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i get knocked down

well i finally got a little break from my insomnia.

it came in the form of a migraine.
not the answer i was looking for let me tell you.

i have suffered with migraines since my early twenties.  i went through a really bad break up…and voila…migraines became a part of my life.
i don’t get them nearly as often as i used to – thank god.  but it’s still not fun when they pay me a visit.

i had one hour left in my day yesterday…when it came to the point that i either needed to leave the office NOW or be stuck here bowing to the porcelain god.
and so off i went.

it may sound strange to you…but my migraines are actually an unusual blessing.

i only get them if i am stressed out to the core, or if my body is tired of trying to get it through to my stubborn brain –  that i need to slow it down.
so my body shuts down – and i am forced to give myself the thing i so desperately need.  rest.

i went home and slept for about 4 hours!!! 4 hours!  a deep sleep.  the puppy, perhaps sensing i was not at my best, slept on top of me and didn’t leave my side.

i was able to sleep the whole night through too – well i woke up once…
but the point is i slept.

today i am battling a slight headache.  typical when i get a migraine…the remnants stay for a few days.

i was going to go to the gym tonight..to make up for last nights ass kicking.
but i will play it by ear.  if i feel tired and sore…i won’t.
i don’t need to commit to anything in this moment…other than doing what’s best for me.

have a great weekend kids 🙂

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it’s amazing to me the way your body copes with stress.

when you are going through alot…it’s like your body kicks into cruise control and takes over for you.
when the rush of it all begins to fade, your body slows down too…and finally you feel the effects of it all…when your body understands that you can handle things on your own.

hence the migraine i had this weekend.

never mind that stress is not good for your health
but it tends to adhere to the core of you.
your stress centres itself to your belly…and that’s just the hardest place to get rid of it all.
how nice
not only are you stressed…but you have a muffin top to show for it…which stresses you out even more! lol

we all have stress in our lives.
whether it’s a lot or a bit…you just cannot navigate away from it.
it will always be there….
it’s about the way you cope with it that counts.

i could have put away a crap load of food again this week
the only thing that stopped me was remembering how stressed i was when i first started to change my lifestyle.
i would prefer never going through that again.
so to feed a stress to get a bigger stress…just wasn’t worth it to me in the long run.

things have been stressful.
crazy stressful.
but i will be a-ok…i always am 🙂

this weekend my body let me deal with it on my own and gave me a lovely migraine…reminding me that i cannot control the world.

shit happens.

life changes, people change.
constants are no longer constant
feelings change

there are chapters that close before you are ready to close them

new things wait patiently for you to discover them

love changes, love ends, love begins.

alone gets lonely

anger gets sad.

in everything you do…you battle stress.

breathe, and let go…and let it be.
things fall in to place one way or another.
the world doesn’t end
the sky doesn’t fall

as long as i stay away from the Ben and Jerry’s and dill pickle chips…i think i will be a-ok.

this blog has been brought to you by the letter S and the most random part of my brain.


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