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mr. sun you tease me

i am sure i repeat myself on this blog
it’s bound to happen when you have over 300 posts!
wow…crazy ehh?

i am working from home today…which i know i have talked about before.
believe it or not, i prefer going in to the office.
everything i need is at my finger tips and on a really busy day it’s just easier.
besides…i don’t need to fend for myself when it comes to lunch…someone makes it for me!

sometimes though…there is nothing better than waking up, brewing my coffee and starting up the computer
in my jammies and bed head 🙂
today would be one of those days.

but the sun is teasing me and asking me to come outside and play.

knowing i was working from home…i did not go grocery shopping last night
being at home – gives me ample opportunity to eat…just because.
the fridge is feet away…and c’mon i gotta stretch my little legs…and my stomach lol

i am going to pick up some chicken and veggies for lunch me thinks
then….perhaps a Starbucks coffee and take a walk around the lake with the puppy.
i am never here during the day so this must feel like xmas for her!
besides…what better opportunity to get a little sun kissed.

these are the little luxuries i have when i work from home.

i gave up my gym day today to meet up with some people after work…
we are meeting at my favourite wing place.
i don’t know these people – and so i will not be eating my wings.

i am there to charm and wow…
nothing says charming like suckin’ on a chicken bone with sauce all over your face
salad it is…and a gym make up day tomorrow – if i am not exhausted from shopping till i drop of course 🙂
i think the outlet malls in Niagara Falls are calling my name!!

Happy Friday my friends, have an awesome weekend!

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willow tree

the scenery at work is beautiful i gotta say.

so i had my lunch…i feasted on a mushroom swiss burger – no bun of course…with steamed veggies.

i took a walk around our man built lake and just chilled under one of the many willow trees we have.
willow trees are my very favourite.  we have a long history the willow tree and i.

so as i was chillin’ with nature, i ran into our newest residents.  the picture is bad because for some reason my “zoom” on my camera isn’t working…but take a look.

I could have stayed outside all day!

baby goosers!!!!

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i decided to be a little crazy today.

you know…stray off plan…and it’s only Thursday.
Man i am rebellious!


Anyways…this is what i ended up having for lunch:

A stir fry!

this is the stir fry i have raved about before…that i get at work.

The picture doesn’t do it any justice.  You have to see it/eat it to believe it 🙂

They only make this once every two weeks and sometimes just once a month.

They also do not make this over the summer…so this was the last day it was being served until October!!

So i decided i had to go for it.

i made a deal with myself.  i said, self…if you eat this…no cheating over the weekend.

So typically when i eat something not so good…i reserve it for the weekend…

it’s gonna be a clean weekend kids…but it was soooo very worth it.

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no soup for you!

you know that post yesterday where i was just happy?
where i was just going to have the best day ever???
well i did…for about an hour
then things got ugly.
rip people’s eyes out ugly.

this blog is not the space to write about it but i can assure you i wrote allllll about it next door.

but there was a part of my day that i thought was appropriate for this blog.


yesterday, after the morning from absolute hell…i decided enough was enough and went down for lunch.
a break.

i do believe i smiled when i saw my choices.
the thing that made me most excited?

it was a soup kind of day.
it was a crap day…cold day…a Monday.
soup it was.

I sit down…take a spoonful…and it tasted so damn good.
second spoonful…
something quite foreign in my mouth me thinks.
i reach in with my fingers and pull through my lips
a gross, black, coarse thick hair about an inch long.
oh mahhh gawd.

gag reflex was a go
i don’t know how i stopped myself from vomiting.
it was disgusting!

i returned the soup, and the hair back to the kitchen.
they were very apologetic and offered me something else.
no thank you.
how the hell do you eat after that?

all afternoon, my body would just shudder…every time the visual ran through my brain.
i was nauseous all afternoon too
i was a write off.

see, i am a sensitive girl to begin with.
especially when it comes to food.

do you remember my road kill and chicken salad phase?
i think it took me months to ever eat chicken salad again.

if something grosses me out…that’s it.

so, soup is no longer on my list of things to eat.
will i be able to ever eat it again?
the way i feel right now…and the way my whole body just shuddered at the hair incident…
it would be safe to say

no soup for me…for a very very long time.

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the bee special

sometimes staying on plan requires alot of creative thinking.

at work our selection at lunch is pretty good…but there are days that all there is to eat is pizza, or sandwiches…or pasta.
nothing i can put in this belly of mine.

so i got on a breadless sandwich kick.

when options are limited i tend to get
chicken salad or egg salad
with slices of cucumber and 2 slices of swiss cheese.
a sandwich without the bread 🙂 – and a side salad of course.
i actually put a slice of cheese between two cucumber slices and eat that as a sandwich
oh yes…people laugh…but i don’t care
even when the head honcho eats with us…i see him watching me..eating my cucumber sandwich
he even announced one day that he loves eating with us, cause he is always curious as to what i will be bringing to the table. lol

anyways it’s filling and tasty…and a perfect amount of food for lunch.

i am used to the comments or the looks…the sarcasm from my coworkers, but they all love me and accept me for who i am…cause helloooo…i am me 🙂

i’ve been eating this way forever…
and normally sit with the same people every day.

so imagine my absolute delight yesterday…while getting a burger minus the bun and steamed veggies (yummmm!) i head over to cash out and see TWO of my fellow employees in line…
and they are eating…
wait for it…

the bee special.

and yes that’s how they asked for it!!!!!!
(well instead of bee they used my real name, but you get the point i’m sure!)

they asked the cafeteria lady for the bee special and she knew exactly what they were talking about!

how awesome is that???
they said i am obviously doing something right…so why not try it!

i am really impressed ladies…extremely so.

ok, so one lady had a bag of chips and some cookies on her tray too.
i chose to look the other way.  baby steps my friends, baby steps.

but hey..rome wasn’t built in a day right?

soon i shall rule the world and banish bread forever

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cookie monster

my office building had their annual Christmas lunch.

Turkey and stuffing and all the trimmings.
can you say yummy!!!

Not sure if i have talked about my work lunch program here or on the blog next door. 
Considering this is my food/health blog i will assume i have rambled here.
Anyways…awesome lunch program here.  I get a sweet lunch for less than a $1.50 a day.

Anywho…i decided i would take a cookie for my dessert. 
Bad bee i know.
But listen, i gave up the mashed potatoes so there is something to be said about that.

So it was time to eat my cookie (which i thought was shortbread but was not)
I took two bites and threw it away.
it was disgusting!!  (sorry kitchen ladies)

See…i hate sugar!

then again, my cookie monster bff threw his away too.  maybe i didn’t lose my sweet tooth…
maybe, just maybe i got a crap cookie.

pooey on the cookie

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bee’s bitter belly

i  had the worst lunch in the world today.
i say “had” but i really didn’t.  i took a couple of bites and could not force feed myself another fork full.
on today’s menu it said “lemon dill salmon”
Sounds delish huh?
it indeed was salmon.  i don’t know why they called it lemon dill
cause they put Greek salad dressing on top of it.
now think about that for a moment.
greek salad dressing
one of those two does not belong.
you would think that was bad enough…but it was soooood dry
it was like chewing on a moth ball
not that i really know what chewing on a moth ball is like  – but you know what i mean
i am disappointed…and i am hungry.
i know i know, would i like a little cheese with that wine?
why yes, yes i would thank you very much.
i shake my fist at you cafeteria lady!!
(kidding i totally love you, please keep cooking for me!!!)
I am racing home, feeding and loving the dog for a while…then i am off for my 5 mile walk.
by the time i get home and cook…meh i won’t be eating till after 8.
i can assure you, a glass of wine will be had.
i’ve been hit with the writing bug…go take a look next door 🙂

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