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me likey alot

since i’ve been going to the gym…
the number on the scale has been going up…and my body has been shrinking.

i stopped weighing myself…until the end of this week at least
you know…hormonal stuff and all.

seeing the number rise, makes my blood pressure rise
and then i remember why i never used the scale…
because clothes never lie.

my clothes have felt much looser…especially this week…
which is highly unusual since it’s so close to that time of the month
ladies you know what i am saying.

it’s actually at the point where i have to have one hand readily available while i am on the elliptical
because my pants are soooo close to coming off lol

i can deal with gaining weight and getting muscle in return.  i think that works well for my head.
the more i go to the gym, the more my endurance increases.
machines i could barely do 5 minutes on, i can easily do 35 minutes on
and when i get off, covered in sweat…i feel so god damn amazing.

this is by far one of the best things i could have ever done for myself.
that romping naked on a remote greek island is becoming more and more of a reality
who knows, maybe i’ll give them Texans a little peek-a-boo lol

i hope you all have an awesome night tonight.
you know, it being the day of amour and all.

i am off to see a lady about a new house 🙂
the rest of the evening remains a mystery

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gone and done it

it’s true.
i am now officially a member of the gym!
my friend and i went in to meet with the owner of the gym on Sunday.
we got the full tour and i must say i was impressed.
let me remind you that i was a member of this gym for TWO years.
In that 2 years i did not step foot in there once.  not once.
they were in the process of building the gym, and i bought my membership before it opened…with good intentions.
i did not go once.
ugh, what a waste of money!
So…i am gonna do it kids!!
the best part of this is the classes they offer – and they are included in the membership.
they have yoga, zumba, pilates, body training, spinning…and so much more.
they even have hot yoga!  (only the first class is free…after that it’s 10 dollars every 2 weeks if you want to do it)
So Thursday we have a one hour consultation with a personal trainer and then a one hour consult with a nutritionist
i could not be more excited!!!
what a change in mind set!  wasn’t it just a couple of months ago i wrote all about not ever joining a gym?
i think i have finally realized my limitations working out at home.  Not that i don’t love Turbo Jam…because i do.
it’s done wonders for me…my body…my health…and of course has contributed to my weight loss – big time.  i think more so than my diet.
but i am at a point where i need to take things up a notch.  i need to incorporate weights, do different work outs…
get ripped!!
my goal is to rock a bikini this summer.  and i mean rock it – i so did not rock the bikini on my vacation looking back lol
i want to feel confidant enough to frolic on the Greek islands completely naked.
so when the personal trainer asks me what my goals are…that’s what i will tell her
i want to feel confidant enough to frolic naked 🙂
it’s different this time.  i think i know better the value of my money.
I am not going to waste my money, but take full advantage of it.
(by the way it’s cheaper this time around then it was when i was a member years ago)
so i have goals…and the gym will help me be successful.
i am so excited i could pee!!!
and now the fun part
i am going shopping.
getting my work out outfits
as i’ve said before i work out in my skivvies at home…i am sure people at the gym wouldn’t appreciate that
or would they?
no lululemon for me…yet. 
i mean i love their stuff…but it’s way over priced…and i hate hate hate that people buy those clothes for the look…and not for the work out
these clothes are designed for you to work out in
not to prance around the city thinking you look fine
wow – i went off on a rant didn’t i lol
so yeah, clothes shopping tonight.
i am sooooo excited!!!

wordpress counterAnd on to some completely unrelated news – cause i gotta be me…
I finally got the new Adele cd…
I put it on while driving to work…and ended up sitting in the parking lot at work unable to get out of my car, because my ears could not get enough of this album. 15 minutes later and i forced myself to turn it off.
get thee to a store and buy it NOW. (sorry didn’t mean to be so demanding)

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