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this could only happen to me

sometimes i have to blog because i cannot believe what happens in my life
i wanna write it down before i forget!

i wasn’t sure whether to post this here or at the blog next door – but since it is “health” related…here we go.

i don’t know about your neck of the woods, but over where i am…we had such a gorgeous day.
i cannot remember the last time i actually saw the sun…it was just beautiful here!

today was also gym day…and the idea of walking into a NON air-conditioned gym just made me unhappy.
i can tell you i will NOT be renewing my membership.


so i thought, why not go for a long walk.  you know, like the walks i took before winter set in.
the walks that helped me lose a bulk of my weight and gave me this gorgeous ass 🙂

the puppy has a ton of energy and i wanted to see how far she could go…
and so off we went.

it was sunny…blue skies gorgeous out there.  i was wearing my shades…life was good.

about half an hour in to my walk…it started to rain.  it was actually quite nice.
a light warm rain…
i love, love love walking in a summer rain.

but then things got crazy.

the sky went black.
and we were in the middle of a torrential down pour.
i mean i couldn’t see it was raining so hard.

then, the puppy vomited…twice.
no rhyme no reason…
and she had three poops and i had two poop bags…you do the math.

did i also mention i was in the middle of a torrential down pour?

we were at least a half hour away from home…and it was not letting up.

i am not sure if i mentioned that my puppy is a diva
i have no idea where she got that from!!
so she decided she had enough and stopped dead in her tracks and just sat on the sidewalk
she wasn’t budging.
i got her to move under a tree…that really provided no shelter…
my phone was getting soaked…and i was sure it was going to die.

after some coaxing i was able to convince her we had to go.
we started walking…very fast…and i heard yelling.
the yelling would not stop.
as i turned around…two ladies were motioning me over to their house…
they offered us to wait it out on their porch with them

i almost said no…i have no idea why…but i ran over and thanked them over and over.

we made small talk, they loved the puppy…and then finally one of the ladies offered me her umbrella so we could get home.

how amazingly sweet????

the rain let up a little bit so i decided to give the lady her umbrella back and race it home.
they offered me a towel…and also said if i were ever back by the house to stop by for some asparagus they were growing in their garden.

i thanked them again and was honestly a little overwhelmed at the kindness of these 2 strangers.

we made it home.  soaked to the bone.
i peeled off my clothes…dried my hair and put on my fat pants.
i looked in the mirror and thought i looked absolutely amazing with my waterproof mascara running down my face…
i am surprised i didn’t terrify those wonderful women!!

as i walked in to the main room, i looked out the window.

no rain.
nothing but blue skies and sunshine.

just my luck.

i am done.  officially home bound to chill out and enjoy the quiet solitude.
the puppy is beside me shaking, and i am all bundled up in my sweats…and it’s 20 degrees out there.
oy vay.

i deserve an iced coffee…but knowing my luck, as soon as i walk out the door…i may get struck by lightening.

maybe the gym wasn’t a bad idea after all.

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kiss the rain

do you remember that song?  Kiss the Rain – Billy Myers?

the title of that song came in my head during my walk the other day.

i came home from work, got ready for my 5 mile walk.  got my shoes on and went out and noticed it was raining.  well, more than raining.  it was pretty much pouring.
a typical fall day here in Toronto.
any other time in my life i would have taken that as a “sign” (meaning an excuse to be laaaazy)
and i would have thrown off the shoes, got in to my jammies, turned on the fire place and ate some sort of cold weather comfort food and patted myself on the back for having good intentions.
but i was actually bummed.  i really wanted to walk.
and then it dawned on me…well…why couldn’t i walk?  it’s only rain for god’s sake…it’s not gonna burn my skin…only holy water has that ability.

but we were umbrella -less.
no problemo.
we made a mad dash to the dollar store….arrived there soaking wet and still determined.

umbrellas in hand we began our walk.  it was nice at first.  almost healing if that makes sense.
i have always loved walking in the rain…since i was a child….but more a hot summer rain.
the further we got…the harder the rain fell.  the walk took a poo poo-ish turn
we were getting soaked, even armed with umbrellas.
i’m a stubborn girl…when i have something in my head i do it…but half way through the walk…well i was just not enjoying it at all.
the rain was just falling too hard.
so instead of suffering through it…we went home.
s’ok, instead of 5 miles i got in 2.78 miles.
better than sitting on my ass doing nothing.

i think that down pour may have stirred a cold within tho’.  i cannot afford a cold.  there is too much fun to be had.
but i’d do it again…go walking in the rain.  in a heartbeat.
that’s my story 🙂

click here to listen to Kiss the Rain

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