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the bee special – pics

this is what i had for lunch today:

it’s not always the same thing.  today i had ham…but i sometimes have egg salad or chicken salad.  today it was coleslaw – i usually have fresh veggies.
and yes, that is one pickle on my salad.  i tend to go a little crazy with pickles so i just have one for the sake of having one.

And of course my cucumber sandwich that has won everyone in the office over.

don’t worry – my hands are clean.  besides it’s going into my mouth anyways!

i could eat that every single day of my life – and i pretty much do Monday through Friday.

thought you’d like to see what the bee special actually looked like!  did you notice how all my food is separated?  issues much? lol


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i am alive!!!

i am alive!

i survived the meetings – barely!

the days were long and exhausting.  Tuesday started at 6am and i didn’t arrive home until about 8:30 that night.
Repeat again the next day.

i was on information overload.  I learned alot which is always a good thing…i was always on my best behaviour – because i am a good girl like that 🙂
lol, never mind, being on my best behaviour took alot outta me too.

I don’t think i have recovered completely yet – but the weekend is fast approaching and i see sleeping in in my near future.

on the agenda that we received, it said that breakfast would be “served” at 7:30.
when i read that i assumed it was a hot breakfast and there would be items there that i would be able to eat…as did other people.
i should never assume.  the only hot item there was coffee.
breakfast consisted of bagels. croissants, muffins, donuts and cookies i believe.
that table was a vision of health let me tell you.
i was prepared though and had brought snack size bags of nuts.

To my surprise my lunches were low carb!  Sure they had carbolicious items on the buffet, but there was enough salad, steamed veggies and meat to do the trick!!!
and dinner was much of the same!!!

Here i was thinking that i would have nothing to eat…and after every meal i was full and content.

big score!!!

on to other news…my face seems to be reliving it’s teenage years.  isn’t clear skin one of the benefits of getting older?
ugh – i wish the rest of my body wanted to relive it’s teenage years…i would gladly walk around in my 17 year old rockin’ body any day!!!

that’s my update.  not much i know – but i thought i’d let you all know that i am alive!!

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cheating and nightmares

yesterday was a cheat day. not a cheat day, but a cheat dinner.  i had some Chinese food 🙂  it wasn’t a crazy cheat, but it was stuff i normally just don’t eat
it was gooooooood!!

i proceeded to have a rough night.
i will explain.

it doesn’t help that yesterday was a highly emotional day.
i spent the better part of the morning driving like a mad fool – trying to get to someone.
i really believed that someone i love very much was dead.
true story.
and a long story
so i am not even going to get in to it.  but all is well…no one is dead…the world is as it should be
but i gotta tell you, i was left drained.
absolutely exhausted.

enter in Chinese food and well…the rest will make sense.

i had nightmare after nightmare last night.

people that are no longer a part of my life were in my dreams
being rude, mean and bully-like

i dreamt about worms and maggots – millions of them all over the ground
being collected and thrown at me

i dreamt about being chased by people who once were in my life
trying to kill me and hurt me.

i don’t know how many times i woke up last night sweaty and freaked right out!!

every single dream – or should i say nightmare felt real when i woke up and i needed a few minutes to figure out that they were just dreams.

maybe Bill Cosby was on to something.
i remember watching the Cosby show and he couldn’t eat anything late at night that was bad for him cause he wouldn’t be able to sleep well.

i blame the Chinese food.  it was good…but man – not that good!

today i resume my normal life.  Chinese food free.

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happy dance in aisle 4

oh the things that make me deliriously happy.

i decided that i would make my chicken, cheese wraps tonight.

if you know one thing about me through this blog is….i am not a fan of chicken.
i don’t like handling it – at all.
it kinda makes me want to toss my cookies.  and the clean up i need to do afterwards is a little OCD-ish
it’s really odd – i know this.
but hey – i yam what i yam.

the end result is awesome -extremely tasty.
it’s the getting there that is a little troublesome.
just touching the chicken…never mind cutting the breasts in half and beating the crap out of them
it does a number on my gag reflex

so i was mentally preparing myself all day today…as i often do when i have to do things i don’t wanna do.

i get to the grocery store and pick up my breasts.
wait – not my breasts – the chicken breasts
i start walking away and out of the corner of my eye i catch something i’ve never seen at the grocery store before

thin cut chicken breasts.


i almost did my happy dance right there in the poultry aisle.

sure it cost twice as much
expensive chicken let me tell you

but keeping my sanity – absolutely priceless

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the right foot – not to be confused with the left foot

i had a good dinner last night.
i mention this because lately my appetite has been next to nil – so i sucked back my chicken and green beans and felt lovely. i don’t even think i chewed.

not only that – but i slept last night. i got seven hours of sleep last night! seven people!!!!!!
in my world 5 hours is crazy talk – so imagine how happy i was with 7 hours of uninterrupted snoozing.
i woke up with a very sore belly though???? could it be i was doing crunches in my sleep? that would be awesome lol.
alas i just think it could have been my crazy kitten using my belly as a trampoline.

the best thing about this morning? i woke up without a headache.
usually that’s the first thing that’s present when i wake up. a pounding headache.
i’ve been dealing with headaches a lot longer than i think i should be. i can count on one hand how many days of the month i don’t have a headache.
i am pretty sure i am on week 3 at the moment – of a constant, never ending headache.
yes – i have a doctors appt at the end of the month – i’m gonna get him to check my head out.
this has been on and off for over 6 months…i don’t think i can handle a headache much longer.

i used to and occasionally still suffer from migraines – but nothing major. i know all my headache triggers – like not enough coffee/not enough food or bad food/rain on the way/one too many glasses of red/hormones/wearing baseball caps.
none of the above apply to why i have a headache for this long. i get a day or 2 of peace – and then it’s back again for another 2-3 week run. it’s just insane.
but for one glorious hour i was completely headache free. as i was driving in to work – i felt the familiar pain setting in. ugh. it’s enough to make me crazy – no joke.
advil liquid gels are my best friend.

and so the headache has returned.

i started off my day on the right foot. i was happy and energetic…grabbed my 45 cent coffee from McDonalds – yessss! i didn’t even get pissed off when one of those student driver cars were in front of me and were afraid to turn out of the parking lot. ok so i was a little pissed – but c’mon i waited behind him for about 5 minutes…waiting for him to not be scared to turn out onto a fairly empty road.

anyways…i am going to continue my day on the right foot – headache or not dammit.

happy tuesday to you!

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channeling martha

i go through these stages…i call them domestic goddess stages

i think i channel Martha Stewart.

i go through stages where i just want to bake and cook and obsess about cleaning the kitchen
i think these stages are hormonally fueled.
it’s almost like a nesting thing – not sure.

i just want to feed people…and i also want to be experimental.

even with my low carb lifestyle i will bake things i cannot put past my lips
i have baked my famous blueberry pie – only to give it away – other pies as well – peach, pumpkin.  i have baked brownies and cookies and have brought them in to work to feed my coworkers.
it makes me really happy to see people love what i make!

when i go through these stages i could be in my kitchen for hours and be completely content.

last night was one of those nights.  i went to the grocery store right after work and spent an obscene amount of money.
raced home to walk the dog – and then tidied up the kitchen (because i just cannot cook if the kitchen is not perfectly clean)
i baked a low carb cheesecake 🙂
i love my cheese cake.

then i decided i wanted to make a taco salad.  i’ve never made one before – and it seemed so simple so i thought why not.
oh my dear lord it was delicious.

when i finally finished eating and cleaning up – i was antsy.  sure i was tired…but i wanted to do more.  what else could i make??

i talked myself out of it and decided to enjoy my Thursday night…and i did.

i still have the itch.  what oh what can i make tonight?

here is a picture of my salad – i took it with my phone so it’s not that great…
a delicious taco salad – minus the taco!

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the bee special

i went down for lunch today.

i’ve written here before that my coworkers will sometimes ask for the “bee special”?

just to keep you in the loop –  a bee special is chicken salad, with cucumbers and swiss cheese.
no bread.
you can substitute the chicken salad for any other salad – like tuna, egg etc

So while i was downstairs today getting my bee special – i went to the fridge where they keep some of their pre-packaged lunches.

Guess what’s new?

the bee special. yep – now you can just grab it from the fridge and go 🙂
i was going to take a picture of it – but there were just too many people around.

would it be going to far if i asked them to actually put that on their little stickers???  “bee special”?
i think the “bee special” has an awesome ring to it.

imagine – people used to make fun of the way i ate – and now they are promoting it.  i ain’t no dummy kids!

oh the things that make my heart happy 🙂

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the proof is in my puddin’

i’ve gained weight.

there is no way to sugar coat it…or any way to deny it (believe me i’ve tried)
i’ve gained weight.

it was confirmed last weekend…when i went to go visit my family.
no – mom didn’t say i gained weight
she just didn’t say anything.  i already knew how i was feeling – but her lack of words said more than i wanted to hear

now when i say i’ve gained weight…we aren’t talking alot.  not alot at all.
enough that i can feel and see the difference.
my clothes still fit.  surprisingly enough…but they just don’t fit the same.
just enough to make me realize i either do something now or end up where i was a year and a half ago.

i get it.  there are more tragic things going on in the world than to worry about something so very insignificant
people are sick, people are dying, people are hurting.
most people would wish to have this ridiculous problem.
there are more important things happening in my own life to worry about the pounds i’ve put back on

it’s no big deal
this is how i am keeping my head screwed on.
it’s no big deal…
lather, rinse repeat.

it sets off alarm bells in my head.  but that’s a good thing.
to have alarms going off means that i am aware of the situation and i can stop it…now.
i’ve been on it – religiously for the past couple of weeks
clean eating and my 3 days at the gym.

the past couple of months have been busy.
it was summer and there were alot of social engagements going on.  i was a busy girl…and my regular day to day routine suffered for it.
it was fun – and i have no regrets…but that was the beginning of the downward spiral.
i also had some personal drama – that made me want to sit on the couch and eat comfort food instead of taking care of myself
that didn’t last long – but it happened and i am sure contributed to my gain.
people who are not worth it – should not be affecting my life that way
add on the insomnia and headache i’ve been nursing for about 3 weeks – which is most likely related to my last reason above…and i am just a hot mess.

i also got cocky.  i was at a very comfortable place when it came to my weight
and so i allowed myself to eat things – that most would consider healthy, but for me…and my PCOS…is a no no.

i started to eat sandwiches on multi grain bread – or burgers on multi grain buns
subs – again on multi grain bread
not every day – but perhaps once a week.
it’s now confirmed – that i just can’t do that.

and so yes…i’ve gained weight
i’ve taken a couple of days to feel sorry for myself…have a little cheese with my wine.
and now i am back to kicking some serious ass.

i am thinking of a trip to Greece in the summer
that means bikini wearing…lots and lots of bikini wearing.
i’ve got less than a year to get rockin’ abs.
i’ve got a goal on the horizon – i can do this.
i can do this right?

damn right i can

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