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i’m bringin’ it

if there is one thing i love to do…it’s cook for other people.

there is something about feeding people…that makes me insanely happy.

that’s my sex appeal 🙂
throw me in the kitchen, let me cook you a meal, flash you my smile and give you my look
and i’ve been told – you’re done
it is a powerful tool…so please be careful if i invite you over for dinner

i have only had one epic fail (as the young kids say) in my life
i do not speak of it.
if you ask me about it…i will deny, deny, deny.


a while back i invited my crush over for a home cooked meal…
and it sealed the deal…
hook line and sinker baby.
we were together for 5 years.

go ahead and ask my ex…they will tell you it’s true.

my food is my go get ’em card…i play to win.

i have a special dinner date tonight.
dinner is in the oven.

what am i cooking you ask??

i am making my famous greek chicken and potatoes
bound to keep you glued to my hip for a life time
(ok, a little red wine helps too)

but you don’t eat potatoes i hear you say.

i know, i know…
i got me some green beans i am going to steam to have with my chicken

the potatoes are not for me…but will for certain be enjoyed.

i’ll take pictures later and post.

Happy Thursday night!!!

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kitchen randoms

after working out last night i made a cheesecake.  another world famous thing i make 🙂
i am going to a bbq tonight and decided to make it for my two most favourite women….ok, my 3 most favourite women…or is it 4?  lol
nothing like guilt free cheesecake…that doesn’t taste like crap!  if i must say so myself…my cheesecake rocks!
I enjoy baking…it’s gotta be an age thing.  years ago you couldn’t pay me money to actually cook anything.  the older i get, the more i love to cook and bake…i love feeding the people i love and entertaining.
but be very aware….the kitchen is mine.
everyone has their “thing”. everyone cooks/bakes a certain way….and when i do…it’s best to just leave me be.
i get into a mind set…and i am off.
I call it methodical madness lol
first my kitchen needs to start off clean.  not that it’s not…but i must start with a clean kitchen.
anything i use gets cleaned up right away…i wash dishes as i go…there is no such thing as spills or messes in my kitchen when i am cooking…
i am in the zone….i am cooking…and dammit the place will remain clean.
lord, the older i get the more i am my mother.  she is the exact same way.
elle bee on the other hand, cooks up a storm…makes mess a plenty as she does…and cleans everything up afterwards…spotless.
she stays outta my kitchen…and i gladly stay outta hers. lol
that’s all i got today.

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