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slight glitch

so i’ve been a work out machine over the past few months

the odd part of it all?

i am loving it. i think that “loving” could be an understatement actually

it’s the highlight of my day – almost every single day

i am in love with Shaun T and his Cize dvd’s
seriously i cannot get enough

So over the weekend
i was wired. i don’t know where my energy came from
but i had a lot of it

i worked out for 2 hours on the Saturday
and i felt amazing

Sunday i did another hour and a half
and when i was done
my ankle just felt “off”

so i did what any other sane person would do
and did another hour on Monday

by the end of that work out
i was in pain
soooo much pain

i managed to get myself showered – and almost fell going up the stairs

i could barely put any weight on my foot

look down…and my ankle had been replaced by a softball
or so it seemed

and what did i do the next day?
loaded up on advil – bought an ankle support thingy – hobbled the whole day through
and still intended on working out
(how i am not really sure)

it didn’t happen

i ended up going to the walk in on wednesday
i could have swore something was cracked in there

(i should mention, i parked two blocks away…on purpose…to get more exercise – yes even though i believed i might have a fractured ankle.  i’m a sad human)

after a few xrays – i was all clear
no fracture

just a bad sprain – caused by the bad sprain i had a couple years ago

no working out for at least a week


the doc said i was able to go on walks though

so i will walk

10k is not considered a work out is it?

cause that’s what i was going to do. that night i got dressed…not giving a damn what i looked like
(and i looked ahhhmazing)


i started my very fast paced 10k

until i stopped

and managed 4k
4k too many i think

because wow – by the time i got home
i had tears in my eyes
and couldn’t even get myself to the couch

advil and ice
my new best friends

but the problem my friends is….

i just can’t sit still

so i did it again tonight

i debated working out – but talked myself out of it

took a new scenic route today
and almost cried

i’d say about 60% of that walk was on an incline
and my ankle doesn’t seem to like it that much

but i made it


i’m stretched out on my couch
icing my poor excuse for an ankle

feeling somewhat defeated
but thinking of ways to still get my groove on

you know what’s a little frightening?

i am getting more exercise with a bummed out ankle
than i was just a few months ago
when i was physically capable
almost twice as much from what my fitbit is telling me

another scary thought?

i’ve been at this for quite some time
and don’t really notice a physical difference
which is really defeating
other people have commented
but the weight loss is excruciatingly sloooowwwwww

it’s true
the older you get
the harder it is to drop the weight
and that’s a sad sad realization
when i know i will be in a bathing suit in about a month

poor me

so that’s it

i’m sitting here
ankle throbbing
convinced i will be cured
and will get my groove on in my underpants tomorrow

positive thinking never hurt right?

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it’s true

i’m an injured bee

i am not sure what happened
but an old injury has decided to come up and bite me in the ass

if you have read my blog
you will know
that i quit running after i got hit by a car
(actually a couple of cars but whose counting)

so many years later i picked up running again
to find myself far away from home
with debilitating pain in my shins

shin splints

they are not for the weak

so i researched how to treat this and was doing well
and then i sprained my ankle and was out of commission for a good year – no joke

since the weather has been unusually nice in my parts
i have been loving getting outdoors for long walks

at first my shins would hurt for the first 10-15 min
and then the pain would disappear
the other night i did a 5k – at a slower pace than usual
because my shins hurt pretty much until i got back home

it was an excruciating walk

i wondered if it could be my shoes
but they are new – and i was fitted for them
so it can’t be that

i guess this old injury has reared it’s nasty head
and that my friends
makes for a very sad bee.

they don’t hurt at all when i am walking casually
it’s just when i pick up my pace
and any slight incline is enough to make me cry

they recommend
not walking for 6-8 WEEKS!

i cannot do that
but if i don’t do that – i apparently will make it worse
so what am i to do?

my body is literally itching
to get my runners on and go go go
but i don’t know if i should

and really why bother
if i can only go at a normal non sweaty pace?

*insert big fat dramatic sigh here*

it really sucks
because i am going away in a month
and i figured – another month of exercising
may help me drop a couple of pounds
and make me feel a little bit more comfortable in my skin

oh well

i might throw in a Shaun T work out
and see how my legs handle that

woe is me

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damaged goods

that’s me.  damaged 😦
i managed to have my first work out related injury yesterday, and i gotta tell you…it’s not pleasant.
i raced home after work to fit in a work out before meeting up with a friend for dinner.  it was her birthday yesterday and i was excited to see her and spend part of her day with her!
Anyways i had quite the day at work yesterday.  the kind of day that i would punch a mere stranger if i thought it would make me feel better…but i thought…meh, save it for the work out.
I was totally pumped for this work out.  I was giving it my all…all my aggression just melting away.  with every kick and punch and funky dance move…i was feeling better.
until something wonky happened in my shoulder.
i dunno what the hell it was or how to even begin explaining it.
i felt this slight burn…and all of a sudden my shoulder felt like it was an elastic band that quickly lost all it’s elasticity.
it hurt…it burned…but not enough to make me stop my work out.  I remember thinking…work through the pain bee.
And so i did.  i finished the work out…showered, got dressed and picked up my bff for some bday goodness.
at this point…i was in pain.
but it doesn’t feel like my muscle is in that much pain…more so my shoulder bone.  it feels bruised…and my skin is all patchy red.  weird.
I got home and couldn’t remember what you did for a pulled muscle..which is totally what i am assuming i have.  do you apply hot then cold or just cold or just heat??  So i just applied heat.
I had a craptastic sleep.
Last night i was debating whether i should work out tonight.  this morning…the answer is a big fat no.  no no no.
Maybe i will go out for a long walk tonight…so i don’t feel like i haven’t done anything…of course..minus the dog.
And as if that wasn’t bad enough….at 5am i found myself sitting up in bed yelping away in pain…apparently my body thought it would be hilarious to give me a charlie horse…you know…just for fun.
this is the second time in my life i have had one.  the first one was about a year ago…at the exact same time.  5 am. 
Crawling out of bed this morning…all hunched over…gimpy leg in tow…
i just had to laugh.  this was totally the universes way of evening things out. it had to be.  life was just too amazingly awesome as of late.  something had to come along and piss me off.
ahhh it’s a bee’s life.
on to other news…a few of you have asked for the address to my personal blog.  just send me an email. it is currently going under some major renos….but it will only be a few days me thinks.
have a good one kids…hope your night was better than mine and your day even better!

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