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guilty pleasure

i love to dance

i mean love

but can i dance?

that would be a big fat no. this girl has no rhythm

(although i am queen of chair dancing)

you will never see me dancing in public, unless there is alcohol involved
because then – well – i am a total superstar

the fact that i can’t dance – does not mean i shouldn’t dance

and so i am doing some hip hop – in the comfort of my own home

sure, i may have kicked a dog or two so far

sure, i’ve almost peed my pants laughing at how ridiculous i must look

and yes – i’ve heard laughter coming from the peanut gallery when i am not alone


who cares???

it’s FUN!

i have learned that there is no point in doing something you hate

there is nothing worse than trying to talk yourself into a daily work out when you hate it

so why not do something you love?

and i love dancing!

it’s only day 2 and my body hurts from head to toe

so you can’t tell me it’s not doing anything for me

and the upside?

it’s in the comfort of my own home
so i can look the fool all i want

i don’t care

do what you love

love what you do

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facing a fear and its name is Zumba

i’ve been meaning to blog about this for days now – but i have been busy and sick
poor me right?

i can do alot of things alone. i actually enjoy doing things alone.

i have no problem going to dinner, the movies, road trips on my own.
i once debated going to a resort on my own – just for the peace of mind – but a part of me thinks that might just be too much alone time.

when i was in college and money was tight – i would still treat myself to an over the top dinner at a restaurant on my own..about once a month.
i would sit there and sip on my wine and write.
i would over tip – because i found the experience and the quiet so amazingly wonderful.

apparently there are some things i think that i can’t do alone.
one was go to the gym.
it was imperative that i had someone to go with me – otherwise i knew that i would not go and it would be a waste of money.
as i’ve mentioned before over here – i used to have great anxiety over walking into a gym alone.

same goes for the Zumba class i wanted to go to.
i somehow felt more secure jumping around like an idiot if i had someone i knew doing it with me.

no one wanted to go with me.  so i had two choices.  either face my fear head on
or just not go.

so i put on my fat pants and sat on my couch – feeling guilty as every second passed by.

LB gave me a good talking to.  this is something i have wanted to do forever.  she told me i didn’t need anyone
she said i would come home and wonder why i didn’t do it sooner.

and so i went.

and oh my god – i loved it!!!!!!!

sure, i was scared. i was born with two left feet.  i can’t dance unless i’ve consumed alcoholic beverages
and i am sure even then i just think i can dance
but probably look like a big ol’ fool.

my instructor is amazing.  she made me feel ever so welcome and has all these crazy ass moves that i know my hips were never designed to do.
i didn’t care – when in doubt – jump around like a mad fool!!!!

i felt a little bad – cause i spent the hour just staring at her ass.
it made me feel like a pervert…
but i had no idea what i was doing – and apparently you gotta do alot with your ass in these classes.
and so i had to stare.
If you are reading this Suellen i am sorry 🙂

when i was done i felt amazing.  it was some great cardio – and i was sweating from head to toe!!

i drove home – which is 8 minutes away…and when i went to get out of my car i was already sore
that can’t be good.

that was Friday – it is now Tuesday and only today did i start walking like i wasn’t 80.
my body has never, ever hurt that bad.  ever.

that bad side to this – if there ever is a bad side…
i was so pumped up after my class – i was awake until 2am!!!!!!
guess i won’t be doing a Monday night class if i plan on working the next day

So i faced one of my fears – and i plan on going back for more.
i don’t need anyone to go with me – i am perfectly capable of making an ass out of myself in front of strangers and feel ok about it 🙂

i’ve come down with some crappy head cold – i am hoping it’s gone by Friday so i can go jump around
like a mad crazy ass fool!!

i have a new addiction.  Zumba rocks my socks!

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moves like jagger

those of you that know me in real life…or read my blog know that i have exceptional chair dancing skills.
i rock that chair like no one’s business.

i mean…if there was an award for best chair dancer…hello…i would win it hands down

sometimes i get lost in my own head.  i know…shocking.
the other day..with my ear buds in…listening to my latest chair rockin’ song – i got lost in my awesome dance moves.
i turned around in my chair and noticed i had an audience.  they were quite impressed. lol
i love my work peeps.

but what’s even better than chair dancing????
car dancing.
that’s right.

i love singing and dancing in my car.  of course i have to be in the mood to rock it out…but usually all it takes is for one of my favourite songs to come on radio…and i am done.

volume goes up…ass starts to wiggle…my steering wheel becomes the drums…and this old lady just rocks it right out!

and yes…people stare.  that’s half the fun!!!
i mean obviously i am doing it because i love the music…but it’s great to have other people in cars look over at me and smile.

i’ve had people smile, wave, blow me kisses. i’ve even had a marriage proposal.
oh the power of dance!!

yesterday as i was rockin’ it out i had to laugh at myself.  i can only imagine how comical it all looks.
and that indeed is the best part.

i need to invest in some sort of camera in my car…these moves are just too good not to share with the world.

this is my latest bust a move song. i don’t know why i love it…as i am not a huge fan of this dood….but i do.

take a listen and i dare you not to move either.  just a slight warning…there is some boobage in the video – just thought i’d warn you in case you are anti boobie.

this song will be playing in the car on my way downtown tonight…good music and dinner with friends – the weekend is starting on the right foot!

Have a great weekend!

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universe and u

did anyone else watch the season finale of Dancing with the Stars last night?

this is the first season i have actually watched this show.  i absolutely loved it!!!  (other than the lame singing)

i was/am a Kirstie Alley fan – big time.  i love that woman…she just seems so real.  and my god the woman did a cart wheel.  that just commands respect!!  i would totally hang out with her.
seriously…it was amazing how much she accomplished…i would watch her and think to myself there is no way i could ever do that.
she didn’t win…ya know…the trophy…but i think she came out a total winner.

i was in awe watching these people dance.  i am jealous of anyone that can dance, that has rhythm…
put me on a dance floor and i would so rock you with my 1990’s moves lol

these people were fluid…the way that they moved…it was as if their bodies were born to move that way.  completely beautiful.
and their bodies????  rock hard gorgeousness!!!!

i have always wanted to take dancing lessons.  always.  this has put the fire under my butt once again.
if time allowed…i would seriously consider looking in to classes.  Did you know that they practiced  5 hours a day for the show??????
a couple of friends and i discussed taking hip hop classes a while back…but that never did pan out.
(let me just say these were my thoughts last night)

so…believe it or not…the next part of this is completely related.

i was in a deep sleep a few nights ago.  for some reason i passed out watching something on the country channel…i can’t remember what i fell asleep to…but i am guessing Everybody loves Raymond…or Criminal Minds – although i don’t think Criminal Minds would be on the country station.
my point being…i am not an avid watcher of the country channel.

well something that night woke me from a dead sleep.  it was a song.  a country song.
i sat up in bed and tried to focus.  there was something about that song…
i stayed up long enough to catch the artists name and fell back asleep.  i woke up in the morning and completely forgot. (this is why i need to start writing things down again!)

it bothered me for days.  who was the artist????  why couldn’t i remember?

as i was sitting there watching DWTS last night – i was turned away from the tv, multi tasking but of course…
and suddenly…there was that voice…it was her!  i was given a second chance 🙂
thank you universe!!!!

i woke up this morning with a touch of dancing envy from the night before.  wishing and hoping i could shake my hips all sexy like.
I checked my email this morning – and do you know what was waiting for me in my inbox?
of course you don’t – what am i saying…
i received an email from a local dance school – offering me 86% off 10 dancing lessons.
no joke.
i think not.

the universe is in love with me.  i get small glimpses of just how much every single day.
if you pay attention…if you throw out in to the universe, the universe throws back 10 fold.

and if that weren’t possibly enough…the first status i saw on my facebook this morning was:

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. ~Martha Graham

true story.
i couldn’t make this up if i tried.

it used to surprise me when i felt like my questions were answered…from something bigger out there…
that things i silently asked for with a pure heart…and strong will…had the potential to become a reality.
that the universe offered me all the tools i needed…to reach my goals…my desires…my dreams.

if you listen…you will hear her too.

the universe is in love with me…
and i am in love with her.

Now…click here if you want to hear the song that haunted me for days!!!

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play time

my life as of late has been all about focus, dedication and results.

i tell ya, it’s hard being me!  lol

but all work and no play makes for a very restless bee.
i got the itch.

bee wants to play.

i am on day 2 of feeling fantabulous…better than i have in 3 weeks and so i’ve got the fever!!

i’m gonna tear up the town this weekend.
going to meet up with friends and catch up, drink, laugh and depending on the drinking part…dance my bootie off.
(although you can always count on me to chair dance…i am the queen bee in that department)

my life is awesome…and i much enjoy the routine of it all.
i love my weekdays and how they are mapped out…and my gym routine….


i gotta let loose.  burn off some steam.

and what’s better than a night spent in good company, laughing till your belly hurts ( forget crunches lol)
and drinking some wine??
calories have no room in my life this weekend.

have an awesome weekend kids…i know i will!

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what kind of heart doesn’t look back?

no…not a mushy personal post.
just a line from a new song, from my favourite artists new album.
mmmhmmm that’s right.
if you are not familiar with Sara Bareilles…get on it now!
Her new album is out today – Kaleidoscope Heart.
i just wanted to give it a shout out here.  i wrote a non stalkerish blog about my undying love for her next door 🙂
Oh happy day!!!!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  even tho the weather sucked ass..i very much enjoyed it!
i took my skechers for a test walk…and i have to say that they are amazing.  it’s like i am walking on air…and almost instantly i could feel muscles working that i never felt before.
I did get poured on tho.  not that nice hot summer rain…the cold, autumn is around the corner torrential down pour.
that my friends was not so much fun.
the older i get, the more my attitude changes.
i went out dancing this weekend. if you know me, you know why that’s a comical visual.  i even laughed as i typed that out…but it’s true.
I don’t give a shit what i look like…i just do what i want!
i graduated from awesomely amazing chair dancer, to a dance floor diva!
i’m telling you…i was a mini Shakira (or so i was told)
these hips don’t lie…but i think i pulled something in my hip.  i felt 90 years old the next day…but man what an awesome work out!!!!
thanks to my dance partner D….we rock!
and an extra special thanks to the dood who picked me up as if i were a little rag doll and spun me round and round and round.
the fact that you like “tiny things” was a boost to my very dizzy self. 
and thanks for catching me before i did a face plant on your shoes.
back to my ever so loved turbo jam tonight…if my hip doesn’t give out on me that is.
listen to this and try not to dance.  i dare you not to fall in love with her.  clickety click here.

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