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movin’ on up

i don’t know why i did it this morning.
but i did.
maybe ’cause i woke up in a good mood, from having a good night.  maybe it was all that great inspiration i felt last night.
who knows.
maybe i thought i could handle anything thrown my way…’cause i am wonder woman don’t you know.
all i know is i haven’t done it since January….
and back then it made me feel great…made me feel awesomely amazing.

today not so much.
today it made me feel a little defeated…a little sad
a little pissed right off.

i went on the scale today.
duun dun duuunnnnnn (that’s scary music in case you were wondering)
yep i weighed myself.

I am three pounds heavier than i was in January.
three pounds.

if you feel the need to laugh at me like my lovely friend did… please don’t!
that’s 3 more pounds i have to contend with.

wasn’t it just the other day i mentioned that weight loss was no longer a focus of mine?
it is now.

i was warned at the gym…well not warned…but i was told that once i started working out with weights i would gain weight…but it would be muscle.
i get that.  i get that it’s a possibility.
i specifically recall my personal trainer asking me if i would be ok seeing the scale move UP because i would be gaining muscle…and i was like “oh yeah, no problem…s’all good”
apparently i am a liar cause this has obviously freaked.me.out.

could it be weight gain because i have been more lenient with the things i eat
ya know…my yogurt…that sinful, tasty sweet and salty popcorn?
is it possible that it’s the forbidden FAT?

i mean honestly…how would you know?  how could you know if it was muscle or fat?

i don’t feel any different. my clothes are not fitting tighter…on most days i feel ok with where i am…unless my hormones are at play.

i told you.  nothing good ever came out of the scale.  i would have been better off living in my own bubble.  my own little world…where scales never existed.

i don’t know why the hell i did that!

this is how i am going to weigh myself from now on!

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me likey alot

since i’ve been going to the gym…
the number on the scale has been going up…and my body has been shrinking.

i stopped weighing myself…until the end of this week at least
you know…hormonal stuff and all.

seeing the number rise, makes my blood pressure rise
and then i remember why i never used the scale…
because clothes never lie.

my clothes have felt much looser…especially this week…
which is highly unusual since it’s so close to that time of the month
ladies you know what i am saying.

it’s actually at the point where i have to have one hand readily available while i am on the elliptical
because my pants are soooo close to coming off lol

i can deal with gaining weight and getting muscle in return.  i think that works well for my head.
the more i go to the gym, the more my endurance increases.
machines i could barely do 5 minutes on, i can easily do 35 minutes on
and when i get off, covered in sweat…i feel so god damn amazing.

this is by far one of the best things i could have ever done for myself.
that romping naked on a remote greek island is becoming more and more of a reality
who knows, maybe i’ll give them Texans a little peek-a-boo lol

i hope you all have an awesome night tonight.
you know, it being the day of amour and all.

i am off to see a lady about a new house 🙂
the rest of the evening remains a mystery

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