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just incase you missed it

my beautiful friend Keri was on Ellen again today.

i dare you to watch this clip of her and not cry.

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this experience…

she is so real and awesome and amazing and and and……

Keri, we are SO proud of you!!!

take a look and fall in love with Keri

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you must, must, MUST

turn on your tv today…

and tune in to Ellen.

That’s right, my crazy little newfie friend was invited back!!  she will be on today…but she is not telling why!!

So i have no idea why she is on the show today…but she is!!

that little newfie chick rocks my socks something fierce!

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two words

there are 2 words that i don’t generally use on a regular basis
at least not in a positive way.
those 2 words are:
gym membership.
if you read my blog you know that gyms and i are not friends.
from past experience, it was a complete waste of my money.
never mind the literal anxiety attacks i would have.
nothing is worth that kind of misery.
could i be having a change of heart?
i was talking to a friend yesterday who wants to get more active
she shares the same feelings about gyms as me….
but then we thought…what if we go together??
all of a sudden the gym doesn’t seem like a scary place to be!
going with someone will actually make me go.
i can’t stand my friend up!
we can motivate eachother and be eachother’s support.
sounds like a good idea yes?
i have two gyms literally right beside my house.
i am going to do some research and see what i can find out.
an added benefit to all this…
my company will reimburse me up to 250.00 dollars on a membership.
(hahaha i originally wrote membershit lol)
wow – did hell just freeze over?  is my butt actually going to step foot in a gym?
i am most certainly considering it.
say it ain’t so!

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