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somebody i used to know

i found this amazingly awesome cover on Facebook and couldn’t stop listening and watching!


tonight we are off for some Thai/Vietnamese food.  a restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to for some time…

I’ve never had Vietnamese food…not that i know of anyways…so this will be fun, fun, fun!!

Hope everyone’s weekend is going great!!!

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rambles from an insomniac

it’s almost 2am…i decided to stop fooling myself and get outta bed
my puppy is laying there, oblivious to the world around her…snoring…and i gotta say i’m a little jealous.

and so i am doing what any other sensible person would do at 2:00am
i won’t be posting it until i am much more awake though 🙂

I am amazing.
just thought i’d throw that out there lol

I woke up Monday morning, after having little to no sleep…and felt pretty good considering.
i started going over my to-do list in my head…and of course the gym was on the top of the list.
i need to up my time there…lately i’ve just been running in for a cardio session and saying no to the weights

So…all day i am prepared and psyched and ready to go.
Around 2:00, i start changing my mind…
i said to myself….
self, it’s raining outside, maybe you should just go straight home
self, it’s only Monday you don’t have to go today…you have all week
self, maybe you should go home and nap.

it’s like i have a little devil on my shoulder.
i could talk myself in to and out of anything.
bad bad bee.

Anyways, i did go to the gym, despite what the voices in my head were saying
i did my weights and had a kick ass cardio session.

i notice that making deals with myself actually works.

i promised myself, that if i did 10 min extra cardio i could be rewarded with an iced coffee
since the summer dollar days are over i haven’t had one in a while.
so i did an extra 10 min and went and got me-self a bevvy.
good times!!
would i be able to reward myself with a bag of dill pickle chips the next time? lol

I don’t need a personal trainer
i need a personal motivator…someone who can remind me how it is i feel after i am done working out…or someone who will kick my ass.  i am pretty sure i know a few people who would kick my ass for free.
but anyways…the feeling after i am done working out….
dare i say…better than sex?  nah not true..but a close runner up.
i feel ahhh-maaa-zing!!
but it’s obvious i forget the feeling, because i still have to really pump myself up to go the next time!

i mean, i don’t forget how a glass of wine makes me feel…
or dill pickle chips
or a piece of chocolate…
i know exactly how those things make me feel.

so why do i forget how the gym makes me feel?  there is never a time i say…man i regret going to the gym
i always find myself saying – man, i am so glad i went.

maybe i am getting bored?  i was up the other night at some god awful hour and a Zumba infomercial came on
and it took everything i had not to order the discs
if you’ve been following my blog for a while, you would know that i’ve been wanting to take classes
my gym offers them…but just Monday mornings.  i can’t really skip work and go.
i just think that’s stupid….bah, but everything seems stupid at 2:00am.
anyways that’s where my head is at.

on to other very very important news…
i am soooooo excited.

if you know me in real life, you would know that i have a huge, crazy crush on Gavin Degraw.
i love him so much that i was even able to forgive him for his second album – which was not good (sorry gavin)
i love him.  his voice is my ear candy.  he could sing a page outta the phone book and i would still melt.
he is instant panty removal material.
not in a physical oh my lord that man is hot sense…in a when i close my eyes and hear him sing i get shivers sense

ok – sooooo my point being…his new album is out today!
i have been listening to his album on line for the past few days – and when i say album, i mean ONE song lol
on repeat – for 3 days.
i am dying to post it here…but obviously it’s not even hit youtube yet.
all i can suggest is that you all run out and get his album (which is called Sweeter) and listen to “Stealing”

“we had a good time, and then there was sorrow.  i call it stealing, you call it borrow.  so i want my heart back, if you’re not gonna keep it.  If you got no uses, then i’m gonna need it, and someone else is gonna need it too.”

wow, i really need to go to bed ehh?  good luck to me…i am so wired.

anyways since i can’t leave you with the song i am obsessed with at the moment…i will leave you with one that always makes me melt….enjoy….

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7 days

7 days.
1 week.

that is how long i took off of the gym.

i’ve been back into my routine this week…2 days at the gym…and i swear i can barely move.
how is that possible???
I am a tough, strong, non-complaining kick ass bee….so why???!

how can i lose so much stamina and why do i hurt so bad after being away for only 1 week??


i promised myself while i was sweating my butt off that i would never ever take a week off of the gym again – unless i was dead.
dead is a good excuse to not work out right?

but with my vacation fast approaching…i may give myself permission to not go…i mean…it’s vacation….i will be too busy lounging in the sun, drinking beer, sleeping in lol

so i guess i am willing to go through this pain again.

i’m just surprised…that’s all…cause as i said…i am a super tough bee! lol

I’ve been meaning to post this song forever – but keep forgetting.  hope you like as much as i do!
Click here

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give me the music

sung in the style of C&C Music Factory

everybody dance now

stuck in your head???
you’re welcome!!  lol


i need some new music for my ipod.
this from a girl who has thousands upon thousands of mp3’s on an external drive…

but i do.  i need some new fresh music….well at least new and fresh to me

currently there are three songs that get me through at the gym – well there are more than 3 songs i listen to but these 3 are my favourite.
they make me happy and pump me full of energy
but lets face it…i want more
i always want more!!!

right now i am in love with:

A Kiss With a Fist is Better than None by Florence and the Machine.
a very inappropriate song (just read the lyrics) but hey – it does the job and makes me grin.  i am not too sure what that says about me – but whatever!

Rumour Has It by Adele.  if you can sit still through this song you have a serious problem.
this song makes me deliriously happy and makes me look like an idiot while i am doing my cardio.  i don’t care.  and you know why?  i love Adele.  she makes me happy…she turns me into a crazy cardio fool.

Gonna Get Over You – Sara Bareilles.  hello – need i say more?  i could be in the most miserable mood and as soon as i hear the first note to this song…my world is all rainbows, sunshine  and kittens.  again, i look like an idiot – but i don’t care.  and you know why?  cause i love her.  big love.  Sara contributes to my good health and weight loss insanity.

these songs rock my socks in a huge way.

so what rocks your socks?  what music do you listen to when you work out that gives you that extra push…and makes you happy.
share with me please.
i am going to spend some time filling up my ipod with some ear candy – to pump myself up for this Couch to 5K training.
yes i said it…as soon as i find my balls.
cause i am still a little scared…but i think i am almost over it.

so a little musical distraction would be wonderful.
what say you my fellow bloggers?
help a sister out!

and now…click here for more awesomeness!!

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water for elephants

going to the gym with GB is fun
it always has been.
i have no issues going to the gym alone – i go alone about twice a week
i am no longer concerned with who is there or who is looking at me
i could care less

but it seems like time goes on forever when i am alone.

when GB and i are together…she does her own thing while i am doing my weights
but we meet afterwards and do the elliptical together
so we talk, laugh and catch up on the day
and before you know it our half hour is up.

when i am alone, a half hour seems like a lifetime.

Sometimes there is music on in the gym…but most times there isn’t.
i seem to go to the gym at the same time another regular goes
and he sets all the tv’s on the sci-fi channel…and honestly…i’d rather watch paint dry.

i have started bringing the ipod to my work outs when i am alone
i am constantly reminding myself to use my inside voice when i have those headphones in
because my natural instinct tells me to break out in song.

so now i’ve started to think about other things i can do while i am getting my sweat on.

i love to read.  i mean big love.
but really…i have no time.  none.
i get into bed at night and attempt to pick up my book…and i am out like a light
i’ve been wanting to finish The Girl Who Played With Fire for months now.
it’s just not going to happen. not at a fast pace anyways.

So i started to think…
maybe i should download an audio book.  listen to a book while i am working out!
best of both worlds yes?

I purchased Water for Elephants over the weekend (the movie)
I’ve been wanting to read the book for ages.  Reese Witherspoon is in the movie…and i love her crazy.  say what you will about her, i don’t care…i love me some Reese and will watch any movie she is in…corny or not.
BUT – i really want to read the book first.  I am weird like that.  if any movie has a book – i prefer the book first.

So i downloaded the book – Water for Elephants and off i went to the gym.

At first it was so hard to get in to it.  My mind constantly wanders…i drift off in thought all the time.
so imagine listening to a book and then your mind wanders away.  it’s so easy NOT to concentrate at the gym!

So i did my best to stay focused…and finally i was able to actually listen and retain.  go me!!!
i got in to it so much that i went 10 minutes longer than usual on my elliptical.

this is perfect!!!  i am getting my “reading” done and burning calories.

I am off to the gym tonight alone – and now i am totally ok with it…cause i want to listen to the book.

going to the gym is like being in a relationship – always thinking of ways to keep things fresh and new lol
good times 🙂

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summer is pretty much officially here
and this my friends makes me very happy
(although today i am wearing pants and a sweater)

i need to live somewhere warm
where it’s spring/summer all year round…cause really…winter just sucks.

so with summer comes the closet switch over.
all the heavy stuff gets put away…and all the cute summer clothes i wore last year
come out.

i was really excited about this because i bought a lot of new clothing last year.
i had lost a significant amount of weight and nothing old fit me anymore.

so out came some of my summer clothing…
i put on a pair of my capri’s from last year…

and they are too big.

my clothes that i bought last summer are too big!!!!!
once again i look like a bag lady in my clothing!!!!

yes…i did my happy dance in the living room
bounced around like an idiot for a bit
and then got a little bummed.

i need summer clothes…STAT
which means i am going shopping this weekend
yes…this makes me happy…i mean new clothes always make me happy

but it also means spending money.
money i don’t really have.

i’ve been saving money for the important things you know…
like buying an Ipad for no reason whatsoever….or paying off debt
(you know it would have been the Ipad hands down)
i didn’t budget for a new wardrobe.

baaahh…you only live once.

it impresses me cause the clothes i bought last summer…
specifically the pants – were tight fitting when i bought them
and now i have to keep pulling them up!!!

i think this year i am gonna rock dresses
there are really cute ones out there…and i cannot remember the last time i wore a dress…especially to work… just because.

this is gonna be fun…but man is it gonna be expensive.

bye bye Ipad…it was a great thought while it lasted.
mamma needs clothes.

since i am happy…i leave you with this song…cause it makes me happier lol
click here to feel happy too!

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universe and u

did anyone else watch the season finale of Dancing with the Stars last night?

this is the first season i have actually watched this show.  i absolutely loved it!!!  (other than the lame singing)

i was/am a Kirstie Alley fan – big time.  i love that woman…she just seems so real.  and my god the woman did a cart wheel.  that just commands respect!!  i would totally hang out with her.
seriously…it was amazing how much she accomplished…i would watch her and think to myself there is no way i could ever do that.
she didn’t win…ya know…the trophy…but i think she came out a total winner.

i was in awe watching these people dance.  i am jealous of anyone that can dance, that has rhythm…
put me on a dance floor and i would so rock you with my 1990’s moves lol

these people were fluid…the way that they moved…it was as if their bodies were born to move that way.  completely beautiful.
and their bodies????  rock hard gorgeousness!!!!

i have always wanted to take dancing lessons.  always.  this has put the fire under my butt once again.
if time allowed…i would seriously consider looking in to classes.  Did you know that they practiced  5 hours a day for the show??????
a couple of friends and i discussed taking hip hop classes a while back…but that never did pan out.
(let me just say these were my thoughts last night)

so…believe it or not…the next part of this is completely related.

i was in a deep sleep a few nights ago.  for some reason i passed out watching something on the country channel…i can’t remember what i fell asleep to…but i am guessing Everybody loves Raymond…or Criminal Minds – although i don’t think Criminal Minds would be on the country station.
my point being…i am not an avid watcher of the country channel.

well something that night woke me from a dead sleep.  it was a song.  a country song.
i sat up in bed and tried to focus.  there was something about that song…
i stayed up long enough to catch the artists name and fell back asleep.  i woke up in the morning and completely forgot. (this is why i need to start writing things down again!)

it bothered me for days.  who was the artist????  why couldn’t i remember?

as i was sitting there watching DWTS last night – i was turned away from the tv, multi tasking but of course…
and suddenly…there was that voice…it was her!  i was given a second chance 🙂
thank you universe!!!!

i woke up this morning with a touch of dancing envy from the night before.  wishing and hoping i could shake my hips all sexy like.
I checked my email this morning – and do you know what was waiting for me in my inbox?
of course you don’t – what am i saying…
i received an email from a local dance school – offering me 86% off 10 dancing lessons.
no joke.
i think not.

the universe is in love with me.  i get small glimpses of just how much every single day.
if you pay attention…if you throw out in to the universe, the universe throws back 10 fold.

and if that weren’t possibly enough…the first status i saw on my facebook this morning was:

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. ~Martha Graham

true story.
i couldn’t make this up if i tried.

it used to surprise me when i felt like my questions were answered…from something bigger out there…
that things i silently asked for with a pure heart…and strong will…had the potential to become a reality.
that the universe offered me all the tools i needed…to reach my goals…my desires…my dreams.

if you listen…you will hear her too.

the universe is in love with me…
and i am in love with her.

Now…click here if you want to hear the song that haunted me for days!!!

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i am a superstar

going to the gym with my gym buddy is fun!  no other entertainment required.
no ipod or anything…just us.
we kinda have that unspoken language…where just one look or head gesture can entertain us forever, or make us pee our pants from laughing.
it’s good times 🙂

we can’t go to the gym together alllll the time.  life happens.  sometimes something comes up for one of us where we have to change our schedules up and more than likely go alone.
going alone is not scary for me anymore…but it does get a little boring.

enter last week.

i went to the gym twice on my own.
not a problem.

the one day i went prepared…my ipod fully charged (which reminds me…it loses it’s charge in 24 hours…what is up with that??)
so anyways, i had my tunes to keep my brain busy….cause face it…staring at yourself in the mirror while you are on the elliptical for half an hour can get rather boring…unless dr. oz is on…but i digress…

i left the gym that day feeling perturbed.  totally irritated.
it was a new group of people that i had never seen before…and i felt like everyone was watching me.
it was the creepiest feeling ever.

i was kicking some serious ass on the elliptical and kept feeling a set of eyes on me…staring and staring.
at one point i made eye contact with her…and gave her a look…a look that only i could give.  a look of annoyance…and full of attitude.
i thought…this chick must be floored at how awesomely i rock this elliptical!!  she wants to be JUST like me…
cause really who doesn’t?
i thought my fancy foot work impressed her…cause it impresses me to no end that i don’t fall off that thing…being accident prone and all.

i thought about it for a couple of days….
i thought about all the staring…how uncomfortable i felt…
and it dawned on me.

that’s the day i was listening to my ipod.

let me just set the scene for you.

when i am listening to music…i am in my own world.
nothing else exists.
in the tub, in the car, outside in public…you get the idea.
that is one of the reasons i started listening to the boring radio at work…
cause when i would listen to music i actually loved…i would break out into song randomly.
i mean full out song.
to the point where coworkers would smile…and make comments on my voice…
oops…was that out loud?
i always think i am using my inside voice…but really…i couldn’t be louder if i tried.

i remember quite clearly that i was rockin’ the elliptical while listening to an array of my favourite up beat songs.

adele came on…she had me rolling in the deep.

i was grooving on the elliptical…and i am pretty sure when my favourite parts of songs came on
i became a full blown super star.
it’s like a muscle spasm…you can’t control it…it’s just gonna happen.

i don’t know how loud i was…or how silly i looked…cause i am sure i had a smile on my face…
rockin away…and then wailing away

“The scars of your love remind me of us,
They keep me thinking that we almost had it all,
The scars of your love, they leave me breathless,
I can’t help feeling, we could have had it all”

i am pretty sure…almost 111110000% convinced i was using my outside voice that day.

to my fellow gym peeps.  i am sorry.  no one needs to hear that.

from now on, Dr. Oz it is.

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rockin’ my socks off

i wonder how many calories one can burn while chair dancing…
’cause i do alot of that.
and if i must say…i am pretty damn good at it.

(i have also been known to randomly break out in dance in the middle of a mall…i can’t help it when the music moves me kids…ask the people in Winners lol)

i love getting into my car and driving if i have great music to get me to my destination.
sometimes…on the rare occasion, i don’t even get pissed off when i hit traffic…because it gives me more time to enjoy my music.

I don’t care who looks over at me while i am wailing away to my favourite song…or bouncing in my seat.
i swear…it’s worth seeing i am sure.

funny thing is…i don’t really get weird looks.  if anything i get a lot of big grins and it makes me smile back.

i am just a girl, rockin’ in my own world.
certainly all that chair dancing has got to count for some sort of physical exertion yes?

Adele has once again found herself on repeat in my car.  i am completely in love with that woman.
If you haven’t purchased that cd, i don’t know what you are waiting for.
i wonder what she was going through when she wrote this one…i can only assume heartbreak, perhaps love that was not meant to be…unrequited love.

i am counting the minutes until i am back in my car…singing her songs at the top of my lungs, making a fool of myself 🙂

Adele is good for my soul.  and my heart.

as you were.

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