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smart food

is stupid.

i had another bowl of sweet and salty popcorn.

someone please come here and take the bag away…otherwise i will be at the gym every single day.

oy vay

hormones suck ass.

and smart food is the devil!


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rambling rose

i just got back from the worst.dinner.ever.

it looked soooo good on the menu…not so good on my plate.

i ordered their chicken stuffed with lobster, mushrooms and goat cheese.
it was to come with a side of veggies and your choice of rice or mashed potatoes or roasted potatoes.
sounds delish yes?

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i ordered it with rice on the side for my little sweet heart.
i just wanted the chicken and veggies.

I was served the chicken with mashed potatoes.
no veggies.

i had a bite of the potato…cause it was right there…and it was cold.
like fridge cold.
i asked for my veggies…and i got them…oh when i was finished eating my chicken.

the veggies must have just come out of the freezer as well.

i ate the chicken but it didn’t have any lobster in it…i later discovered the lobster was in my frozen mashed potatoes.

i decided to end the evening with a cup of coffee…
hoping it would save the night.
nope…lukewarm and i am pretty sure it was instant coffee to boot.

i shoulda stuck with the wine.

two thumbs down.

it’s too bad because this place was just beautiful inside…the ambience was amazing
the music just right…and the company of course…amazing.
my saving grace.

i’m gonna go eat some popcorn to quiet the rumblings of my poor belly.

i know, poor me blah blah blah

makes no scents

yesterday i was looking forward to making some popcorn
getting under a blankie and watching some tv.
I love popcorn.

well…after the popcorn was…popped
i thought i was going to hurl.  the smell of it was soooo strong
i got light headed and eventually had to go lock myself in the bedroom!

I came outta the bedroom about an hour later and could still smell it.
again a wave of nausea.

when it was time to walk the dog later that night…
i walked by my neighbours door and got a strong smell of salt and vinegar
again…total nausea.
i had to hold my breath!

then tonight i get home….and someone is smoking outside
and i can smell it right in my house…
yes you guessed it…thought i was gonna hurl.

and before you say it…no i am not pregnant!!

tonight, after walking my dog, getting cozy in my fat pants….
I wanted to wind down with a nice glass of red.

I poured the red…sat down, and finally felt like i could breathe for a minute.

raised the glass, took a sip…and couldn’t stand the smell and taste.


this is totally unacceptable.  i don’t even think i can finish the glass.

woe is me.

looks like i am off to read.  minus the wine.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Must read.

written from my ipod.  only the very experienced should try this at home.

night night!

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