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i think i have mentioned it here before…
it’s hard to keep track where i say what sometimes…so excuse me if i repeat myself.

i have been so hungry lately.
not your average, i feel like a snack kind of hungry.
i mean stomach growling, feeling faint kind of hungry.
it’s been like this for the past month or so.

i don’t know why my appetite has taken such a drastic turn.
i was at my parents place the other day…and they always make sure they feed me well.
they even purposely make a lot of food so i can take leftovers home.
they feed me so much, often times i think i will blow.
i got back from their place and what happened? my stomach was growling, to the point i am sure that my neighbours could hear it.
what is up with me???

so enter this morning.
my stomach was growling before i even got outta bed.
i have never in my life been this insatiable!

i usually keep a stash of goodies in my drawer at work…like peanuts, or something small i can snack on to make it through to lunch.

i opened my drawer this morning…and nadda.  not a nut to be found (other than me of course)
there’s gum but i’m pretty sure that doesn’t count.
there is nothing in that drawer i can eat…
there is a kaleidoscope and origami paper…but c’mon…i ain’t that hungry!

2 more hours until i can feed the monsters in my belly
until then, water it is.

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the battle of the belly

i don’t know what is wrong with me..but i have been soooo hungry these past couple of weeks.
i am talking famished.

i am not over eating or anything, at least i have that in check…
but my body is restless.
my belly wants food all the time.

this has happened on more than one occasion, but i was laying in bed last night..my tummy began to talk back.
i mean loud grumbling that woke up my puppy and put her in protective mode.
yes that’s right…she started growling back at my belly.
there i was laying in bed laughing at myself.  good times 🙂

i have woken up in the middle of the night…half asleep i raid the fridge…
everything requires some sort of prep…so i settle for some water and head back to bed.

i am pretty sure i know what’s going on.

i have been more free with my carb in take.  no, nothing insane…just introducing some stuff back in to my life…and i think my body is telling me i’m adding too much too fast.

since i stopped eating yogurt at home…i started eating it at work.  this is a fruit yogurt with fresh fruits and granola.  i am sure the yogurt is packed with sugar…and no…i don’t feel guilty for eating a little granola…but i think the sugar is making me hungry!  these yogurt parfaits are made fresh in the morning, so there is no nutritional info listed…so who knows how much sugar i am really consuming.

i had some rye toast on a breakfast date this past weekend…but again…i don’t feel guilty about it…but i think my body is having a hard time processing what’s going on.

it’s time i pulled out the ol’ Atkins book.

although i still wouldn’t mind if i lost a pound or two, that is no longer my focus.  i’ve been able to maintain my weight loss for some time…and i am pretty sure the gym is the reason.  i think that by working out…my options concerning food have opened up.
the gym is just going to be a reality for the rest of my life…and i love it enough to be ok with that.

but in the mean time…i want to start incorporating more foods in to my life.  it’s time.
i’ve been unusually scared of this place – the “maintenance” stage…and i have been putting it off.
in the past…i’ve come to this point, only to turn around and ruin everything i worked so hard for…
not this time.  there is no room in my life for failure.

so i am going to have a hot date with mr. atkins tonight…lay in bed and curl up with his book and read up on the maintenance stage.
lets hope my belly, and the puppy don’t duke it out!

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muffin top

someone at work was kind enough to bring muffins in today.

i guess it being Friday and all.

not only were they nice enough to bring these in, but they were also kind enough to place them right beside my desk.

did i mention i am hungry?  starving actually.

did i mention that i actually went over to the box and contemplated munching on one???

oy vay.

i know they mean well…but c’mon.  that’s just mean!

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