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shakira was right

hips don’t lie.
my bff came over for a sleep over the other night.
we had food ordered in…had a few drinks and just chatted up a storm.
the conversation turned to working out…
and i mentioned that i no longer really feel the “burn” of working out.
like…my muscles are no longer mad at me the next day…
except for my hips.
after walking and working out…my hips feel like they got the greatest work out.
and i wondered why.
she was able to answer my question in two simple words.
“you’re old”
but true.
when any part of your conversation consists of the word arthritis, when you discuss retirement goals, and talk about the books you read…
old would be a good descriptive word.
but in my defense…i do believe i made it until 1:30 in the morning!
so my hip-ache has nothing to do with a kick ass work out, feeling the burn, etc
it just simply means
that i’m old.
pass me my sweater, i’ve got a chill.

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