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short shorts and a random brain

i am feeling much better today – thanks to those concerned 🙂
although i gotta say that the day didn’t get better and my morning started off terribly!
when it rains it pours i guess.

i bought a pair of work out shorts the other day.
since it’s summer and work outs are getting harder because of the heat
i decided i should wear as little clothing as possible.  a pair of work out shorts seemed like a brilliant idea
so i put them on and walked over to the gym (my third day in a row – can you say sore muscles?)
i was rocking the shorts.

i started my work out…and don’t the shorts constantly bunch up?
there is nothing harder than moving like a maniac on an elliptical and trying to pull your shorts down at the same time
these things were riding so high i am sure the people behind me saw the full moon a couple of hours early 🙂
normally…as you know…i care not what other people think
but seriously?  no one needed to see that.  i felt so insecure…wondering how much of my ass was hanging out.
so i am rethinking the shorts.  maybe i will keep them for hanging out at home.
the shorts were a bad idea.  good intentions – bad idea.
i may as well have just gone to the gym in my skivvies.

it was a frustrating workout – but i got through it.

got my iced coffee as my reward for keeping my shorts on and headed home to cook dinner.

dinner was cooked (not so hard as i had quite a bit of leftovers), dishes done…time to chill for a little.
i started to doze off when the phone rang.  it was my beautiful niece.
she had stories to share.
she was talking so fast and was so super hyper i only made out a couple of words.  my mom came on the phone to translate.
turns out that the little brat just decided to leave her house and go to my parents house.  by.herself.
insert heart in my throat emoticon here.

she is 2 and a half years old and she is walking up the street alone.
crazy child…and bad daddy.
she on the other hand was very impressed with her independent jaunt
oh man she is gonna be trouble when she gets older…i can feel it in my bones lol
so much like auntie bee this one is

i intended to wake up this morning earlier than normal
i wanted to stop and order a cake for a very special someone before work

i woke up and felt “off”.  looked at the clock and there was no time displayed
ran out to the main room and noticed all the power was off.
what time is it?????
i slept in by 20 min.  got ready so fast…thank god the hot water had not run out…
but i had no hair dryer or straightener
i am looking like a mad woman today.
a kind coworker told me that crazy hair is in this summer…god bless her soul.

things can only get better
besides i have a very important date this evening…
now there’s something to look forward to!

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never too old

to sit on my mom’s lap 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful mommy’s day!!

We had a great day of bad, bad food, way too much sun (i got a burn) and lots of love.

Today i am grateful for my mom.  If you still are fortunate enough to have your mommy in your life, hold her a little tighter…today and always.

And now…a little lesson, taught by lil’  bee.

to see some cuteness over load….click here

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big girl panties

today was gym day.

my gym buddy came down with a bad headache and so she wasn’t able to go.
being one who suffers from migraines, i totally understood and sympathized.

i felt the panic set in, and quickly decided i would just stay home.
i don’t know why i am so intimidated going alone…but i am.

So as i always do…i started arguing with myself in my head…
told myself to stop being such a pussy…
got up…went looking for my big girl panties and put ’em on.

I could do this.

so i walked over to the gym and had a kick ass work out!!!!!

all by myself.

someone give me a cookie 🙂

I am soooooo happy i did, i feel freakin’ amazing.  i worked out a little longer than normal!

this sunday has rocked my socks!!

I had an afternoon nap, a kick ass work out…then talked to my gorgeous niece, who sang me songs and told me how much she loves me and misses me – and blew me a million kisses over the phone.
now i am just waiting for my lovely steak dinner…

what a lovely Sunday this turned out to be

as you were.

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chocolate covered kisses

i deserve an award of some sort.
Halloween weekend and i got by unscathed. 
well…pretty much.
i was surrounded by little tiny chocolate pieces.
everywhere i looked…there they were.
and of course everyone in my life kept offering me chocolate
there was no getting away from it i tell you.
it would have been easy to eat a few…i mean they were tiny little single serving chocolates…
i could have totally rationalized with myself…just one!
but i didn’t
and actually i had zero desire to.
thank god my hormonal suckfest is over…otherwise there would have been none left for the kids.
besides i had way more fun watching my little monkey dipping in to the candy dish and helping herself.
unwrapping the chocolate all by herself…because after all, she is a two-year old genius!
her cute little lips covered in chocolate goodness.
she thought that was a good time to come over and give me kisses.
i laughed and pushed her away saying noooooooooo…which she found amusing and wanted even more to smother me in kisses.
i lost the battle. – i must admit i didn’t resist that hard.
kiss after kiss after sweet baby kiss – with remnants of Aero and Kit Kat.
second-hand sugar consumption.
it was well worth it….those sweet chocolate covered kisses.
i mean look at her!  she is so sweet my teeth just ache at the sight of her.
on to totally unrelated news, i found this comment on the blog next door.  loved it so much i wanted to share:

          ”  Holding hands is a gesture that can express quite the emotion. After all, the spaces between our fingers were created so that another’s could fill them in, isn’t that so? That’s probably why it’s so hard for some of us to let go.
Keep writing…”

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cuteness overload – a video

i took a video of my absolutely, amazingly gorgeous niece

and no…my opinion is not biased 🙂

there’s a lot of greek in this video..she’s just telling me how much she loves me and what colour her eyes are.

even if you don’t understand a damn word she says…she is just too cute not to watch.

she has an important message to share….take a look!

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a special post – pics :)

i am posting this here…because i know you read this blog
AND i know you’re gonna love this

dear auntie j,

sorry it’s taken me so long to say thanks for picking out my dress.  you were right it totally brings out my eyes.  I think i look absolutely adorable but mom and auntie bee said i will look even more adorable in this next year. pfft like that’s even possible 🙂
I wanted to get the pics to auntie bee sooner…but hey, i’m not even 2 yet, gimme a break!
What do you think about my dress?

I’m cute huh?

And then auntie bee put this around my neck and i danced around cause i felt like a princess!!

I tried to put it around auntie bee but she just kept giving me googly eyes.  i think she kinda sorta loves me crazy.

it’s ok…cause you know what?  i’m pretty sure i love her crazy too!

Thanks again auntie j for picking out such a rockin’ dress!  i’ll make sure auntie bee takes a picture again next year


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