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this is how i’d look

have you all seen that episode of Friends where Pheobe and Rachel decide to go running together?  Rachel stopped running with Pheobe cause Pheobe looked like she was having some kind of epileptic seizure…and then Rachel decided to run just like her! lol

it was funny…and if you have no idea what i am talking about click here.

I am certain that is what i would look like if i picked up running again – either that or end up flat on my face!!

I found this on Pinterest  – and yeah, it says it all!

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i am thankful

i am thankful for so much in my life:

~for the love i have – it is overwhelming and amazing

~for my family – my blood family and the one i have created

~for my friends – for the old and the new

~for my health – i am reminded that my health is a gift and i should never take it for granted

~for my home – it’s not much but it is where i want to be

~for my animals – who make me smile each and every day

~for enough money to eat – even if at times it is poorly

~for my job – which allows me to live the life that i live

~for my words – that i am still able to feel passion for writing

~for my past – it’s made me the strong, beautiful person i am today

~for this community – i have met so many inspirational people – some i call friends

i have…in abundance…everything i need.   i am extremely thankful.  i will try to remember this every single day.  it is so easy to think about the things you don’t have, rather than to be thankful for the things you do.  I have much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate today. and even if you don’t – there is never a better time to remember what you are thankful for than right now.

what are you thankful for?

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houston, we are having a breakdown

well it finally happened
bee had a tad of a melt down yesterday.  i looked a little like this lol

as per usual, i raced home to take my sweet puppy outside for a walk.
raced back in and got dressed for the gym.
right before i left…i felt a little woozy and nauseous.  no worries…i figured it would pass.

ran downstairs to meet GB, got in her car…and my world started spinning
“i don’t feel so good” i said.
she asked if i wanted to stay home…and i said no way – this will pass.

we pulled into the parking lot…and i have the sweats, crazy beating heart…and i still feel nauseous.
my world is spinning – and i am getting ready to go in and do some cardio.
what is wrong with this picture???

GB after looking at me like i had 5 heads told me i probably shouldn’t go in feeling the way i do.
it took a bit of convincing – but alas i did not go.

we grabbed an iced coffee and headed to the lake for some fresh air.

10 minutes later i told her we could go try working out.
she laughed at me and ignored me.

i don’t know what i was thinking – but there is no way i could have worked out.

i went home and that’s when it all spiraled out of control.

i washed some dishes, got my recyclables together…and thought about dinner.
all the while debating whether i should run out and get my butt to the gym.

i felt so guilty.  missing one day at the gym totally screwed up my schedule.

now i had to rearrange everything.

my life is all about structure.  it never has been before…but now it has to be….for me to be remotely successful

when was i going to do everything else??

i was defeated…i felt an immense guilt inside…that i was failing.  i am wonder woman…i am supposed to be able to do everything!
i can handle anything.

but at that moment i felt so overwhelmed.  i felt like a soccer mom – without the kids.
i felt completely and utterly defeated – and damn tired.

but i keep that all in.  no room for complaining that i am tired, or stressed…overwhelmed…
who really wants to hear that?
i am not a whiner by nature.  i tough it out.  i am strong like bull.

so i sat there in my guilt.  i have a Greek mother (sorry ma) i was groomed to feel guilt over everything.
if you sat me down and told me world hunger was actually my doing…i would guarantee you i’d feel guilty about that too!!

i just have no time – and my body finally let me process that.
i can’t remember the last time i sat down and was able to pay attention to one of my favourite shows on tv.
i used to watch Criminal Minds in bed before i fell asleep…and now i can’t get through 10 minutes of it.
i am just so damn tired.

so what did i do?
what any sensible girl would do.
i cried over my steamed broccoli – and analyzed every single aspect of my life and fed my enormous guilt with my tears.
i had a pity party for one…and then stopped.

took the puppy to the dog park and got lots of love from puppies which made me feel worlds better.
i mean what heart would not melt from puppy kisses???

oh…and i feel better today.
i felt better right after i ate…i suppose i was crazy hungry.

oh and in case you are even questioning…i still am wonder woman.
i will always kick serious ass.
i am sure even wonder woman breaks down now and then.

self portrait

and if you care at all…this is what my horoscope says today:

Be more realistic about what you can do. You might be a bit overly sensitive about what you are offering in a situation. Everyone feels limited at times. Don’t push so hard right now. Tonight: Let someone else treat.

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water for elephants

going to the gym with GB is fun
it always has been.
i have no issues going to the gym alone – i go alone about twice a week
i am no longer concerned with who is there or who is looking at me
i could care less

but it seems like time goes on forever when i am alone.

when GB and i are together…she does her own thing while i am doing my weights
but we meet afterwards and do the elliptical together
so we talk, laugh and catch up on the day
and before you know it our half hour is up.

when i am alone, a half hour seems like a lifetime.

Sometimes there is music on in the gym…but most times there isn’t.
i seem to go to the gym at the same time another regular goes
and he sets all the tv’s on the sci-fi channel…and honestly…i’d rather watch paint dry.

i have started bringing the ipod to my work outs when i am alone
i am constantly reminding myself to use my inside voice when i have those headphones in
because my natural instinct tells me to break out in song.

so now i’ve started to think about other things i can do while i am getting my sweat on.

i love to read.  i mean big love.
but really…i have no time.  none.
i get into bed at night and attempt to pick up my book…and i am out like a light
i’ve been wanting to finish The Girl Who Played With Fire for months now.
it’s just not going to happen. not at a fast pace anyways.

So i started to think…
maybe i should download an audio book.  listen to a book while i am working out!
best of both worlds yes?

I purchased Water for Elephants over the weekend (the movie)
I’ve been wanting to read the book for ages.  Reese Witherspoon is in the movie…and i love her crazy.  say what you will about her, i don’t care…i love me some Reese and will watch any movie she is in…corny or not.
BUT – i really want to read the book first.  I am weird like that.  if any movie has a book – i prefer the book first.

So i downloaded the book – Water for Elephants and off i went to the gym.

At first it was so hard to get in to it.  My mind constantly wanders…i drift off in thought all the time.
so imagine listening to a book and then your mind wanders away.  it’s so easy NOT to concentrate at the gym!

So i did my best to stay focused…and finally i was able to actually listen and retain.  go me!!!
i got in to it so much that i went 10 minutes longer than usual on my elliptical.

this is perfect!!!  i am getting my “reading” done and burning calories.

I am off to the gym tonight alone – and now i am totally ok with it…cause i want to listen to the book.

going to the gym is like being in a relationship – always thinking of ways to keep things fresh and new lol
good times 🙂

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too funny not to share

my friend is currently in the hospital attempting to birth her child

her stubborn child that shoulda came a couple of weeks ago.

we are texting back and forth

yes that’s right…she is in labour…trying to get this child out  and she is text messaging me.  god i love technology.

so she is giving me the scoop…water broke, she got her epidural etc etc.

but she is just not dilating.

texting back and forth back and forth back and forth

finally…having enough of this waiting around business i text her back..

“wouldja tell your vagina to get with the program”

(i laughed so hard at my own joke all by myself – sad really)

and the texting just stopped.

maybe it did the trick 😉

or maybe, just maybe  – i went too far?

pffft, never!

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mr. sun you tease me

i am sure i repeat myself on this blog
it’s bound to happen when you have over 300 posts!
wow…crazy ehh?

i am working from home today…which i know i have talked about before.
believe it or not, i prefer going in to the office.
everything i need is at my finger tips and on a really busy day it’s just easier.
besides…i don’t need to fend for myself when it comes to lunch…someone makes it for me!

sometimes though…there is nothing better than waking up, brewing my coffee and starting up the computer
in my jammies and bed head 🙂
today would be one of those days.

but the sun is teasing me and asking me to come outside and play.

knowing i was working from home…i did not go grocery shopping last night
being at home – gives me ample opportunity to eat…just because.
the fridge is feet away…and c’mon i gotta stretch my little legs…and my stomach lol

i am going to pick up some chicken and veggies for lunch me thinks
then….perhaps a Starbucks coffee and take a walk around the lake with the puppy.
i am never here during the day so this must feel like xmas for her!
besides…what better opportunity to get a little sun kissed.

these are the little luxuries i have when i work from home.

i gave up my gym day today to meet up with some people after work…
we are meeting at my favourite wing place.
i don’t know these people – and so i will not be eating my wings.

i am there to charm and wow…
nothing says charming like suckin’ on a chicken bone with sauce all over your face
salad it is…and a gym make up day tomorrow – if i am not exhausted from shopping till i drop of course 🙂
i think the outlet malls in Niagara Falls are calling my name!!

Happy Friday my friends, have an awesome weekend!

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i did not rapture

not even a little bit.

i took all the things my ma ever told me…and made sure to do ’em

you know, always look your best…always wear clean underwear (who doesn’t do that?)

i gave myself a pretty pedicure last night.  purple.  although i am not sure why i cheaped out and didn’t pay someone to do it for me
i mean i can’t take it with me when i go right?
i heard somewhere God likes purple…so i thought that would be my perfect in.
i applied my makeup oh so perfectly…
spent all my savings placing billboards all around the city announcing the end of the world…
slept in my sunday best – like they did on the titanic.
and nothing.
i chose a burrito from Burrito Boyz as my last meal.
it was amazingly sinful
i had no guilt.  not at all.
did i really want my last supper to be low carb???
i mean the whole world was gonna be shot in a couple of hours…right?

i am still here.

and now that i have not raptured…i am forced to go to the gym today – on my day off
and burn off the guilt that is my burrito

oh and i really didn’t do any of the above…
other than a really perdy pedi…
for my hot rockin’ time out tonight
(but it’s too damn cold to show ’em off – just my luck)

bahhhh humbug.

i’m glad everyone survived the end of the world…
then again…i haven’t heard from anyone in a while.
off to go make some phone calls!

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the power of friendship

i had a day yesterday.  not a bad day.  just a day.

i was unexpectedly sucked into a time vortex and it had me feeling rather blaaaahhhhh.

nothing good comes from over thinking anything…especially things that you cannot change.
i was going to blog about it yesterday…but i didn’t even have the energy to put in words what it was that i was feeling.
i didn’t even know what it was that i was feeling.
besides it would be a blog next door thing…

i like to use my past as a measuring tool.  to see where i came from and where i am now.
i certainly don’t like to sit in it and dwell and think and wonder about the what ifs and run scenarios around in my head that ultimately…at the end of the day really just don’t matter.
the past is buried.  you cannot bring back to life what’s dead…
am i making any sense? lol
it’s ok…it’s for me to understand anyways.

it is what it is.

and what it was yesterday was gym day.

i had zero desire to go get my sweat on if i gotta be honest with you.
i just wanted to go home and bake a cheesecake…and eat it lol
or better yet, i just wanted to go home and drink a glass of wine or two.

but my gym buddy was not cancelling on me.
if she wasn’t cancelling…i couldn’t either.

so we went with me having zero motivation – which i gotta say…never happens.
i just didn’t want to be there.
i just wanted to be at home chewing and mulling thoughts…cause you know that’s productive!

my gym buddy… who i shall refer to as GB from now on..as it takes less time to type out…
knew what was going on in my head…as we talked during the day.
she knew where i was at…and it was her mission to get me outta that head space.

she had me on an elliptical race.  we went on one…and it just didn’t feel right
and so we went to the other side of the room on two other ones…where they still didn’t feel right…
i guess i had a pained expression on my face…
and we looked at eachother…
which initiated the kind of laughter i can only describe as forbidden.
you know the kind…laughing hysterically at church…or a funeral.
the more we tried not to laugh, the louder it came out…with me at one point actually trying to
cross my legs while on the elliptical…cause well…i was gonna pee in my pretty yoga pants.
i do believe if i had a free hand i woulda grabbed my crotch and done my famous pee-pee dance
(ok it’s only famous around my friends, but whatever don’t judge me!)

we got looks…we were outta control…
we couldn’t breathe from working out and laughing at the same time.

and in that very moment i knew i was exactly where i needed to be.

and in that very moment i was grateful for my amazing friendships, grateful for the people that get me…understand the way my head works and bring me out of it.

ya know…each friend in my life is uniquely different….
with GB i can vent to my heart’s content…and laugh until the tears run down my face.

and so the world didn’t end yesterday because i was forced down memory lane.
(it’s supposed to end on the 21st anyways right?)
no, the world did not shut down and stop existing…

the world is exactly as it should be…and i was reminded that where i am…is more than good enough..because… i am loved.

sooooooooooooooooo anyways…

in honour of my girl Adele performing in my awesome city tonight…click here to get your hump on 🙂

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how the conversation went

i was at the gym with my gym buddy yesterday…

we were doing our own thing

she was doing her elliptical and i was doing some leg presses.

and this is the conversation we had:

me: i think i am going to stop working my legs out so much – my thighs are big enough!  i don’t need to make them bigger.

her: the only thing big on you is your nose…and your mouth woman!

well…I NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

i could not stop laughing!

i’ve been told my whole life i have a big mouth…but my nose???  most people have enough couth to leave my schnoz out of it…even if it is big.
i’m Greek, what can i say.
is there a weight loss remedy that will shrink it?

can’t wait to see what happens tonight!

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is kinda like heaven 🙂

i got to sleep in on a Friday…

i am sipping on my 2nd cup of delish coffee…

going to get ready for a kick ass session at the gym (leaving my ipod at home)

then…i shall treat myself to a manicure, a lovely dinner…

and then off to spend time with lovely friends and a ton of puppies.

heaven right?

Happy Bunny weekend!!

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