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zumba baby

i feel like i haven’t been here in forever
has it been that long or are the days flying by at warp speed?
either way – it feels like forever.

life has been busy.  but then again what’s new right? seems like that’s the story of my life lately.

i have been too busy to even get my butt to the gym lately…that’s how busy i’ve been,  every time i plan on heading there
something happens.  and no, it’s never all that good.

the past couple of weeks have been a blur, but i am hoping things are going to get better!!!

my poor baby kitten is at the vet.
i got home last night and noticed she was limping.  then her limping turned into – just not walking.  at all.
everytime i put her on her little feet, she would just lie down.  all she did was sleep.
i thought for sure one of my other critters got to her…and so i gave them attitude all night…
i contemplated taking her to emerg…but i thought i’d wait till the morning.

so we went to the vet this morning…and he couldn’t figure out why she “couldn’t” walk etc
till he took her temperature.
my baby has a fever of 105!!!!!  he had to ice her…and give her fluids.  so no she wasn’t hurt…
she wasn’t walking because she just couldn’t move.
my poor baby
as of this moment i am told her fever is gone…and i will get to take her home with me tomorrow

i miss her so.

on to other news more blog related…i decided to take things into my own hands
i’ve been saying that i want to take Zumba classes forever now and haven’t done a thing about it.
well a couple of weeks ago after looking on line for what seemed like forever…i found something local (which believe it or not is not that easy to do)
i mean a 10 min drive away.
so i sent the instructor an email and waited and waited and waited.
well…she got back to me tonight!  turns out she missed my email – how she has no clue
anyways – she has invited me out to her class to try it for FREE!  first class is on her!!  i think – wait…i know that i am going to say yes!
i am kind of excited about it!  it’s really late at night though so that may be a struggle, but i am normally up till the wee hours so really, i’ll be doing something productive

anyone here ever Zumba?  you likey like?

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she chose me

i have been busy lately.  really busy.

busy with what you ask?

ohhhh…just falling in love.

hey…i wasn’t looking for love.  you know how it is….love finds you when you aren’t looking and smacks you upside the head.
oh love.

she was persistent.  she wouldn’t take no for an answer.  she touched my face and kissed me – and i was done.  looking into those eyes of hers sealed the deal.
i had to make her mine.

how could i turn away and leave and not take her with me?

out of all the people in the world…she chose me.  how lucky could a girl be?

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