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bowling and balls

i really do rock.

it’s after 8…and i just sat down.
man am i ever tired.

i just did a million loads of laundry…made a wonderful dinner…and made my bed
i am celebrating with a glass of wine
i love nothing more than hopping into a bed with crisp, clean linen.
ok enough of the domestic goddess in me.

my whole body aches.
actually not as bad as it did over the weekend…but i am always amazed at how many different muscles our bodies have.

for someone who goes to the gym regularly…i am sore!!

why am i sore?  i’ll tell u, but don’t laugh.


bowling kicked my ass!!!!

i knew that my wrist/arm would be sore – i have carpal tunnel and bowling is probably not the best thing for it…
but what amazes me is how sore my legs and my ass are!!!!
i mean how many muscles does it take to bowl??
apparently alot.
i am sure my ass is happy 🙂

i can’t say i wasn’t warned:

i get to sleep in tomorrow – i am working from home.
which means i can get to the gym way before it gets busy…which makes me happy.

what doesn’t make me happy?
i just found out that the gym charged me an additional 30 bucks for annual maintenance fees…and equipment upgrades
that’s bullshit – cause if you saw my gym you’d know they are lying
but what can i do?  they got me by the balls
i am sure it is written in small tiny letters on the contract i signed
they claimed to have sent me a letter – i haven’t received it….and my credit card has been charged
what can i do other than give them a  piece of my mind – which i am fairly good at 🙂

and that’s my update of sorts.
happy monday kids.

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summer lovin’

the problem with summer is that i dread being indoors.
when i am at work and look outside my window – i feel sad that i am trapped inside when there is a whole day out there that i could be enjoying.

as i was driving home yesterday, i was thinking about everything that i needed to do…and of course all of it was indoors.
(except for walking the puppy of course)

then i had a bit of a light bulb moment!

it was my gym day yesterday.  i was feeling uneasy about it as i was heading home.  going somewhere that would leave me stuck in doors when it was just so gorgeous outside!  i was itching like crazy to be outside!!!!!
the humidity finally died down and there was a beautiful breeze coming off of the lake.

soooooooo i said to myself…self – you just bought yourself a bike!
why do a half hour of cardio at the gym when you can get outdoors and work out???
i am so smart sometimes!!

and so i did just that.

i went out biking for well over an hour.
it was beautiful.

i went on the water front trails and discovered parts of my city i have never seen!!!
the water was bright blue/green and there were people everywhere on blankets enjoying the day.
i am so blessed to live in such a beautiful city.

i almost wished i had my camera…but yesterdays adventure was more about getting a work out than stopping to smell the roses.

it was hard work – i won’t lie.  but it was good work…fun work.

i eventually got off of the trail because i was curious to see how far i had gone.
when i got on the main road and saw where i was i couldn’t believe it.
this bee can travel!!!!!

i could have kept going…in fact i almost did…
i had the energy.
but – i was so excited about how far i had gone i didn’t take in to consideration that i still had to get home.
so i turned around
thank god.

by the time i got home i was sore and exhausted – and sweaty and outta breath
it was AWESOME!

i discovered a lot of things – like i said…new parts of my city that i never even knew existed…
i discovered that it’s best to wear sunglasses and keep your mouth closed at ALL times lol – damn bugs!
and when a dragonfly is flying right at you and you are going at warp speed, it is in the best interest of all those involved to duck!!
and to my complete surprise…body parts that have never ever hurt before – were and are hurting.
parts that shouldn’t hurt
lets just say it is bike seat related

i had a great time.  it was a thousand times better than going to the gym.
the time flew by…and it really didn’t feel like exercise at all.

i will be doing this more often – take advantage of the wonderful weather while it’s here

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short shorts and a random brain

i am feeling much better today – thanks to those concerned 🙂
although i gotta say that the day didn’t get better and my morning started off terribly!
when it rains it pours i guess.

i bought a pair of work out shorts the other day.
since it’s summer and work outs are getting harder because of the heat
i decided i should wear as little clothing as possible.  a pair of work out shorts seemed like a brilliant idea
so i put them on and walked over to the gym (my third day in a row – can you say sore muscles?)
i was rocking the shorts.

i started my work out…and don’t the shorts constantly bunch up?
there is nothing harder than moving like a maniac on an elliptical and trying to pull your shorts down at the same time
these things were riding so high i am sure the people behind me saw the full moon a couple of hours early 🙂
normally…as you know…i care not what other people think
but seriously?  no one needed to see that.  i felt so insecure…wondering how much of my ass was hanging out.
so i am rethinking the shorts.  maybe i will keep them for hanging out at home.
the shorts were a bad idea.  good intentions – bad idea.
i may as well have just gone to the gym in my skivvies.

it was a frustrating workout – but i got through it.

got my iced coffee as my reward for keeping my shorts on and headed home to cook dinner.

dinner was cooked (not so hard as i had quite a bit of leftovers), dishes done…time to chill for a little.
i started to doze off when the phone rang.  it was my beautiful niece.
she had stories to share.
she was talking so fast and was so super hyper i only made out a couple of words.  my mom came on the phone to translate.
turns out that the little brat just decided to leave her house and go to my parents house.  by.herself.
insert heart in my throat emoticon here.

she is 2 and a half years old and she is walking up the street alone.
crazy child…and bad daddy.
she on the other hand was very impressed with her independent jaunt
oh man she is gonna be trouble when she gets older…i can feel it in my bones lol
so much like auntie bee this one is

i intended to wake up this morning earlier than normal
i wanted to stop and order a cake for a very special someone before work

i woke up and felt “off”.  looked at the clock and there was no time displayed
ran out to the main room and noticed all the power was off.
what time is it?????
i slept in by 20 min.  got ready so fast…thank god the hot water had not run out…
but i had no hair dryer or straightener
i am looking like a mad woman today.
a kind coworker told me that crazy hair is in this summer…god bless her soul.

things can only get better
besides i have a very important date this evening…
now there’s something to look forward to!

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the crow

that was the yoga pose i was talking about in yesterday’s blog
now you can see how it’s possible to fall flat on your face?

anyways, i had the chance to actually do my yoga work out last night.
the dvd i bought ages ago has 3 different exercises
1) the total body fat burner work out – 20 min
2) the ab work out – 10 min
3) the leg work out – 10 min

the only one i had ever done on the dvd was the ab work out…cause lets face it…i’m over 30 and i want a sexy belly!!

so i decided i would do the 20 minute full on body fat burner.  It was only 20 minutes, like please…i doubted i would even feel the work out
I am able to do 45 minutes of cardio, a 20 min hard core ab work out and can walk 5 miles
this 20 min yoga would be a walk in the park!!!

i should never assume…
yoga totally kicked my ass.

after the 20 minutes, my body had the same reaction as doing a 45 minute cardio work out
i was sweaty, out of breath and my muscles felt like jello.
who knew????

yoga looks so graceful. so “easy”
it is graceful, but i assure you it’s not easy.
do you know how hard it is to do some of the moves and hold the positions?
i loved it!!!!

my body feels it today.  how many muscles do i have???
every new work out i attempt brings aches to muscles i never knew existed.

now i need to learn how to incorporate yoga into my work out routine.
but how??
i can’t and won’t work out 7 days a week…so some strategic planning needs to happen.

i’d write more, but the baby is awake 🙂

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the gloves are on!

yeah that’s right
when i purchased my turbo jam, about a year ago…it came with these little glove weights.
they were a “free gift”
i put the gloves aside and just concentrated on doing the actual workout…that’s all i cared about.
when i watch the infomercial (yes i still watch it, no idea why lol)
they talk about these little gloves and how they make your workout 95% more effective.
why have i never pulled them out??
so i did my first work out the other day with them on.  they fit pretty good…but i am claustro…so i am not too sure my little hands enjoyed them all that much.
i gotta say tho, that when i do all my punches, my form is pretty perfect.  i follow through better (no applause, just throw money)…and i mean isn’t that the point of it all?  if you are not going to do the moves properly…why even bother.
it didn’t take long to feel the ache.  before i went to bed i felt the burn of my workout.
my shoulders, chest, arms…and my butt.  i don’t know why my butt hurt…i mean they are arm weights..
but whatever, i’ll take it.
these last few days have been painful.  using the gloves and concentrating more so on my core muscles…i just ache.
i ache mamma.
i roll over in bed, i wake up cause it hurts.
i look like i’m 90 when i first wake up…until my muscles have decided to limber out.
tonight is glove night.
someone wipe the tears from my eyes…everything’s gonna be alright
i’m sick…i know
i love the pain.
let’s just see if i can work through it tonight without whining like a little girl.

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i dare you to move

it was my scheduled walk day yesterday.  I know that i need to be pretty flexible with my schedule…cause really…
you can never trust Canadian weather.  one day it could be warm and sunny and the next day you could be in the middle of a snow storm.
yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day.  the most perfect fall day.
except for the 100 km gusts of wind.
yeah, how do i walk in that?  i’d get blown away…i’m only little you know!  lol
so the walk was a no go.
i’ve been nursing a headache for the past 2 days…a bad almost full blown migraine kinda headache, and the idea of me bouncing around shaking my groove thang for almost an hour just wasn’t all that appealing to me.
so i came home and said to myself…self…take the day off.
but i couldn’t
of course.
so i decided to do a “simple” 20 min work out, that works on your core muscles.
no heavy breathing or sweating involved
a lot of groaning and grunting…but no bouncing around.
i’ve mentioned here that as of late i am not feeling the burn of my workouts
i mean i feel the work out, but my muscles don’t hurt
and so i have been looking in to switching up my work outs.
i didn’t think a 20 minute work out – which seemed so much more relaxed than my normal routine would make me feel this way.
i feel like someone knocked me down and repeatedly kicked me…all over my body.
i ache…in an awesomely good way 🙂
who knew?
so i found my answer.  i don’t have to go hard-core every single day.
because even tho i am doing a kick ass work out…obviously some of my muscles are being ignored.
this weekend at some point i am going to dig out my pilates dvd and put that into my mix of work outs…at one time i had great success with just that work out alone.
with the weather getting colder and more unpredictable…the walking out doors thing will be  a rarity.
i hear the wind howling outside my window right now…as i sit snug in my pj’s 🙂
as long as i don’t sneeze, or cough or make any sudden movements today…i will be just fine.
i’ve had this song stuck in my head for 2 days now.  blast from the past.
click here if you wanna hear what’s in my brain.

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