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the dog days of summer

this picture was taken a couple of months ago…but thought it was a great one to share since i do believe we will be hitting temperatures around 105 yet again today.

this is puppy’s first cone experience…on a beautiful pre-spring day.

i am living vicariously through her today 🙂

this song has been stuck in my head since last night.  go ahead..listen to it.  i double dog dare ya.

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i’m so bad

i’m good 🙂

Since i am still on vacation mode until the end of today…i am gonna enjoy being bad…

and if i am gonna be bad…i am gonna go be baaaaaaad.

on today’s menu, is something i probably haven’t made in almost 2 years.

today i will be making my world-famous cannelloni. (yes, world famous…if you don’t believe me you should come over and have dinner with me!)
If you don’t know what that is, it’s pasta stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese.

also..i shall be making a Caesar salad, and for dessert…ice cream.

tomorrow…i am back to hardcore baby, but today…today i’m going to be bad.

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god help me

the picture should speak volumes as to how i am feeling!
what the hell is wrong with me????
6:30am, i got a sudden craving for brownies.  i kinda pushed it from my head…and a couple of hours later it was my strongest thought.
but it doesn’t end there…no it sure doesn’t.
from out of nowhere…an Eatmore took over my head…which lead me to a peanut buster parfait from dairy queen…to a strong need for a mcflurry with smarties and oreos.
and of course a chocolate milk…
then there were the white chocolate chip cookies from subway….and a joe louis.
which then reminded me how good wagon wheels tasted.
what is wrong with me?
this from a girl who doesn’t even like sweets….who never craves them unless i am extremely hormonal…which i am not.
what gives???
someone, quick, pass me a salad stat!

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