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lead me not into temptation

it’s Halloween night.

you’d think this would be a dieters worst nightmare come to life.
it sure can be.

not in my life tho.

where i live, kids are not allowed to go door to door.
instead, we buy treats for the kids and they are given to the little trick-or-treaters in the lobby.

the down side to this is you don’t get to see the little ones all dressed up
something about little cutie pies all dressed up makes my uterus ache.

the upside?
no chocolate in the house…which means  zero temptation to eat a butt load of sugar just ’cause it’s there…and more importantly no middle of the night sleep eating (yes there is a post somewhere on this blog about that)
sooooo i get to watch my Sara Bareilles on tv with no interruptions (insert squishy swoony face here)

i don’t know why – but i don’t even have the desire to eat crap.  someone actually brought in chocolates to work – and i had none
although i forced my coworker to eat a peanut butter cup for me – i wanted to live vicariously through his taste buds.
apparently i enjoyed it very much – although i am desperately sorry i had to force my coworker into the empty calories

Happy Halloween everyone!

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chocolate covered kisses

i deserve an award of some sort.
Halloween weekend and i got by unscathed. 
well…pretty much.
i was surrounded by little tiny chocolate pieces.
everywhere i looked…there they were.
and of course everyone in my life kept offering me chocolate
there was no getting away from it i tell you.
it would have been easy to eat a few…i mean they were tiny little single serving chocolates…
i could have totally rationalized with myself…just one!
but i didn’t
and actually i had zero desire to.
thank god my hormonal suckfest is over…otherwise there would have been none left for the kids.
besides i had way more fun watching my little monkey dipping in to the candy dish and helping herself.
unwrapping the chocolate all by herself…because after all, she is a two-year old genius!
her cute little lips covered in chocolate goodness.
she thought that was a good time to come over and give me kisses.
i laughed and pushed her away saying noooooooooo…which she found amusing and wanted even more to smother me in kisses.
i lost the battle. – i must admit i didn’t resist that hard.
kiss after kiss after sweet baby kiss – with remnants of Aero and Kit Kat.
second-hand sugar consumption.
it was well worth it….those sweet chocolate covered kisses.
i mean look at her!  she is so sweet my teeth just ache at the sight of her.
on to totally unrelated news, i found this comment on the blog next door.  loved it so much i wanted to share:

          ”  Holding hands is a gesture that can express quite the emotion. After all, the spaces between our fingers were created so that another’s could fill them in, isn’t that so? That’s probably why it’s so hard for some of us to let go.
Keep writing…”

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