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never too old

to sit on my mom’s lap 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful mommy’s day!!

We had a great day of bad, bad food, way too much sun (i got a burn) and lots of love.

Today i am grateful for my mom.  If you still are fortunate enough to have your mommy in your life, hold her a little tighter…today and always.

And now…a little lesson, taught by lil’  bee.

to see some cuteness over load….click here

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cuteness overload – a video

i took a video of my absolutely, amazingly gorgeous niece

and no…my opinion is not biased 🙂

there’s a lot of greek in this video..she’s just telling me how much she loves me and what colour her eyes are.

even if you don’t understand a damn word she says…she is just too cute not to watch.

she has an important message to share….take a look!

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