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2am rambles

i am on vacation.  yes, that’s awesome for so many reasons…but let me tell you why it isn’t

it didn’t take me long to revert back to my old behaviour…or should i say my natural state.

i am by nature a night owl.  it’s almost 2:00am and i am wide awake.  the whole house is asleep…so i sit here quiet as a mouse not wanting to disturb anyone.

i love being awake in the early morning hours.  if you know me – you know why.
these are my hours…and my day job takes this joy away from me.


this adult thing is really pissing me off.

i am sitting here wide awake – almost 2am.  i am trying to talk myself in to going to bed…but like a child i fight it.
but i should.

because around 6:30am my puppy’s bladder is going to wake me up and demand i take her out.
it’s not her fault – it’s how my day job trained her.

i will grunt and moan and be angry – but i still gotta do it.

what else sucks?  after i walk her i will gladly lay down in bed again with a smile on my face.
why?  cause i get to go back to sleep.
but you know what’s gonna happen?

i am going to feel guilty.
yup, feel guilty for not getting up at a god awful hour to be productive.
i just can’t shake that feeling and i blame adulthood.

so i am going to be up early tomorrow – and do the things that need to be done.

but then i get to take an afternoon nap. weeeeeee!

hell i may even go kick some serious karaoke ass tomorrow night.  why?
cause i can!

oy, i guess i should get to bed…but i don’t wanna!!!!

g’nite all 🙂

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goal not achieved

at the beginning of the year i set some goals.  i would really have to look back to see what they were
and if i achieved them!
lol how bad is that?

the one i do remember was that i was going to create my own website
i even bought myself WordPress for Dummies!!!

because i am wonder woman i had just assumed i had all the time in the world
well, we are already in mid November – and it’s just not looking good!

seriously i started reading the book and i was totally getting it and ready to rock my own website
but then it started throwing out really dirty words like FTP and god knows what else…
and i got all dizzy in the brain.

i don’t think it will happen in 2011.  my life is way to crazy to sit down and “learn”
unless someone would like to teach me?
i am much better at hands on stuff.
if not – then maybe i can find some time to breathe in 2012 and do it.

sadly it’s the same thing with a gift i was kind of offered.
well..i was asked if i wanted a MAC instead of my PC
i said no thank you.  why?  cause i don’t know how to use the damn thing!!!
although it was rather sexy if i must say so myself!

so that’s my Tuesday rambles.  any techie suggestions would be more than welcome

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thinking thoughts

i am still trying to wake up…it was a fun fun fun weekend…and a pretty long night.
if you wanna send out some good luck vibes to my almost 12 year old dog…i wouldn’t mind 🙂
uh oh – i think my lack of sleep has made me delirious and rambly.
So…remember the doctor appt i wrote about in great length?
weelllllll….i went home that day and went straight to my scale…and my number matched his number.
so the scales are the same.
two days later i pulled it out…and i was 2 pounds less…which i expected considering everything i was physically dealing with just 2 days prior.
and then something in my brain went ding.
Could i actually use the scale to my advantage?
Could i actually get on that thing once a week to chart my success or my failures and not have a complete coronary doing so?
I had to think about that long and hard.
I had to remember why i started this in the first place. During this whole process i got really excited that my body was accepting my new life style in the form of weight loss.
the amount i have lost is nothing to sneeze at.  actually it’s rather impressive.
and so my focus shifted…and it became more about losing weight than feeling good
but really – don’t those two go together???
I think i can do it.  i think i can use the scale to my advantage…and finally not feel defeated and deflated by a number.
it will be my new motivation tool.
not every day…cause that will indeed make me go a little koo-koo…but once a week sounds healthy…and helpful.
i think i am gonna spend a lot of time at the blog next door today.  my brain is going a mile a minute and i got a ton of thoughts to chew.
thank god my thoughts are calorie free…cause man, i would weigh a TON at this rate.

Happy Monday – (that’s a little oxy moronish no? lol)

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i get around

so i haven’t been able to go for my walks for a while.
the weather’s been pretty crap lately.

today was bee-utiful!!

i got home, threw on my sketchers and hit the 5 mile road.
god it felt great!!

I’ve met a lot of bee-utiful creatures on my walks….and this is who i saw today.

first there was George.  remember how i wrote about George?  well, George is actually Soda and a girl.  we said our hello’s and off i went.
then there was Tuxedo (don’t know his real name but he responds lol)  i was happy to see him, because there were missing signs around his neighbourhood with pictures that looked just like him.  he’s a little lover and a little drooler….lol
then there was Jasmine.  the 16-year-old, all white cat that chooses to live outdoors.  we exchanged some love and off i went.
then Stella came on by,,,,she’s approx 3 months old and we met once before.  she’s a shar pei/pug mix and just a cutie pie!!!

and then no walk would be complete without the love of Snuffie…the old cat down the street from my place.
his mom tells me he is unusually shy…but he comes to me every time for some good ol’ lovin
he reminds me very much of my Mamma…and i gotta say this gorgeous brown/black cat pulls on my little heart-strings.

i couldn’t tell you the name of one person i have met on my 5 mile travels…but i can tell you all about every animal that i have ever crossed paths with in great detail.

on to some not so happy news….i haven’t seen my rabbit friend who i affectionately named “dood” in a long time.
i wonder what happened to him….

man, i really get around

that is all 🙂

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bee’s bitter belly

i  had the worst lunch in the world today.
i say “had” but i really didn’t.  i took a couple of bites and could not force feed myself another fork full.
on today’s menu it said “lemon dill salmon”
Sounds delish huh?
it indeed was salmon.  i don’t know why they called it lemon dill
cause they put Greek salad dressing on top of it.
now think about that for a moment.
greek salad dressing
one of those two does not belong.
you would think that was bad enough…but it was soooood dry
it was like chewing on a moth ball
not that i really know what chewing on a moth ball is like  – but you know what i mean
i am disappointed…and i am hungry.
i know i know, would i like a little cheese with that wine?
why yes, yes i would thank you very much.
i shake my fist at you cafeteria lady!!
(kidding i totally love you, please keep cooking for me!!!)
I am racing home, feeding and loving the dog for a while…then i am off for my 5 mile walk.
by the time i get home and cook…meh i won’t be eating till after 8.
i can assure you, a glass of wine will be had.
i’ve been hit with the writing bug…go take a look next door 🙂

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