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pinterest for the insomniac

i can’t sleep…so what’s a girl to do?

blog but of course.

i spent the whole day in my jammies, eating chinese food, watching girly movies and drinking french beer.  can life get any better than that? i don’t think so!
i am taking advantage of my vacation – before real life begins again.

So in my wide awake state, i was on pinterest and found this poster – and well…i had to share.  i am sure each and every one of you will appreciate this lol

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tough bitch

if you look over to the right of my blog – i’ve put in a search option.
i figured, i have about 450 posts and alot of people probably don’t have the desire to search for something specific page by page.
god knows i don’t!  so voila the search button!

that’s all i really have to say tonight…lol

but i leave you with this quote that i found – on pinterest but of course.  hope you are all having an awesome weekend!!

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