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coffee, tea or me

it’s a random one today kids.

McDonald’s pissed me off this morning – again.

I take my hot coffee with a little bit of cream.  NO SUGAR.  by no sugar, i also mean no sweetener
face it, i am sweet enough.
If someone accidentally puts sugar in my coffee…i just can’t drink it.  I take a sip and my face looks like i just drank poison, or perhaps sucked on a lemon.
it’s just gross to me – i can’t have it in my coffee.

My tea??
i cannot have it without sugar. lol
it’s the complete opposite to my coffee.  and by sugar i mean sweetener.
if there is no sweetener i just can’t drink it!
why is that???

Iced Coffee??
it needs to be sweet.
so hot coffee – zero sugar.  iced coffee –  tons of sugar!!
i don’t get it.
it’s still coffee….so why do i like one sweet and one not sweet?
i can drink the iced coffee without sweetener – but it’s not as refreshing to me when it’s not sweet.

i’m an odd one i know.

So i was finally at my breaking point at McDonald’s today.
all week, specifically asking them to not add the sugary syrup in my iced coffee, but to just replace it with sweetener…i always get it with NO sweetener…
by the time i figure it out, i have left the parking lot and am in a mad hurry to get my already late butt to work.
i mutter some obscenities to myself cause it makes me feel better…and drink the iced coffee…begrudgingly of course

today when i ordered – i asked Katie if she could please make sure to put sweetener in my iced coffee as they have been forgetting all week.
sure she says…no problem and sorry about that.

i get my coffee – and they even wrote on the lid that it was made with sweetener.
I was happy!!

they lied.

there was no sweetener in it.

they made me have grumpy face this morning.
no one should ever have grumpy face on Friday’s – it’s the law.

So that’s my story.  Katie has disappointed me this week.

on to other news…i woke up with this song stuck in my head….if you want it stuck in yours, click here!

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pet peeve #888

when an abled body person would prefer to stand and wait

five minutes

yes five minutes for an elevator…

and then they get on and  they press floor #2.  they could have taken the stairs at least twice in that time period

that  seriously makes me mental.


that is all.
as you were.

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worse than i thought

months ago i started incorporating yogurt into my meals
it was my dessert.
not really low carb, but not terrible either.
it was my nightly snack.

i bought these cute little dessert bowls…perfect for my yummies.
one broke shortly after i got them
but the other one was still around.

until about a month ago.  it met its demise while washing dishes.
no big deal right?
one would think.

since then i have eaten yogurt twice.
’cause it just doesn’t taste the same in any other bowl
think i’m kidding?
i wish i were…cause i know how crazy that sounds.
i’ve lost my taste for it…and i have been unsuccessful in finding another bowl just like it.

which got me to thinking.

at home…i eat dinner with one fork.  a fork i’ve had since i was a child.
my wine…one very specific glass out of at least 8 others
my morning coffee?  yup, same mug every single morning…but wait it gets weirder
i have a different mug i only use on weekends.

closets and closets full of clothing…and i stick to the same few pieces over and over again
mind you, complaining all the while that i have no clothes
a million purses and i stick to one…
shoes…i can’t even count how many pairs i have, but tend to stick to one pair for each season.

food?  i could literally eat the same exact thing over and over and over again.
day after day after day.
until something inside me decides i’m done with it…then get to the next food…and lather rinse repeat!

my god.
it’s crazy isn’t it???

what’s scarier is i really haven’t noticed how bad it was till now.

does this even have a name???
am i certifiable?
wow – just wow!

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i have some


there was a big meeting today…and as all big meetings go…there were left over treats.

my desk seems to be the area of temptation..seriously.  all extremely fattening food ends up right beside me.

most days i have willpower that would knock you on your ass.
this time the treats knocked me on my ass.

ya know, with the learning curve i am going through right now at work, and the stress this role involves…
i had no hope.


the brownie was mine.

i ate it…and i loved it…and i loved it some more.

today was supposed to be my night off at the gym.

instead i ended up there…on a mission.  45 minutes of intense elliptical…never mind the weights before hand
just to kill the guilt.

the rational part of my brain says chill out bee…it was a brownie….

the perfectionist in me…said…suck it up lady…you did it to yourself.

i gotta tell ya…i feel worlds better now.

that is all 🙂

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