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my realizations

i had a wonderful New Year.

i spent it with people i loved – the whole day a celebration.
i hope to live the rest of the year with that much love.
every single day.

the evening was very quiet and intimate.  spent with a couple of people who are very important in my life.
we had dinner by candle light and a few glasses of wine.
no, no one got wasted or stupid – it’s amazing how much we have all matured! lol

there was alot of laughter and love.
it made me realize that this is exactly how i want my life to be.

i want my life to be simple – filled with a small circle of friends who have more than enough love
to give…
and i to give to them.

i want to spend my life laughing, being intimately involved with all of the people i care for in my life. (no not in a sexual way lol)

i want to have more dinners by candle light.  i want to drink wine with friends and crave their company.
i want to show appreciation for every single relationship i have created in my life.

i want my last night of 2011 to reflect my destiny for 2012…and always.

i realize i do not ask for alot – but you would be surprised at how absolutely incredible it is to be able to say…

i am loved…i am lucky…i am blessed.

this seems like an appropriate time to throw in one of my favourite quotes:

“may the best of your past be the worst of your future.

all the best to everyone for 2012 and always.

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an update on the bee

Happy New Year everyone!

i hope yours was as magnificent as mine was.

i feel like i haven’t written here forever…although i know it was only a few days ago!
time flies

I am doing pretty damn good.

i am dealing with some weird/odd/uncomfortable back injury.  i am pretty sure i did it to myself.
the last time i worked out…i realllllly worked out…and holy crap i am still recovering.
not too sure what i did, but my back makes me feel like i am 80.  i can’t carry things too long or stand too long…
and when i stretch out in bed, my back spasms and i wanna cry.
(i don’t cry cause i’m tough like that)

sooooo as far as working out goes…i have been taking it easy.
maybe the universe gave me a swift kick in my ass to actually enjoy my vacation…
and enjoy i did.
i love me some universe.

back on schedule tomorrow though.  i think i am going to go to Shoppers Drug Mart and pick up some Robaxacet – is that what it’s called?
anyways…numb the pain away and kick some serious turbo jam ass.

Did any of you make any new year resolutions?
I typically do not.  i feel like it’s just too much pressure.
so i make goals.

my goals this year are to maintain my weight – but first to lose the holiday pounds i am sure i put on (i have yet to weigh myself)
there are going to be really exciting changes to the blog next door – when i actually have the time.  2011 is going to be crazy busy…i can feel it in my bones.
i really really want to take belly dancing classes.  if i can get over my fear of other people watching me learn…i may just do it…but it’s not for certain.
and finally…to tone the crap outta my body.  i mean so toned i wouldn’t hesitate hanging at a nude beach on some remote Greek Island 🙂

my goal for 2010 was very simple.
to be more open to love.
and i was.
i found that being open to love, made you more susceptible to loss.
and so i loved and lost much this year.
there was a lot of loss in 2010.

i also discovered a very valuable lesson.
in the midst of immense grief, love still exists.
that my heart is big enough to continue loving.  that love can slowly mend the broken pieces.
that i am able to love and still honour my grief.
love really is powerful.

this is what love looks like.

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