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this could only happen to me

sometimes i have to blog because i cannot believe what happens in my life
i wanna write it down before i forget!

i wasn’t sure whether to post this here or at the blog next door – but since it is “health” related…here we go.

i don’t know about your neck of the woods, but over where i am…we had such a gorgeous day.
i cannot remember the last time i actually saw the sun…it was just beautiful here!

today was also gym day…and the idea of walking into a NON air-conditioned gym just made me unhappy.
i can tell you i will NOT be renewing my membership.


so i thought, why not go for a long walk.  you know, like the walks i took before winter set in.
the walks that helped me lose a bulk of my weight and gave me this gorgeous ass 🙂

the puppy has a ton of energy and i wanted to see how far she could go…
and so off we went.

it was sunny…blue skies gorgeous out there.  i was wearing my shades…life was good.

about half an hour in to my walk…it started to rain.  it was actually quite nice.
a light warm rain…
i love, love love walking in a summer rain.

but then things got crazy.

the sky went black.
and we were in the middle of a torrential down pour.
i mean i couldn’t see it was raining so hard.

then, the puppy vomited…twice.
no rhyme no reason…
and she had three poops and i had two poop bags…you do the math.

did i also mention i was in the middle of a torrential down pour?

we were at least a half hour away from home…and it was not letting up.

i am not sure if i mentioned that my puppy is a diva
i have no idea where she got that from!!
so she decided she had enough and stopped dead in her tracks and just sat on the sidewalk
she wasn’t budging.
i got her to move under a tree…that really provided no shelter…
my phone was getting soaked…and i was sure it was going to die.

after some coaxing i was able to convince her we had to go.
we started walking…very fast…and i heard yelling.
the yelling would not stop.
as i turned around…two ladies were motioning me over to their house…
they offered us to wait it out on their porch with them

i almost said no…i have no idea why…but i ran over and thanked them over and over.

we made small talk, they loved the puppy…and then finally one of the ladies offered me her umbrella so we could get home.

how amazingly sweet????

the rain let up a little bit so i decided to give the lady her umbrella back and race it home.
they offered me a towel…and also said if i were ever back by the house to stop by for some asparagus they were growing in their garden.

i thanked them again and was honestly a little overwhelmed at the kindness of these 2 strangers.

we made it home.  soaked to the bone.
i peeled off my clothes…dried my hair and put on my fat pants.
i looked in the mirror and thought i looked absolutely amazing with my waterproof mascara running down my face…
i am surprised i didn’t terrify those wonderful women!!

as i walked in to the main room, i looked out the window.

no rain.
nothing but blue skies and sunshine.

just my luck.

i am done.  officially home bound to chill out and enjoy the quiet solitude.
the puppy is beside me shaking, and i am all bundled up in my sweats…and it’s 20 degrees out there.
oy vay.

i deserve an iced coffee…but knowing my luck, as soon as i walk out the door…i may get struck by lightening.

maybe the gym wasn’t a bad idea after all.

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i consider myself to be a kind person.

i’m not one of those people who walks around with her head down avoiding eye contact
instead of saying hello to the people who pass me by.
my mamma didn’t raise no rude girl!

don’t get me wrong…i can go from nice to supreme bitch in .2 seconds
but i need to be provoked.
ask people that know me…i’ll give anyone a chance, but if you mess it up…you are best to leave me alone.
i am greek and i have a temper…and i am not afraid to use it!

with that being said, there is a man who works in the same building i do.
every time i would walk by him i would say good morning…and i would be lucky if i got a grunt out of him.
he always looked so miserable.

after a few times of me saying good morning with almost zero response i thought to hell with you
and just stopped being the sweet lovely lady that i am
and so i just ignored him.

months pass by and we are outside at the same time…at the same place.

doesn’t this man come over with a big smile on his face and say….
“if you don’t mind me saying so, you look amazing!  i’ve been noticing that you have been losing a lot of weight  well not A LOT but you know what i mean”

i guess my face was in total shock, because he pipes in…”don’t take that the wrong way, i didn’t mean anything by it, i just want to tell you that you look great.”

this man made my day.  and you know what?  he always says good morning to me now…and he’s the first to say it!

Yesterday I was short 15 cents for lunch…and the gentleman behind me paid my difference.
i think i will go downstairs to the cafeteria and buy him a coffee.  my kitchen lady can let him know.

The lesson here?  Kindness always wins.

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