks my lil’  dood is wearing?  i bought those for lil’ bee when she was born for her first Halloween.  god how time flies.

have an awesome Thursday – i know i will.  Thursday’s are my favourite!  woohoo

on tonight’s agenda – i am going to make a kick ass dinner – possibly a kick ass cheesecake.  pray that my kitten doesn’t cause me to drink copious amounts of alcohol (i forgot what kittens were like – lord give me strength)
and all my shows are on – and more than likely i shall be writing.
now doesn’t that sound like an amazing evening?

play nice kids!

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because sharing is caring

so i went to the gym tonight.

i managed 45 minutes of crazy ass cardio – like sweat my butt off cardio
i felt accomplished and amazing!!

i get home and an elevator is not working.  i wait about 5 minutes and then little ol’ impatient me…decided i’d had enough

what does bee do?

i took the stairs.

did i mention i live on the 11th floor?
11 stories i climbed.

i think i almost died – seriously – died
oh my poor ass and legs.

that is all

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sometimes never really does mean never

my puppy is going through another growth spurt against my will.
so with the growth spurt comes the extra visits out doors.  she is eating and drinking like a maniac – and so there have been many mad dashes to avoid messes.

so the other night – my poor baby really had to go.
i mean i had to run behind her to get her out asap.

there is about 10 feet from the pavement to the grass.  we ran down the stairs and ran across the pavement.
and that’s when it happened.

my ankle completely locked up for two consecutive steps.
it was painful and i had to stop and breathe, otherwise i am sure i would have screamed.  i don’t think my neighbours would have appreciated that after midnight.
i proceeded to limp through the walk – and woke up the same way.
today i am ok.

my point?  i always have one.

my dream to run again is just not going to happen.
and that’s ok.
it has to be ok.

to be honest i am surprised i haven’t seriously injured myself just walking.
i walk fast.  years of trying to keep up with other people with my really short legs 🙂
i don’t know how many times in a day…my ankle either locks or completely gives out.
i am telling you – i am the vision of grace.  i don’t think i have ever met anyone more clumsy on their feet than me.
if you know me in real life – you know i’m not lying!

For thanksgiving – i was wearing brand new flip flops.  my ankle completely gave out and i turned over on it with such force – i ruined my flip flops.
i loved those flip flops.

i gave up on running when i got hit by the car(s)
eventually i became ok with it.  i found other things to do to make me feel good and occupy my time.
i guess i recently got excited about the possibility of starting up again, since i’ve been making really great strides in my physical health ya know?
it just kinda bums me out.  it’s like when you tell me i can’t do something…i go outta my way to prove you are wrong.

i can’t do it this time.  all it will prove is that i am an idiot and i will probably end up being one with the sidewalk.
who wants that?

i am glad i got the nerve up to get a bike and ride it.  i am glad that i actually enjoy going to the gym.
so it’s ok.
the control freak in me will get over this eventually.
but it still does suck a bit.

the lesson i learned today?  that sometimes never, really does mean never.

c’est la vie

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the bee special

i went down for lunch today.

i’ve written here before that my coworkers will sometimes ask for the “bee special”?

just to keep you in the loop –  a bee special is chicken salad, with cucumbers and swiss cheese.
no bread.
you can substitute the chicken salad for any other salad – like tuna, egg etc

So while i was downstairs today getting my bee special – i went to the fridge where they keep some of their pre-packaged lunches.

Guess what’s new?

the bee special. yep – now you can just grab it from the fridge and go 🙂
i was going to take a picture of it – but there were just too many people around.

would it be going to far if i asked them to actually put that on their little stickers???  “bee special”?
i think the “bee special” has an awesome ring to it.

imagine – people used to make fun of the way i ate – and now they are promoting it.  i ain’t no dummy kids!

oh the things that make my heart happy 🙂

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how rude

apparently my blogs aren’t posting properly.

this makes for a very unhappy bee.

please just ignore this post – i am just trying to make everything right in my world…

every now and then the wordpress gods really know how to piss me off 🙂

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hot damn!

who knew these wouldn’t be popular??
no one wanted to indulge in my treat!!!

all i know is that this is the best cheat food to get if you are not the sharing kind!!
although when the other “junk” ran out…some people were quick to reach for these.
no way – sorry – if they weren’t good for you before…i ain’t sharing!

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a night on the town

is just what the doctor ordered!!

babe scored some tickets to a concert for last night.

we went to go see Kenny Chesney.  why not!  i mean i am not a country fan, but floor seats, down town Toronto and babe sounds like a fun night.

and it was.  there are youtube videos and pictures to document the insanity – and no – i will not post the videos. lol

we went to a swanky, over the top restaurant before the concert.
what to eat, what to eat???
a burger cost 20 bucks!!!  how could i order a 20 dollar burger and feel ok about throwing away the bun??

so this is what i ordered…

it’s some sort of chicken with “the chefs secret sauce” …there was definitely soy sauce and hot sauce in there…i gotta tell you it was delicious.
mmm mmm good.

see how much i am enjoying it? lol

here were some other options on the menu.

waaaay over priced, but you know what?  i would go back again.
i mean they had heated toilet seats!!!  heated toilet seats people!!!!
i never ever sit on a public toilet – but how could you not try it out?

and these were your options:

kinda makes a 20 dollar burger acceptable lol

as if the washroom wasn’t sweet enough…there is a wall of wine on your way in and out.  um hi, this would be my heaven.

once we were done and asked for the bill – this is what we got:

at least they have a sense of humour! clever clever

i would do it all again in a heart beat.  what an awesome night!

i leave you with a picture of the well known CN Tower…so pretty at night!

and one of the CN tower from babe’s sunroof!

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moves like jagger

those of you that know me in real life…or read my blog know that i have exceptional chair dancing skills.
i rock that chair like no one’s business.

i mean…if there was an award for best chair dancer…hello…i would win it hands down

sometimes i get lost in my own head.  i know…shocking.
the other day..with my ear buds in…listening to my latest chair rockin’ song – i got lost in my awesome dance moves.
i turned around in my chair and noticed i had an audience.  they were quite impressed. lol
i love my work peeps.

but what’s even better than chair dancing????
car dancing.
that’s right.

i love singing and dancing in my car.  of course i have to be in the mood to rock it out…but usually all it takes is for one of my favourite songs to come on radio…and i am done.

volume goes up…ass starts to wiggle…my steering wheel becomes the drums…and this old lady just rocks it right out!

and yes…people stare.  that’s half the fun!!!
i mean obviously i am doing it because i love the music…but it’s great to have other people in cars look over at me and smile.

i’ve had people smile, wave, blow me kisses. i’ve even had a marriage proposal.
oh the power of dance!!

yesterday as i was rockin’ it out i had to laugh at myself.  i can only imagine how comical it all looks.
and that indeed is the best part.

i need to invest in some sort of camera in my car…these moves are just too good not to share with the world.

this is my latest bust a move song. i don’t know why i love it…as i am not a huge fan of this dood….but i do.

take a listen and i dare you not to move either.  just a slight warning…there is some boobage in the video – just thought i’d warn you in case you are anti boobie.

this song will be playing in the car on my way downtown tonight…good music and dinner with friends – the weekend is starting on the right foot!

Have a great weekend!

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most random thought to date

seriously….not sure where my head is at sometimes…

and why i think the things i do…

but it is what it is and i am who i am…and so just to let you all know what’s been on my mind since first thing this morning..

are you ready?

are you sure?

I woke up thinking….

“i would love to see the world through kaleidoscope eyes”

no rhyme, no reason…just ’cause.

but c’mon…wouldn’t the world be an even prettier place?

as you were…no more random from me for a while, i promise!

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