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smart food

is stupid.

i had another bowl of sweet and salty popcorn.

someone please come here and take the bag away…otherwise i will be at the gym every single day.

oy vay

hormones suck ass.

and smart food is the devil!


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what do you do?

what do you do to de-stress??

stress is so very unhealthy for our bodies and our emotional health, it’s imperative that we release as much as we can.

i have several things i do when i am feeling stressed.

first i pop an Advil lol
since i know my body, when i have a headache, i know stress is the reason for it someway somehow…
going on day 5 of a headache…equals way too many Advil.

i cry.
i become such a girl sometimes that when i am completely at the end of my rope i just cry.  boo-hoo-hoo
but it makes me feel worlds better.

i work out.
the gym has been the best thing for me
it releases all my pent up frustrations and aggravations
i don’t realize how hard i am working my body because i am so frustrated!! lol
so not only is it good for my brain
but it’s amazing for my body.

i dance around my house like a fool!
just bounce around and not give a damn what i look like…blinds open.
the realization that i must look reallllly stupid makes me laugh.
i feel like a Grey’s Anatomy episode!

i write.
i write all the time, but especially when i am stressed out.
that’s what the blog next door is for.  my heart…my soul.  my sanity!

i eat…or don’t eat.
it can go either way.
i either stuff my face with comfort food…or i am way too stressed to eat a thing.

i sing.
i sing at the top of my lungs
especially in the car.  and you should see some of the looks i get!
and the fact that people look at me singing away like a mad woman makes me laugh…cause god only knows what i look like.
and you know what?  i don’t care!

So last night…after popping my Advil and being headache free for a little bit
i had an amazing steak dinner…with a salad
a lovely decadent dessert (low carb) and a cup of freshly ground coffee…

and then….

downloaded Sara Bareilles karaoke songs and sang till my heart burst…
American Idol has nothing on me yo!

my poor neighbours…and my poor cats.
probably not a great choice after 10pm

but you know what? i felt amazing.  i laughed at myself, and slept like a baby.

there is something to be said about looking like a fool and loving it!

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yummy in my greek goddess tummy

i am feeling pretty random today – beware 🙂
i wanna talk about yogurt.  it’s true.
Us Greeks love our yogurt.  we put it on everything…rice, eggplant…tzatziki hello!!
i remember being in my mid 20’s when someone brought it to my attention that putting yogurt on my rice was “weird”.
i think this was someone i was actually courting…seeking out as a potential mate. 
Pfft…decision made.  bye bye!
Seriously…it’s true.  i love yogurt on rice.  not that i eat rice anymore…but it just goes together.
that’s how this greek goddess was raised…
But its gotta be greek yogurt.  not any other yogurt would suffice.  I currently buy the Astro – Balkan Style (ohhhh, i just gave Astro a free shout out…any chance they will give me a free life time supply?)
But – and this is weird….
the other day…i had just washed my day right outta my hair…got in to my fat pants and was ready to call it a night…
when i got a craving.
the most unusual craving to date.
I raided my cupboards and realized i didn’t have the one thing i wanted.  (isn’t that always the way)
So it’s late at night..i am in my jammies…i throw on my shoes and head to the store.
i wanted honey and apparently i wanted it right now!!!
Us Greeks also eat yogurt with honey.  throw in a few walnut pieces and you have heaven in a bowl.
Since i have been adding the odd, good for you carb back in to my life i don’t feel so guilty about the honey.
oh honey how i have missed you.
It’s not actually sugar and it’s all natural…so i don’t feel too bad
But where did this craving come from?????  i kid you not when i say the last time i ever ate yogurt and honey…i was under 10 years old.
i have not had it since.
so where did this need come from??  why did i have to leave my house just to make this simple little dessert?
i mean i understand leaving the house for…oh…a peanut buster parfait
but honey and yogurt…really???
anyways that’s my story.  you should try it…seriously…it’s quite the yum yum.
on my way in this morning i took out my Sara CD (i know, for shame) and i threw in my Beth Hart.  Sometimes this goddess feels like listening to something angry and rough 🙂
i got a whole lot of singing and chair dancing in today folks.
if you are in the mood for a feel good song – click here
it always makes me happy.
Have an awesome Friday!!

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stuff it

i just had my first of several Thanksgiving dinners.
they made us a fancy one downstairs in the cafeteria.
mmm mmm good!
I am a sucker for stuffing.  Probably one of my biggest weaknesses.
sooooo….i did have a little bit of stuffing….just a little
but i did not have any mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, or apple pie
that’s gotta count for something right?
so i had turkey, and veggies and a tiny bit of stuffing.  not bad.
annnnnd…i am most definitely getting sick.  when i am sick i want comfort food
so i should really get props for denying myself pumpkin pie.
however….the fire’s been lit.  me thinks i will make a low carb pumpkin pie tonight
after my 5 mile guilt walk of course.
so one dinner down…another…2-3 to go.
god help me.

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