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game on

it’s official

i just booked my vacation today!!!!

i cannot believe how blessed my life is

i made a promise to myself a few years ago – to simply travel more

go and live and love my life

and now my countdown can officially begin!!!!

my nutrition has been on point
but my working out has been non existent

come monday – that is all going to change

not that there’s anything wrong with my current bikini body
but a little exercise can’t hurt

so often we talk about physical health/transformation

what about mental health?
spiritual health?

a couple of years ago i promised to take care of me
in all aspects

my soul being priority

this vacation has set my soul on fire

i can’t wait!

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day of awesome

yesterday was a good day.

scratch that – yesterday was an awesome day.

from the moment i opened my eyes…to the moment i went to bed….it was awesome.

i had an extremely productive day at work and got caught up on the days that i missed.
i left the office ahead of myself!!!

i got a totally random and completely unexpected “i love you more” text message from someone – well someone that i adore and love more than the cows in Newfoundland – and so that totally made my morning.
(you know who you are!)

as i wrote yesterday – it was going to be my first day back at the gym after a week of not going.
i was a little worried since i still have remnants of my cold – especially in my chest
but it was amazing!!!!!!
i had a kick ass night at the gym.  i didn’t feel winded or exhausted – it was just awesome!!!

i went home and treated myself to a long hot bubble bath.  the bubble bath was jasmine scented.  i have never had anything jasmine scented – and i just loved it…i awakened all my senses.
it was heavenly

then i had dinner made for me.  an awesomely delicious kick ass low carb dinner.  it was sooooooo very good!!!
(mmm, now i’m hungry lol)

later in the evening i caught up with two very important people in my life.  talk about feeling the love…that was just awesome!!!!!!

umm….oh yeah…i finally found my favourite Gavin Degraw song on Youtube – so now i can continue on my quest to make everyone fall in love with this song.
yay me!

i went to bed at a decent hour last night.  that never happens.  i only woke up a couple of times choking/coughing which is a total improvement.

i didn’t want to get out of bed this morning – but i never want to get out of bed – so that’s nothing new.  have you slept in my bed??? lol  you wouldn’t want to get outta bed either.

So i am trying my best to make today an extension of yesterday.  awesome.
(i hope i didn’t jinx myself!)

if you feel like sending me a random i love you text message (if i know you and love you of course, otherwise that would just be weird) please go right ahead!!

i will leave you with my awesome song choice of the day.
click here for some gavin

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they say…

laughter is the best medicine…and i would have to agree.

there is nothing better than getting together with friends and laughing.
you know the kind…the one that starts in the pit of your stomach…and makes you cry from joy.
i love belly laughing.
i love crying from laughing so hard.

what can be better for your health?  good friends, lots of laughs…and making memories.

While i was at a bbq, my friend and i decided to head over to the corner store.

there was a stand full of sunglasses that i of course had to look through…

and these are what i found:

aren’t they awesome???  my god.  i thought they were bad as is….and then i discovered they did tricks.  take a look lol

I DIED!!!  i mean why on earth do you need glasses like this?  why??!?!?!?

i was laughing so hard, that the guy who owned the variety store couldn’t help but start laughing himself lol
we sat there for a few minutes just laughing. (although i am pretty sure he was laughing at what the flourescent lighting did to my hair!)
sooooo funny.

My friend tried to talk me in to buying them.  I am kicking myself in the ass for not getting them now.  I just love them.  Maybe i can get my friend to buy them for me…

Anyways i couldn’t leave the store empty handed…so i ended up buying these babies.  Not as bad…right?

I am still laughing.

Hope this post made you smile today 🙂

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willow tree

the scenery at work is beautiful i gotta say.

so i had my lunch…i feasted on a mushroom swiss burger – no bun of course…with steamed veggies.

i took a walk around our man built lake and just chilled under one of the many willow trees we have.
willow trees are my very favourite.  we have a long history the willow tree and i.

so as i was chillin’ with nature, i ran into our newest residents.  the picture is bad because for some reason my “zoom” on my camera isn’t working…but take a look.

I could have stayed outside all day!

baby goosers!!!!

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saturday smile

i dare you not to smile when you look at this face!!!

nothing like a huge dose of cuteness to make your day.

she’s sayin’ ” i am sooooo happy i get to spend the whole weekend with my mommy bee!! i love her sooooo much!”


Hope your weekend is filled with as much happiness…and love!

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