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happy dance in aisle 4

oh the things that make me deliriously happy.

i decided that i would make my chicken, cheese wraps tonight.

if you know one thing about me through this blog is….i am not a fan of chicken.
i don’t like handling it – at all.
it kinda makes me want to toss my cookies.  and the clean up i need to do afterwards is a little OCD-ish
it’s really odd – i know this.
but hey – i yam what i yam.

the end result is awesome -extremely tasty.
it’s the getting there that is a little troublesome.
just touching the chicken…never mind cutting the breasts in half and beating the crap out of them
it does a number on my gag reflex

so i was mentally preparing myself all day today…as i often do when i have to do things i don’t wanna do.

i get to the grocery store and pick up my breasts.
wait – not my breasts – the chicken breasts
i start walking away and out of the corner of my eye i catch something i’ve never seen at the grocery store before

thin cut chicken breasts.


i almost did my happy dance right there in the poultry aisle.

sure it cost twice as much
expensive chicken let me tell you

but keeping my sanity – absolutely priceless

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channeling martha

i go through these stages…i call them domestic goddess stages

i think i channel Martha Stewart.

i go through stages where i just want to bake and cook and obsess about cleaning the kitchen
i think these stages are hormonally fueled.
it’s almost like a nesting thing – not sure.

i just want to feed people…and i also want to be experimental.

even with my low carb lifestyle i will bake things i cannot put past my lips
i have baked my famous blueberry pie – only to give it away – other pies as well – peach, pumpkin.  i have baked brownies and cookies and have brought them in to work to feed my coworkers.
it makes me really happy to see people love what i make!

when i go through these stages i could be in my kitchen for hours and be completely content.

last night was one of those nights.  i went to the grocery store right after work and spent an obscene amount of money.
raced home to walk the dog – and then tidied up the kitchen (because i just cannot cook if the kitchen is not perfectly clean)
i baked a low carb cheesecake 🙂
i love my cheese cake.

then i decided i wanted to make a taco salad.  i’ve never made one before – and it seemed so simple so i thought why not.
oh my dear lord it was delicious.

when i finally finished eating and cleaning up – i was antsy.  sure i was tired…but i wanted to do more.  what else could i make??

i talked myself out of it and decided to enjoy my Thursday night…and i did.

i still have the itch.  what oh what can i make tonight?

here is a picture of my salad – i took it with my phone so it’s not that great…
a delicious taco salad – minus the taco!

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i’m bringin’ it

if there is one thing i love to do…it’s cook for other people.

there is something about feeding people…that makes me insanely happy.

that’s my sex appeal 🙂
throw me in the kitchen, let me cook you a meal, flash you my smile and give you my look
and i’ve been told – you’re done
it is a powerful tool…so please be careful if i invite you over for dinner

i have only had one epic fail (as the young kids say) in my life
i do not speak of it.
if you ask me about it…i will deny, deny, deny.


a while back i invited my crush over for a home cooked meal…
and it sealed the deal…
hook line and sinker baby.
we were together for 5 years.

go ahead and ask my ex…they will tell you it’s true.

my food is my go get ’em card…i play to win.

i have a special dinner date tonight.
dinner is in the oven.

what am i cooking you ask??

i am making my famous greek chicken and potatoes
bound to keep you glued to my hip for a life time
(ok, a little red wine helps too)

but you don’t eat potatoes i hear you say.

i know, i know…
i got me some green beans i am going to steam to have with my chicken

the potatoes are not for me…but will for certain be enjoyed.

i’ll take pictures later and post.

Happy Thursday night!!!

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white flag

i know that i am pretty similar to wonder woman
actually…the similarities are endless really 🙂
but mamma, i am tired.

i realized that i was just worn out when i nearly dropped dead on Friday
i just think my body was telling me to chill right out.
and so….i shall try.

there’s just so much that needs to be done in a day
i simply don’t have the hours.  add another 3-4 hours and maybe, just maybe…we’ll be all good.

so i am trying to simplify.

i have come here for help kids.

being creative with dinner on a daily basis is just not gonna happen.
my life is much easier…less stressful when i can cook a meal that can last me 2-3 days.
that takes the pressure out of finding time to cook and eat
and will also help me to not have the desire to stray from my low carb
by the time i get home, do what needs to be done…and even think about dinner…i am famished!
all of a sudden anything carby and sinful sounds like a perfect idea.
i really don’t want to cave in to the demons in my belly.

i have a few meals that i make on a regular basis, but i don’t want to grow tired of them.
i need to switch things up.

and so i come here waving my little white flag…
admitting i just don’t know what to do anymore.
i’ve come here asking…more like…begging for my fellow low carb friends for some recipes
something i can make that will last me a couple of dinners
and isn’t all that time consuming to make.

am i asking for too much?
some simplicity in my life somewhere???
i thought i’d start with the meals and go from there.

if i don’t catch a breath sooner or later…i may just cry.
and you really don’t want to see me cry…do you?

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
bring it!

i also just wanted to take a second…and tell the blogging world…
that i really miss my puppy.  i miss him every day…but today i miss him a ton.
6 years ago today i put my little man down.
the picture isn’t the best, but hey…when you look good…you look good.  there’s no hiding that.
i love you my little squish man.

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recipe for happiness part deux

puppy and me have the whole day together tomorrow.

how lucky am i!!!

i do believe we will go for a car ride and spend time at the puppy park.
we will play, go for a long walk and get some exercise on the first day of spring!!

we will cook a fabulous low carb meal and cuddle…and maybe even watch a movie together.
puppy has been hinting at watching “Love and other Drugs” 😉

i was going to go to the gym tomorrow…
but don’t my new plans sound way more exciting?
i do believe so.

Happy 1st day of Spring to all my peeps…i love this time of year.

mmm…love is in the air…can you smell it?

sorry…iphone pics can suck, but there is no mistaking the cuteness!

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Home made pizza

I have been craving pizza all week. After the past couple of weeks I’ve had food wise, there was no way I was going to indulge.

Then I remembered the awesome low carb pizza recipe I had!
I haven’t made it for years.

Wanna know what’s crazy? It smells and tastes just like pizza and there is zero dough in the recipe.

It simply rocks my socks!

I can’t take credit for the recipe, I found it on my low carb message board.
If you are interested in the recipe just send me off an email.

First I prepared all my toppings:

Then my crust, which is made out of cheese, eggs and my secret spices.  This was baked for half an hour.

And of course I had my little assistant with me, helping me the whole way through (boy she is bossy) lol

And voila…dinner was served!!!

it was awesome…and my craving for pizza has been satisfied!!

this blog has been brought to you by my iphone.  this is way cool…all my pics and my blog right from the iphone.


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dinner anyone?

i made a pretty kick ass dinner tonight…and thought i would share!!

On today’s menu:

Stuffed chicken breast wrapped with bacon, sprinkled with parmesean cheese.
There were two different cheeses i stuffed the chicken with.  Half with vegetable garden cream cheese and the other half with herb and garlic.
A garden salad on the side with Asian Sesame dressing.
yummy!!  come on over, I have leftovers!

take a look

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food autism

i made my world famous broccoli and chicken casserole the other night.  ok, ok, maybe not world famous…but just about!
i have, what i like to call…food autism.  I can eat the same thing over and over and over and over…well you get the point.
i rarely ever get sick of eating the same thing…with the exception of eggs.
so yes.  I made this casserole last week….which lasted for a few servings.  when it was gone…i made another one…because i was genuinely jonesing for more.  it’s been gone since Monday.  Society tells me, bee…eat something else…and so i do. (by society i mean elle bee)
but i really just want to make more and more and eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and possibly for a snack in between meals.
i blame my family.  really who else is there to blame???  when i went off to college, i didn’t know how to cook for just one person…not even two.  i was accustomed to cooking for a whole family.  and so i continued doing so, managing to eat the same thing for a whole week (and not getting remotely sick of it)
for example, i would cook two boxes of kraft dinner back in college.  why????  i mean it made no sense…but it lasted and i enjoyed it…and never got sick of eating it.
don’t get me wrong.  i love food.  i love to eat.  if you made me choose just one meal….i’d die.
all i am saying is i get “stuck” on one…and normally need to be gently persuaded to the next meal of choice.
i think my next meal(s) should be chili….i can always eat chili.  (i am sending out subliminal messages to elle bee…she makes a kick ass chili lol)
any weird food things going on in your world?

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